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Chapter 1628: Compete in medicine

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A short moment after Sima You Yue and Mo Xue Wu chatted, Eastern Lai Li and the others stopped paying attention. Although they could be considered to know one another, there was no need to waste time on this.

However, she still secretly considered some things and decided to release a few of her scarlet bees to follow them carefully.

After all, the murderous intent in her eyes was obvious.

This petty little lady. It was true that a person of low status was hard to raise!

They entered the meeting place and it was only then that Sima You Yue knew that, apart from the Northern Du Clan and the Eastern Lai Clan, the others secret clans had come as well. It seemed like the Xuan Qiu clan was the only one who didn’t send a representative.

Thinking of the Xuan Qiu Clan, Sima Yue felt even more complicated. She wondered whether or not Xuan Qiu He had been punished by the Xuan Qiu xlan. After that incident happened, she was afraid that they would be as open with each other as before when they met.


“Let’s go in. The competition is about to begin.” Mo Xue Wu reminded her.

The three different competitions were not held in the same place, so Sima You Yue and the other two split up. They were going to compete in alchemy while she was going to compete in medicine.

Mo Xue Wu was going to participate in medicine as well, so the both of them entered the place together.

“You Yue, they will bring over some sick people in a while. Those people all have complicated illnesses, and everyone will pick ten of them when the time comes. Then, they will see who finished the quickest or who cures the most of them.”

Ten hard cases, this was still rather fair. It was impossible that there would be those with good luck and pick ten easy ones.

Of course, it was impossible to make someone treat them nonstop, so the time was limited. They were given ten days. For ten days, they were to remain here with those sick people. Or they could leave earlier if they finished treating all ten of them.

Sima You Yue and Mo Xue Wu went to report their names together. Once they were recorded, they walked over and went to wait at the side for everyone to gather. They took out a bamboo pipe and got everyone to draw tags. On the tag they wrote a corresponding number, and every doctor would take that tag to where the sick people were.

Those sick people had long since been divided into groups. Then, the in-charge would take the doctor’s tag and, after looking at the number written on it, divided the sick people to them and let them bring them to the room that had been prepared.

Sima You Yue picked tag number fourteen while Mo Xue Wu picked tag forty nine. The both of them were pretty far away because the rooms they would treat the patients in were already set.

“You Yue, I know that you are very powerful. We didn’t have any opportunity to compare notes before, so this is our opportunity to compete. All the best!”

“Same to you!”

Sima You Yue took the sick people who were tagged to her tag number fourteen to her room. The room was a temporary one and had no door. The people outside were able to have a clear view of what would be going on in there.

Sima You Yue got them to choose a bed to lie down on. She did not start treatment immediately, taking their ‘medical records’ to examine first.

These ten people of hers really had considerably difficult cases. There were two that she had really never encountered before. However, she was not too worried. The conditions of these ten people were not really considered difficult to her. Even if she had never encountered it, she was still able to figure it out.

Sima You Yue first took the pulses of the ten of them and compared it to the ‘medical records’, ascertaining that each of them was inflicted with what was written.

What she did differently from everyone else was that other doctors did not examine all the illnesses together. Instead, they chose one, examined the records of that one, examined them, treated them, then prescribed them the medicine.

Once they were done with treating that one, only then did they go to the next sick person.

The others did the same in the past. That was why, for Sima You Yue to treat all ten of them at the same time was something that everyone noticed was different.

There were some who began to whisper amongst themselves, saying that she was just doing this to please the crowds. Others seemed to have been reminded of another person when they saw her doing this.

The one who took first place in the previous competition had also treated all ten of them at the same time. Although at the last minute, there were still those who missed it by that much and did not manage to hit the mark.

The other thing that was similar to back then was that the both of them were outsiders.

The one from before who was known as Ge Lang had also been thought to be too arrogant in the beginning. It was only all the way at the end before they knew that the other party really had the ability.

As for this outsider, she had chosen the same method as that guy. They wondered whether or not she would be able to produce the same results.

Mo Xue Wu heard the discussions from outside and knew that a very powerful person had appeared this time. She just didn’t know who it was.

In the beginning, she thought of Sima You Yue, but then she shook her head. She knew how young Sima You Yue was. She wasn’t even a hundred years old. How could she be the genius that everyone was talking about?

When she thought up to this point, she no longer cared about the situation outside and focused her attention onto the sick people in front of her instead.

It went without saying that Mo Xue Wu was truly a kindhearted person. Most young misses of the large clans would have vomited upon seeing these sick people. However, not only did she not, she was even sympathetic. Those wounds were already festered with worms. How pitiful these people were! Otherwise, their vital organs were all injured, that was tormenting! That kindness poured forth and, when she treated their injuries, she tried her best to be gentle.

However, Sima You Yue was different. In order to place first, she had to treat them to a certain standard. Because some illnesses would need a longer time to heal and ten days were not enough, there were standards she had to hit. As long as she could treat the person to that standard, she was considered to have passed.

That was why, in order to make full use of the time, she was not as gentle when it came to treating those people.

However, she had already given them a numbing agent before starting, so those people didn’t feel any pain at all.

Every single group had a person who had inner and outer injuries of many types for the sake of fairness.

Sima You Yue very quickly healed the wounds of two people. After feeding them pills that she had refined, she got them to rest at the side. By the time it reached the end, their conditions had already been cured completely, causing everyone on site to be filled with praises.

Of course, this only happened later.

After treating those with external injuries, Sima You Yue began working on the other sick people. These sick people had rather complex situations but they were still pretty much healed after undergoing a combination of her acupuncture and pill treatment.

Once the final person had been treated, it had only been six days.

She pulled the bell on her door, signalling that she was done with treatment. Those judges could come and inspect her results.

Those judges were rather puzzled. They had been judges for so many years, but this was the first time that they had seen someone complete the treatment on the sixth day. That was why they were all curious and wanted to see just who was able to complete the mission in such a short time.

As such, Sima You Yue’s judges were the most complete group in the competition this time.

Sima You Yue was at the door and those judges were stunned when they saw how young she was.

“You are the doctor allocated to this room?”

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