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Chapter 1604: The one who came is one of the father’s men

The moment Tao Yi Xuan saw her like this, he knew that he had guessed the truth. However, without waiting for him to continue, Sima You Yue said, “If you want to know about someone’s issues, you have to have the strength first. Otherwise, you will give them false hope only to disappoint them later on.”

After saying this, she stood up and left.

As for Tao Yi Xuan, he felt solemn as he watched her walk away.

After Sima You Yue left his tent, she saw Guo Yin Da and the others interrogating the Tang Clansmen. When Tao Yi Xuan heard their voices, he went out as well.

Guo Yi Da saw Tao Yi Xuan emerge and walked over to bow to him, saying, “Young Master, we never expected that Tang Fei would be so stubborn. We’ve been questioning him for so long, but we haven’t gotten any results. I’m thinking that the pressure from above is so great that he does not dare tell us what he knows.”

“For him to betray the clan and do something like that, if not for property, then he must have done it for money. However, if his goal was so simple, you would have been able to get some results by now.” Sima You Yue looked at Tang Fei lying on the ground. It seemed like he was breathing out more than he was breathing in.

“You’re saying that he has a special reason?”

“Naturally.” Sima You Yue said, “If it were you guys, if it did not endanger your lives, would you help that person protect his secret?”

“I wouldn’t.” Guo Yi Da shook his head, “I would have found an opportunity to commit suicide.”


Sima You Yue felt like they were on different wavelengths. He was an honest person, wasn’t he?

“That person must have given him an ultimatum, which is why he has to grit his teeth and remain silent even at this point in time. In any case, he would die whether or not he spoke, so to protect the people behind him, he would naturally choose to protect his family.” Tao Yi Xuan said.

Sima You Yue looked at him with an appraising look.

“What do we do, then?” Guo Xin had been interrogating Guo Fei for the past two days, but no matter what he did, Tang Fei refused to say a thing. It had quickly extinguished his confidence.

Tao Yi Xuan walked over and squatted beside Tang Fei, inspecting something. He said, “He hasn’t been poisoned, so it seems like he’s not being controlled by poison. That means the highest possibility is that… there is a seal on his consciousness. If he dares to say anything about the person, he will immediately explode and die.”

“Does that mean we cannot find out anything?” Guo Yin Da said.

Tao Yi Xuan was rather disappointed. If they could find out who was the person behind Tang Fei, they would have a lead at least. However, it seemed like they wouldn’t be able to get a lead at all.

“Hehe…” At this time, Tang Fei actually laughed and his laughter was arrogant. “You are right. There is a seal that the people above have placed on my consciousness. As long as it senses a single bit of my situation, I will lose my life. You better not dream of getting any information for me! Hahahah”

“You’re still uttering such cheap words even at a time like this!” Guo Xin stepped harshly on his back, “Don’t you want to die? I’ll fulfill your wish!”

After saying this, he shot out a burst of spirit energy, targeting his head!

“Wait!” Sima You Yue, who had been silent the entire time, was shocked as she stopped Guo Xin’s hand in midair.

“You Yue, what’s wrong? You couldn’t be interceding on this dead person’s behalf, right?” Guo Xin looked at her disapprovingly.

“I don’t have any relationship with him, why would I plead for him?” Sima You Yue said with a shrug.

“Then why did you stop me?”

“I wanted to tell you that, even if you want to kill him, don’t hit his head. Just attack his heart. If his head is broken, we will lose everything.”


What was the difference between attacking his head or his heart?

However, since she had requested this, he couldn’t deny her request. He used his spirit energy and formed a blade, attacking Tang Fei’s heart.

Tang Fei looked at Sima You Yue the second before he died. He didn’t know why, but this lady gave him a strong feeling of danger. Especially that light smile that hung on the corner of her lips. It made it so that even though he died, he couldn’t die in peace.

“You Yue, why did you want to leave his head?” Guo Yin Da knew that Sima You Yue wasn’t the type of person to mess around, so she definitely had her reasons for saying such.

Sima You Yue didn’t reply to his question as she walked over and grabbed Tang Fei’s body. She inserted her divine consciousness into his mind.

His past flashed in front of her eyes like a movie screen. Once she got the information that she wanted to know, she tossed his corpse to the ground. Then, she created a fireball. After she had let it stay in her hands for a long time, she tossed it to the corpse and burnt it into ashes.

“What are you doing?”

“Didn’t you see it?” Sima You Yue said, “Although he’s been sealed, it’s still within his memories. Once he died, his seal naturally disappeared. The mind dies slower than the body, so I used the opportunity to enter his mind so I could know what went on with him… why are you looking at me like that?”

“Cough cough, how did you think of this idea?” Tao Yi Xuan asked the question that everyone was secretly thinking about.

“Experience.” Sima You yue didn’t feel like saying too much about it, “Do you guys know of a person called Tao Xuan Ji?”

“Is this person the one who gives him orders?”

“He’s not. He’s Someone who just joined the Tang Clan recently. The one who gives him orders is always fully cloaked in black. He even changed his voice, so he has no idea who it is either. However, his guess is that it is Tao Xuan Ji.” Sima You Yue explained.

“Tao Xuan Ji is someone under my father.” Tao Yi Xuan’s voice was pained, as if he was feeling even worse.

Sima You Yue looked at him as if he was really pitiful. If his guess was true, then wouldn’t that mean that the one who wanted to kill him was his father?!

“It’s just a guess, maybe it’s not true! It might just be a coincidence.” Guo Yi Da was unwilling to see him so downcast as he comforted him.

“I hope so.” Tao Yi Xuan said this, but he didn’t really believe it. Could there really be so many coincidences?

Guo Yin Da looked pleadingly at Sima You Yue. She pursed her lips, choosing not to say anything.

She was only willing to help him return to his clan. She had no need to become his caring counsellor as well.

After a long moment had passed, Tao Yi Xuan recovered his usual mood and said to Sima You Yue, “I’ll have to trouble you for the rest as well.”

Sima You Yue wanted to say that there was no need as those people totally wouldn’t know what happened, but she swallowed those words.

This guy looked so pitiful, she might as well find something for him to do. In any case, the ones doing the killing wouldn’t be her. She just had to pretend and casually look through the minds of those people to see if they really did know any useful information.

As such, they killed everyone but she didn’t obtain a single bit of useful information. It seemed like the people Tang Fei had brought with him were all useless people! Or it could be that there were very few people who knew about them trying to kill Tao Yi Xuan. This might even be an opportunity for him to return to the clan.

That was because something like secretly chasing after someone to kill them was not something to be openly declared. If the whole clan did this openly, this proved that he had been completely abandoned by his clan. It seemed now that his situation was not completely hopeless.

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