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Chapter 1605: Have to use the honey trap

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After it was all done, Tao Yi Xuan called Guo Yin Da and Guo Xin to his tent and told them about his arrangement with Sima You Yue.

“Young Master, are you really planning to place your hopes into the hands of a young lady that you just met?” Guo Xin frowned, feeling like it was rather inappropriate. Sima You Yue was not as strong as they were. Would she really be able to let Young Master return to the clan?

“Do you have a better idea?” Tao Yi Xuan asked.

“…” He really didn’t.

“Don’t feel like Sima You Yue is young and therefore unreliable. Based on the way I see it, she is a lot more reliable than many others.” Tao Yi Xuan said.

“Young Master, do you have so much confidence in her?”

“Yes, she is not very strong, and there are many on this island who will be able to suppress her. However, strength is not just based off cultivation level. She has many helpers by her side, and she will definitely bring us fortune.” Tao Yi Xuan said confidently.

At the very least, they didn’t have the reputation to get the old monster to let them off.

They didn’t have any ancient spirit beasts by their sides either, and they were even protective of her.

“If I did not guess wrongly, the one who let her cross and enter was not anyone else but the Island Master who does nothing but idle about the island all day.” Tao Yi Xuan guessed.

“The Island Master?”

“On this island, is there anybody who is able to soundlessly seize a helmsman’s boat?” He asked.

Not at all!

Although the helmsman was fat and lazy, his abilities are true. If you wanted to seize his boat, wasn’t that the same as asking for death?

“However, his relationship with the Island Master is very good and they often drink together. I’m guessing that Helmsman Tuo definitely got him drunk and seized his boat and took it for a joyride.” Tao Yi Xuan said, “Furthermore, the name of our Island Master, isn’t it Shao Gong?

“Helmsman Tuo, Tuo Shao Gong, these two names are similar! But isn’t the Island master called Tuo Hong Yu?” Guo Xin asked.

“That is the name he commonly uses. When he secretly came out to play before, the name he used was Shao Gong. That is why many people also know that he has this name as well.” Tao Yi Xuan explained, “If it was someone from the island, we would have been able to guess his identity long ago. Those from the outside have no way of knowing that he also goes by the name Shao Gong.”

“When you say it like that, it sounds very possible!” Guo Yin Da said, “We all have masters like Lord Helmsman Tuo. I didn’t think that Young Master would have let them in.”

“It’s not about letting them in or not, but that Island Master very obviously took an interest in them. Otherwise, he wouldn’t appear to protect her.” This was the real reason Tao Yi Xuan was willing to work with Sima You Yue.

Since she was someone that Island Master had set his sights on, he definitely wouldn’t ignore her if she ended up in a pinch. Since that was the case, even if he wasn’t able to survive, he could make the Guo Clan’s future miserable!

And who knows, he might really be able to obtain the antidote. She was so confident that her confidence boostered his.

As they were talking about Sima You Yue, Sima You Yue was also talking about Tao Yi Xuan.

“Junior Sister, are you really willing to work together with that guy?!” Han Miao Shuang felt like this kid was too small and didn’t even have a good backer. He could be killed off by his family so easily.

“Since I’m the one who took the initiative to rescue them, I’m thinking that he should be the opportunity that Yin Lin talked about. As long as we help him return to the clan and he takes the seat of the Young Master, he will be able to look for Master and Teacher Ge.” Sima You Yue said.

“But his current situation is so terrible. If we follow him, won’t we waste a lot of time?”

“We won’t. Yin Lin said that the opportunity is here, so it can’t be wrong.” Sima You Yue said confidently, “Also, I trust him.”

“You trust him? The fact that he was able to land himself in such a bad position proves that he doesn’t have any power in his clan. Even if he returns and becomes the Patriarch, he probably wouldn’t be able to wield any real power.” Han Miao Shuang analysed.

“To be able to grow to such a degree in this kind of environment proves that he has the brains and ability. This time, he was merely sabotaged by his adopted father. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have ended up fleeing. If it were us instead, we may not have been able to survive until today.” Sima You Yue said, “A person like this, if you gave him the opportunity and time, he would be able to take control of the entire clan.”

“But what we lack now is time.” Han Miao Shuang muttered softly.

“Relax, he will not let us down.”

Han Miao Shuang nodded. There were times she felt like it was weird. How did Junior Sister give others the ability to believe? It was as if the situation was not an issue for her at all.

If someone else were to speak of the same situation, she would not necessarily believe them. However once it came out from her mouth, she felt like it was a matter of course.

“What do you plan to do?” Sima Xiu Qi asked.

His granddaughter had her own opinion and his set of old bones had no chance to oppose her.

Sigh, why were the others in the clan not like her? If that were the case, even if they didn’t have the things that she brought back, the clan would be able to rise speedily.

“Actually, it’s very simple. Although there are people chasing him down, as long as he doesn’t appear, we won’t be in too much danger.” Sima You Yue said, “Once we settle our issues in Phoenix City, it wouldn’t be too late for him to appear only then.”

“This is true. We didn’t know the Guo Clan before this, so nobody will think of linking us with them.” Feng Zhi Xing said, “Do you plan to place them in your little realm?”


“Wouldn’t this be too dangerous? If they know about your little realm, what will you do if they plot against you?” Su Xiao Xiao was worried.

“Once he meets the people inside, he wouldn’t dare to harbor any thoughts. Just Aunt Xiang and the others are enough to kill him. If you’re comparing backers, would his Tao Clan be comparable to the Feng Clan?” Sima You Yue wasn’t worried at all.

If that were really the case, so what if they exterminated him?

“However, you will need a plan if you want to interact with the inner group of the Tao Clan. You can’t just adapt as it goes.” Sima Liu Xuan said.

“Mm. I’ve already thought about it.” Sima You Yue said, “When the time comes, we’ll do this…”

When they heard Sima You Yue’s plan, everyone looked at her with dissatisfaction.

“Although the honey trap is a good one, that person is too strong. If you don’t have the time to open your lIttle realm, what will you do if you end up in danger? Huang Ying Ying disagreed.

Those people were not allowed to touch a single strand of hair on her precious granddaughter!

“You guys won’t go into the little realm. You’ll go into the Spirit Pagoda. This way, you’ll be able to come out with a single thought.”

Although they didn’t want to agree, they didn’t seem to have a better idea to infiltrate the Tao Clan. No matter who wormed their way in, they would not be able to become such warmly received guests so easily.

That was why nothing was as effective and quick as directly fighting with the Tao Clan.

A few days later, the lady brought Little Lucky back. Sima You Yue’s flustered heart finally calmed down. What she didn’t expect was that Little Lucky would actually be reluctant to leave the lady and said to her as she deparated that she would let her visit him in the future.

It seemed like he had enjoyed the past few days. It really made her worry in vain for such a long time.

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