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Chapter 1600: The youth is an old uncle!

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Tao Yi Xuan saw Sima You Yue appraising him and felt a little awkward. It was not that he was not used to being looked at that way, but because he was afraid that she would see how he was emotional just now.

Sima You Yue saw him avoid her gaze and squatted in front of him, asking, “Little Brother, how old are you?”

It was a normal question, but it caused him to go red in the face as he turned his face away and ignored her.

“This guy has a temper.” Han Miao Shuang walked over, “Hey, brat. We’re your saviours after all, you can’t be so arrogant, got it?”

“You Yue, don’t be like that. Young Master isn’t a child.” Guo Yin Da ate the pills and was now able to sit up. When he saw them speaking to Tao Yi Xuan like that, he opened his mouth to say.

“Not a child? Then why does he look like a kid who’s in his teens?” Sima You Yue stretched forth a hand and pinched his face. He wasn’t wearing a human mask or anything. His body was really that of a youth!

Tao Yi Xuan wanted to retaliate, but because his injuries were too severe, he couldn’t.

Guo Yin Da’s expression changed as he explained, “It’s like this. They sealed Young Master, so he has become like this. Young Master, he is actually… already four hundred years old.”

Sima You Yue’s hand froze in midair as she looked at Tao Yi Xuan’s trembling pupils. She chucked and smiled, “He really isn’t a kid!”

“Hmph!” Tao Yi Xuan ignored her. However, the place where she had pinched him was still burning hotly.

It was a good thing that dust covered his face and nothing could be seen.

Han Miao Shuang looked curiously at Tao Yi Xuan, “Just what could make him turn from an adult man into a young child?”

Guo Yin Da shook his head. They didn’t know either. They looked over at Tao Yi Xuan. Alright, this arrogant guy definitely wouldn’t tell them.

“Alright, You Yue, what are you guys doing here?” Guo Yin Da changed the topic, allowing the atmosphere to become less awkward.

“Oh, didn’t you guys say that the northern mountains had many herbs? We came here to look for herbs and ended up here unknowingly. Then, we heard sounds of battle so we came over to take a look. We didn’t think that it would end up being you guys.” Sima You Yue told a half-truth.

On the way there, they really found a few herbs, so she wasn’t really lying.

“I didn’t think that you guys would be so powerful. Initially, we were blind. I wonder who our rescuers are…” Guo Xin said.

They looked at the ancient spirit beasts and their expressions were strange. They had never seen those people before, and wondered where those people had come from.

“They’re his bodyguards.” Sima You Yue pointed at Little Lucky, “We met them on the way.”

The Guo Clansmen obviously didn’t really believe her. If they really met them along the way, why were they so close to her?

It was obvious that they were acquainted long ago. However, since she didn’t say anything, they couldn’t ask either. As long as she rescued them, it was fine.

“The Guo clan will always remember your rescue.” Guo Yin Da struggled to get up and wanted to bow to them.

“Uncle Guo, your wounds are serious. You shouldn’t move.” Sima You Yue siad, “Kid, why don’t you have any reaction? We did save you after all.”

“You saved me for a bit, but you can’t…” Tao Yi Xuan suddenly stopped and said, “Thank you.”

The other party had saved him, and even if he was going to self detonate, it had nothing to do with them right? There was no need to trouble others.

Sima You Yue looked at him and grabbed his wrist. He wanted to pull back, but she grabbed him too tightly and he couldn’t pull his hand out.

“You Yue…” Guo Yin Da looked at her worriedly.

It was a long while before Sima You Yue released his hand. She stood up and took two steps back, then crossed her hands over her chest before saying while looking at him, “You should be poisoned right? This poison isn’t bad, it’s able to let you return to your youth. You tell me, am I right?”

Tao Yi Xuan raised his head with shock. He looked at her with disbelief.

She was actually able to tell in a moment that he had become this way because of poison. Did that mean that she was able to cure him?

“I can’t cure your poison.” Sima You Yue said honestly.

The light in Tao Yi Xuan’s eyes darkened immediately. Even she had no way to save him!

Guo Yin Da, who was by the side, knelt in front of Sima You Yue, “Lady You Yue, I know that you have talent. Please save my Young Master!”

She could tell that Tao Yi Xuan was poisoned at a single glance. In their eyes, this meant that she was powerful.

You Yue was shocked when he knelt down. She had lived for such a long time but nobody had ever knelt to her. She hurriedly supported him and said, “Uncle Guo, don’t be like this.”

“You Yue, Young Master, he’s suffering. Please save him.” Guo Yin Da was pulled up by her strength and grabbed onto her hands without letting go.

“Uncle Guo, it’s not that I don’t want to save him but that I really cannot.” Sima You Yue said, “He is inflicted with a poison known as the Hundred Flora Worm. It was refined using a hundred types of poisons and poisonous worms. If you want to treat it, you need to know what those hundred types of poisonous herbs and worms are. If you get a single one wrong, the thing refined will not be an antidote but poison.”

Guo Yin Da was struck by her answer and was so stunned that he couldn’t speak. Tao Yi Xuan was sitting on the ground as his eyes filled with despair.

“You Yue, how long more does Young Master have to live?” Guo Xin asked.

“It depends on his body. The deeper he has been poisoned, the younger his body will be. Once his body returns to its infancy stage, it will have reached its end.” Sima You Yue siad, “Based on his condition now, I’m guessing that he will be able to hold on for a year or two.”

“A year or two?” To the average person, this wasn’t a short period of time. However, to cultivators, didn’t this time pass in the blink of an eye?

Despair colored the faces of everyone.

“You guys don’t have to be like this, right?” She felt like everyone’s life was fleeting. Sima You Yue couldn’t help but look to the sky. She grit her teeth, “Actually, it’s not like there’s no way.”

“What way?” Guo Xin asked.

“The person who defined the poison should have refined the antidote as well. You just have to obtain the method to produce the antidote.” Sima You Yue said, “The possibility of getting poisoned with this is too high, so if the person themself cannot remember the types of poisonous worms and herbs, and they accidentally get poisoned, the only outcome is death. In order to prevent this from happening, they will definitely leave down the antidote. As long as you know who poisoned him, you just have to obtain the antidote. It will be no problem as long as he doesn’t revert back to his infancy stage.”

She thought that they would be happy when they heard this, but when she finished speaking, everyone fell solemn.

“What’s wrong? It couldn’t be that the person died already, right?” If that were the case, then this person would really have no way of being cured.

“That’s not it.” Seeing that she misunderstood, Guo Xin explained, “it’s just that the person is not easy to meet.”

“As long as the person is alive, there’s hope. Why are you all pulling such long faces?” Han Miao Shuang rushed over and asked.

“It really is… sigh!”

Sima You Yue saw the way they were acting and there was no way she wouldn’t understand. The person who poisoned him was alive, but was probably not too far away from death.

Before she managed to follow up with a question, an aura suddenly enveloped them and Sima You Yue could feel an aura charging towards them.

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