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Chapter 1599: Rescuing a young boy

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At that time, in order to ensure Little Lucky’s safety, Supreme Fifth Spirit Senior left a group of ancient spirit beasts behind. Before he left, Sima You Yue placed them all inside her little realm.

However, she was unable to order those old folks around. Hence, she had to call out Little Lucky.

In the beginning, LIttle Lucky was still rather arrogant. She didn’t play with him often, and had now come to plead with him, so he was determined not to bother with her. However, he was helpless against his affection for her and, once he obtained her promise to let him continue to accompany her the whole journey, helped her call those ancient spirit beasts out and ordered them to rescue those people.

The protection those ancient spirit beasts had for Little Lucky was unlike that hidden devil beast, where it would definitely not appear unless her life was in danger. Once they obtained his order, apart from protecting Little Lucky, they also had to obey his instructions.

Now that Little Lucky had ordered them to rescue those people, they dared not tarry and headed straight for the location that Sima You Yue had told them about.

As for Sima You Yue and the others, they didn’t stop either as they flew along with them.

When they arrived, the Guo clansmen had already fallen to the ground due to their injuries.

A black-robed man stood by Guo Yin Da’s side and stepped on his chest, sneering, “Guo Yin Da, you didn’t think that there would ever be a day where I would trample you beneath my feet, did you?”

Guo Yin Da had initially been heavily injured already, so when the man stepped on him, he was half-dead. He grabbed onto the man’s leg with both hands but while he was unable to push it off, it alleviated some of the pain.

“Tang Fei, you better not be arrogant too early! You dared to chase my Young Master to death, are you not afraid that your clan will be exterminated? Cough cough-” He didn’t manage to finish his sentence before he choked on his blood and was unable to stop coughing.

“Young Master? That bastard? As if he’s deserving!” Tang Fei glanced sideways at the youth who was lying not too far away, “At this time, I’m no longer afraid to tell you that I, this old Feng, have obtained instructions from above. As long as we kill this bastard, aside from the fact that we will be exempt from taxes this time, we will even be able to participate in the Crimson Pearl Convention. WIthout him around, the person above will be able to become the Young Master and the future Patriarch. If we attach ourselves to him, will our Tang Clan fall? It’s more of your Guo Clan who offended the people above. You should just wait for your clan to be exterminated!

Tang Fei laughed along with those on the ground, looking incredibly maniacal.

The youth who was lying on the floor clenched his fists, and his face was filled with hatred and resignation.

“Guo Yin Da, although your Guo Clan is doomed this time, you don’t actually have to die today. If you want to blame something, blame yourself for being a busybody and wanting to save that person. Let me tell you this. Not a single person will leave here alive!” Tang Fei added force to his foot after he spoke.

“Tang Fei, stop it!” The youth cried out angry as he attacked Tang Fei with a bout of spirit energy. However, he was also holding on merely with willpower, and Tang Fei easily deflected his attack.

“Ye Zhong, don’t be anxious. Once I’m done with him, I’ll send you on your way as well.” Tang Fei sneered.

“Tang Fei, if I manage to survive today, I’ll definitely slaughter your entire Tang Clan!” The Youth spat.

“Oh my, I’m terrified!” Tang Fei mocked before sending Guo Yin Da flying with a kick. He walked over to the youth and said, “Tao Yi Xuan, do you still think that you are the Young Master of the Tao clan? You’re just a bastard from who-knows-where. Are you even worth my greeting? Don’t you want to slaughter me? Then I’ll send you to hell today!”

After saying this, he released a burst of spirit energy and attacked the person lying on the ground.

Sima You Yue cursed under her breath. The ancient spirit beasts were still so far away, how were they going to rescue the child?

Han Miao Shuang knew that Sima You Yue was always by her side, but before she even managed to sense that she disappeared, she saw that she suddenly appeared by Tang Fei’s side.

They only saw that she wordlessly appeared and sent Tang Fei flying with a punch. She grabbed the youth who was lying on the ground and retreated a few tens of meters back and appeared by Guo Yin Da’s side.

When they saw the person who suddenly appeared, both sides were stunned. The Guo clansmen reacted and said animatedly, “Young Miss You Yue! What are you doing here!”

Once Tang Fei heard this, he cursed that things had gone awry. It was obvious that the Guo Clansmen were acquainted with this person! If she rescued Tao Yi Xuan, they would be doomed!

However, they saw that she was just one person and she wasn’t that powerful, so they relaxed their guard.

“Little Lady, I advise you not to stick your nose where it doesn’t belong. You might lose your life!” Tang Fei threatened.

Sima You Yue was still supporting Tao Yi Xuan. When she saw that he was dirty from head to toe, she lightly furrowed her eyebrows and took out a pull and stuffed it into his mouth before releasing him. She let him sit in front of Guo Yin Da.

Then, she steadily stood in front of them.

This stance of hers very obviously told Tang Fei that she was here to rescue the two of them.

Tang Fei initially thought that Sima You yue was young and inexperienced, that she had come over to help because she was young so she would give in once he threatened her. However, he didn’t expect her to ignore him completely and even feed Tao Yi Xuan a pill.

This was completely disregarding him!

Tao Yi Xuan looked at Sima You Yue’s back and she didn’t know why but his ice cold pupils actually moistened a little.

Ever since he was young, very few people stood in his way. There were only two females in his life. One was his mother who had died in order to save him. The other one was this stranger in front of him.

Sima You Yue stared at Tang Fei for a long while. That fearless attitude coupled with her disdainful gaze really subdued him, causing him to take a subconscious step back.

“Uncle Guo, do we leave him alive as a witness or do we exterminate him?” Sima You Yue raised her head and asked.

Guo Yin Da didn’t think that his kind gesture of leading the way would actually end up saving them from death today. He glanced at Tao Yi Xuan and said, “Leave him alive, Young Master still has things that he wants to ask him.”

Sima You Yue nodded, saying, “Did you guys hear that?”

Tao Yi Xuan was stunned, did that mean that she wasn’t going to take action personally?

As her words landed, a few silhouettes appeared from behind her and speedily took down the Tang Clansmen. This scene left the Guo Clansmen gaping.

This was too easy, wasn’t it?!

The ancient spirit beasts had subdued their auras, causing them to appear similar to ordinary disguised spirit beasts. They didn’t think that they were ancient spirit beasts at all.

“Who are you guys? You dare to touch my Tang Clan?!” Tang Fei didn’t give up yet and he wanted to use the name of his clan to scare them.

Sima You Yue didn’t know who the Tang Clan was, maybe it was because they were too small, so they didn’t make it to Helmsman Tuo’s list. Since that was the case, there was nothing to be afraid of.

“You guys are making it too easy for them. They still have the energy to talk!” Little Lucky hopped onto Sima You Yue’s shoulder and cried out while pointing at Tang Fei.

Those spirit beasts understood what he meant as they landed another punch on his stomach. After Tang Fei received a punch from those ancient spirit beasts, he couldn’t even cry out and fainted immediately.

When the others saw that he had fallen, they couldn’t help but purse their lips. Initially, they never thought that she was this crude and straightforward!

The rest of them ran over and fed pills to the Guo Clansmen to allow them to heal first and to ask whatever questions they had later on. As for her, she started to appraise Tao Yi Xuan.

An elegant appearance, large eyes, long eyelashes and a deep gaze that could suck anyone in.

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