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Chapter 1582: Father and Master (2)

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Sima Liu Xuan regretted looking for him after seeing his elated expression.

Did this guy intend to steal his daughter away?

But Feng Zhi Xing looked like he wouldn’t give him the map if he didn’t tell him what it was about. He knew this guy would definitely waste time with him.

“I’ll tell you what, since it’s been long since we both sparred. Let’s give it a try, if you win, I’ll tell you what we’re going to do. But if you lose, you’ll have to give me the map. How about that?”

Feng Zhi Xing shot him a glance and said in disdain, “With the power that you’ve just recovered? Don’t forget that I’ve cultivated a decade more than you.”

“So what? We still don’t know who the victor will be!” After speaking, Sima Liu Xuan flew and attacked Feng Zhi Xing.

Feng Zhi Xing pounced towards him as well. To protect their sentimental tree, both of them refrained from using Spirit Skills. As they fought, they flew further away.

A few hours later, both of them were exhausted as they laid on top of the mountain. Both of them sustained injuries, but it wasn’t serious even though they bled a little.

“I didn’t expect that you didn’t only recover your strength but you advanced as well. Mm, I too want a precious daughter.” Feng Zhi Xing said as he was catching his breath.

“You made it sound like my daughter has ill-treated you.” Sima Liu Xuan spoke in grimace, “If you want to be like me, then make yourself useless first.”

“Forget it then.” Feng Zhi Xing wouldn’t want Sima Liu Xuan to have a chance to beat him down. If he became useless, he would have ended himself. “Since it’s a tie between us, you can tell me now.”

“Yue’er has a Master, Xu Jin, and a teacher named Ge Liang, do you know?”

“Mm, they’re from the Imperial Academy, they’re renowned in the Continent.” In addition, he knew because they were Sima You Yue’s Masters.

“Xu Jin and Ge Liang went to the Lost Place because of Yue’er. They would send some news in the beginning, but they went missing. Yue’er is worried for them, so she wanted to go to the Lost Place to have a look.” Sima Liu Xuan said.

“This child, why does she always take everything upon herself. Is that Lost Place a nice place to go to? Does she even know what kind of people live there? You’re her Father, why do you let her be?” Feng Zhi Xing berated him as if he wasn’t from the same generation.

“You’re her Master, you do it.” Sima Liu Xuan didn’t believe that Feng Zhi Xing would be able to persuade his daughter.

Feng Zhi Xing opened his mouth, but he didn’t say that he would go. He sighed faintly and said, “Her character is more stubborn than her Mother.”

Sima Liu Xuan didn’t reply. His daughter took after her Mother’s appearance, and even her character was seventy percent the same. As long as it was something that she wanted to do, she would do it no matter how hard it would be.

He didn’t speak, so Feng Zhi Xing continued, “You can have the map, but I’ll have to go as well. With you there, I can’t rest assured.”

Sima Liu Xuan never thought of stopping him, but the way he said it was very sarcastic. So, the both of them fought again, and the result was that one of them broke a few ribs and the other one broke an arm. With this, it was comparable to the times where Sima Liu Xuan and Di Zhe fought.

In the past, Di Zhe and him were unhappy with each other, but both of them were now reminiscing their friendships.

Sima You Yue sighed faintly when she saw the situation they were in when she came here.

“Father, Master, the ages of you both added up are around a thousand years old, right? Why do you guys still fight like children?” She came over to check on both of their injuries.

Sima Liu Xuan and Feng Zhi Xing were shocked by Sima You Yue who appeared out of thin air.

“There are three Divine Rank Beasts and two Scared Beasts nearby, what will you guys do if they come here with you both in this condition?” Sima You Yue took out pills and gave it to both of them as she muttered.

She didn’t want to come out but these two guys weren’t reliable at times.

“Those that we have friendships with, won’t come out.” Sima Liu Xuan said unnaturally.

“I saw one of them coming towards here, this mountain top would be gone if I didn’t release Crimson Flame’s aura.” Sima You Yue whined.

“How could that be?” Both of them cried out in unison.

Those Divine Rank Beasts would always stay in their own territory and wouldn’t come here, why did they come here today?

“I think it’s because Father’s body might have the smell of the Divine Medicine.” Sima You Yue guessed, “Father’s body absorbed a lot of medicine but it hasn’t fully dissipated yet, so this battle would release a some aura of Divine Medicine. Spirit Beasts’ noses are more sensitive than humans.”

Both of them who were on the floor looked at each other with grudges.

“Oh right, You Yue, why are you here?” Feng Zhi Xing gave up on Sima Liu Xuan and focused on Sima You Yue instead.

“To train the Spatial Skill that I’ve learned not long ago.” Sima You Yue cooked up an excuse.

She couldn’t possibly have said that she came here because she was worried about both of them nipping at each other when they met. But they understood even if she didn’t say it.

She would bring them back to Sima Clan when both of them recovered their Spiritual Energies.

The pills she gave them were to restore their internal injuries, so the black eye and half swollen face wouldn’t be gone when they got home.

The eyes of the Sima Clansmen widened when they saw their swollen face and blackened eyes, looking as if they had seen a ghost. Those that were closer came to ask them if they’d gotten into trouble.

Feng Zhi Xing and Sima Liu Xuan put on a bitter smile. She was trying to punish both of them for always fighting and nipping at each other every time they met.

Sima You Yue knew that this was how they showed their affection, but she wouldn’t want them being injured and didn’t want it to happen often.

Seeing her angry face, they’d learnt their lesson. They sighed again thinking that they wouldn’t make her worry again. However, both of them were still unhappy with each other when their eyes met.

In the past, they were highly talented and fought many times and even fought out a revolutionary friendship. It was only after they’d met Yu Ke Luo that the revolutionary friendship was ruined by rivalry, and both of them found each other unpleasant to the eye.

Sima You Yue went to study the map that Feng Zhi Xing gave when they came back.

The people who lived in the Lost Place had a connection with the Divine Clan. She wondered if they would acknowledge the Divine Clan’s status. It would be harder for her if they didn’t acknowledge it.

Also, her Masters didn’t report back for so many years. Although they were fine, they should be imprisoned somewhere deep without freedom.

In order to save them, she had to look for their location and that was hard enough. But no matter how hard it was, she would have to do it. She had to get them out!

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