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Chapter 1583: Warm friendship

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Because of the problems Sima Liu Xuan and Feng Zhi Xing had on hand, the journey towards Lost Place was pushed back by a few days.

Sima Zhi Yuan arranged for half of the Cloud Guards to follow her after knowing that they were going to such a dangerous place. He said it wouldn’t bother her no matter how many people were going since she had a Little Realm.

They wanted to give her a strong backing, but no matter what, the backing wouldn’t be strong enough.

Sima You Yue was worried about the Sima Clan. Now that the Continent was in a mess, what would happen if the black robed men or undead or some Qi Spirit jumped out and targeted the Sima Clan?

One wanted to send them while the other didn’t allow it, so Sima You Yue had no choice but to tell him about Feng Xiang and the other’s existence. With them there, it would be nothing even if there were a hundred enemies.

And that Blood Fiend City member’s were also in Little Realm, although most of their strength weren’t strong for inner regions, but there were still some strong ones in these ten over thousands people.

Even though Sima Zhi Yuan knew about this, he still gave her a hundred guards and made sure that she would bring them along.

Sima You Yue couldn’t win his wilfulness so she had no choice but to agree with it and put everyone in Little Realm.

On the eve before they were about to leave, someone came. Sima You Yue was surprised when she saw the people her servants brought and cried out, “Old Bi, Liang Cai, why are you guys here?”

Bi Sheng and Liu Liang Cai came, Sima You Yue didn’t expect that she would get to see them so soon.

“Greeting to Deputy Valley Master.” Both of them bowed in greeting to Sima You Yue. She went forward and pulled them up, “Why are you guys here? How is everyone in the Valley?”

“They are fine, everyone misses you.” Bi Sheng was happy for Sima You Yue as her power increased in just a few years.

“I miss everyone too.” Sima You Yue was in a good mood seeing familiar faces, she brought them to the Hall, “How is the development in inner regions?”

“We came here to develop knowing the Deputy Valley Master’s Clan is in the Sixty Fourth State. It was hard at first, but it got stable as He Clan and Sima Clan helped us.” Liu Liang Cai replied.

Sima You Yue knew that they came to Sixty Fourth State for development, but the area of one State was huge and everyone was busy, so this was the first time that they met.

“That’s good. If anything happens next time and Sima Clan and He Clan don’t listen, we’ll go straight to Xuan Yuan Pavilion.” Sima You Yue said. At the same time, she was thinking that she had to go to Xuan Yuan Pavilion to greet them.

Bi Sheng knew Xuan Yuan Pavilion’s status and he also knew the relationship between Sima You Yue and Xuan Yuan Pavilion. However, he didn’t expect that this connection would be useful in the inner regions.

What they didn’t know was that Xuan Yuan Pavilion was built by Feng Clan., Although Jun Clan was in charge, those with higher status knew the Master behind Xuan Yuan Pavilion was Feng Clan. And she was now the Feng Clan’s Young Miss, asking them for help would be as easy as asking her own family for help.

“Oh right, is there anything I can help you with?” Sima You Yue knew they were busy getting into inner regions and didn’t have the leisure to visit Clans.

“Oh, all the Valley members knew you’re going to look for your Master, so they refined some things for you, we brought it over thinking that it’s been long since we last saw Deputy Valley Master.” Bi Sheng explained.

“How did you guys know that I’m going to rescue my Master?” Sima You Yue asked curiously.

“Jiang Jun Xian told the valley members. We heard that it’s very dangerous there and there are many strong people there, so Fatty Qu got the Armament Masters to refine many Thunderbolt Bullets. I think the rest don’t have to be prepared by the Valley.” Bi Sheng said as he took out an Interspatial ring and handed it to her.

Sima You Yue scanned through the ring. It was filled with little metal balls inside and it was stacked higher than a small mountain. Half would be enough to bomb Sima Clan out of existence.

Other than that, there were a pile of pills as well, They didn’t send medicinal ingredients knowing that she had a Spirit Pagoda. There was a pile of array stones at the side. It was all for Transportation Arrays. She could even use it to go back to Paramount Valley with the amount of array stones they’d sent.

Her lips curled up thinking that Master, Martial Uncles and Feng’er sent so many good things to her knowing that she didn’t need it.

At the corner of the interspatial ring was a stack of letters. Sima You Yue casually took one to read and it was actually written to her by Ximen Feng.

He wrote that she should come back once everything was settled as he intended to tie the knot with Kong Xiang Yi but the wedding wouldn’t take place if Sima You Yue hadn’t come back.

Sima You Yue felt that it was a good day today, nothing could stop this day.

“Feng’er is getting married. It seems like I have to finish everything quickly. I’m afraid that Xiang Yi might come here to get me.” She teased.

“Valley Master Feng said that everything is prepared and they are just waiting for you to go back and they will be able to tie the knot. Although some of them from Kong Valley had different views, they agreed to it.” Liu Liang Cai said.

Sima You Yue pursed her lips, Why did it sound so ambiguous? What did it mean that he would only get married if she comes back, it sounded like she was the bride.

But it was true that she delayed the wedding, so she was wondering when she could go back so they could get married.

She took another letter after reading Ximen Feng’s. It was Fatty Qu’s letter this time.

Fatty Qu wrote a few long winded paragraphs, but Sima You Yue summarized it into two points. One was that he upgraded the Thunderbolt bullets again. He didn’t know what kind of dangerous things she was going to do, but she could use the Thunderbolt bullets all she wanted. Secondly, they all missed her and were unsure when they could see her, they would cultivate and look for her in the inner regions.

“This guy….” She couldn’t go on.

Fatty Qu, Bei Gong Tang and the others were almost like family to her. From Dong Chen Kingdom to now, their friendship was not something that could be explained in a sentence.

But she didn’t bring them to the inner regions as they would be in a lot of trouble if they followed her and it would also allow them to cultivate properly. The distance between them was a little further, so they had to spend more time cultivating. They were not born for her sake, so it was the best decision for them to cultivate in the Valley.

Sima You Yue also missed Sima Lie. Previously, she had asked Sima He Shun to check. The Sima Clan in Yi Lin Continent and the Sima Clan in Primordial Lands were blood related, so they must have been evicted many years ago and built up a Clan.

Before she came back, she asked Sima Lie and the rest if they were willing to come back if they were blood related. Sima Lie and the other four brothers said they weren’t willing to and it was good enough for them to stay in the Valley as long as she came back to visit them from time to time.

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