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Chapter 1577: She belongs to the Divine Clan

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This was the first time those from the Xuan Qiu Clan had heard Xuan Qiu He speak this way and they were stunned for a moment.

Also, the Patriarch had poisoned him? Why? Didn’t he just regain his sight and ability to walk? Why would the Patriarch poison him?

Xuan Qiu Fu Xi wanted to berate him when he heard what he said, but he saw him eat the pill and sit down on the floor. He closed his eyes and rested, ignoring everyone else around him. Hence, Xuan Qiu Fu Xi had to swallow the rest of his words.

“Patriarch, how long do we have to wait?”

“Four hours.” Xuan Qiu Fu Xi started waiting after he spoke.

Since this happened, everyone else stopped as well and waited for Xuan Qiu He to regain his strength.

Xuan Qiu He sat on the ground and dark dome. His eyes were unfocused.

This was the very first time, in all the years that he had lived, that he felt that these people he had interacted with for hundreds of years were foreign to him.

It could be that his thoughts had always been in alignment to the clan and had never diverged before, as such, he had never seen how selfish these people could be.

It could be that the clan had always been this way, it was just that he couldn’t see before, so he never really involved himself with matters of the clan and hence, never saw these types of scenes.

In the past, he had always felt like the Northern Du Clan was dirty, the Eastern Lai Clan was selfish and the Ouyang Clan was fake while, although the Xuan Qiu clan was not the most powerful, they were the most authentic. Now, however, he didn’t think much of them.

If his situation never happened, if he was still blind, would he never have seen this side of them?

He closed his eyes, but his expression was mournful.

Inside the store house, Jiang Jun Xian and the others had been on alert after the attack. They thought of going out to stall for time, but they didn’t think that they would stop attacking after a few hits.

“They stopped?” Han Miao Shuang lifted up her head, not daring to believe it.

“There’s a barrier outside.” Thousand Resonance said.


“A place like this should be protected by a barrier.” Jiang Jun Xian said, “Most of them are used to keep outsiders out and protect the storehouse. Who would have thought that today, it would actually keep the Xuan Qiu Clan locked outside.”

“That falls in place nicely. I hope that this will be able to delay things and buy Junior Sister a bit more time.” Su Xiao Xiao said.

“Mm, I hope that it will really delay things for a while.” Thousand Resonance nodded.

Time ticked by, and it didn’t matter whether it was the people inside the storehouse or outside it. They were extremely sensitive towards the passing of time. The people outside it hoped that time would pass slower while the people inside hoped that it would go by faster.

No matter how the people outside wished it, four hours passed by just like that.

“Have you recovered? Can we go in now?” Xuan Qiu Fu Xi’s voice suddenly sounded, and Xuan Qiu He smiled lightly when he heard it. He stood up from the ground.

It was unknown why, but while his smile was the same as it used to be, everyone felt like it was somewhat different. However, they couldn’t say for sure where the difference lay.

Xuan Qiu He came to the outside of the stone door. As he passed by the barrier, he merely felt a bit of resistance, but it didn’t stop him from entering at all.

He looked at the three locks on the stone door and his eyes shone.

“He’er, hurry and break the barrier.” Xuan Qiu Fu Xi ordered.

“Father, this barrier was left behind by our Ancestor. Do you really want to destroy it?” Xuan QIu He looked at his father who was outside.

“Just open it.” Xuan Qiu Fe Xi insisted.

Xuan QIu He was still hesitant. If he opened the barrier, they would definitely break into the storehouse immediately.

However, Sima You Yue and the others were still inside. Could they stay inside forever?

“He’er, hurry up!” Xuan Qiu Fu Xi urged.

“Young Master, please act.”

“That’s right, Young Master, if the Divine Medicine disappears, it would be unfortunate for the clan.”

“That’s right, Young Master, you…”

Xuan Qiu He heard the various urgings and the smile on his face grew lighter.


Just as he was hesitating, the door behind him opened. Sima You Yue came out from there alone.

“Big Brother He.”

“You Yue, why did you come out?” Xuan QIu He frowned.

“Might as well.” Sima You Yue walked out and smiled at Xuan Qiu He, saying rather helplessly, “We still had to end up at this stage!”

“You Yue…”

“Big Brother He, I will remember this friendship of yours in my heart. However, we have already agreed earlier that you all would give me this divine medicine after I treat you. That is why, with regards to this, I will not yield. However, on account of our friendship, if they do not act against me, I will not take their lives.”

“Hahah what a brazen tone!” Someone guffawed.

The others also looked like they had heard the biggest joke. They looked at Sima You Yue as if she was an idiot.

“It’s been a few tens of thousands of years since someone has something like this right? Hehe, I never thought that we would be able to hear these kinds of words today.”

Xuan Qiu He saw how confident Sima You Yue was and felt like it was rather funny as well, but the smile on his face became slightly more genuine.

Sima You Yue didn’t explain, though. She walked forward step by step. With every step, the aura on her body changed. By the time she walked to the exit, her aura had completely changed.

When those outside saw her change, they were incredibly surprised.

“You- you are…”

Sima You Yue smiled lightly at them, “Patriarch Xuan Qiu, I already said so earlier that, on Big Brother He’s account, if you let me leave, I will not do something that will cause you to regret.”

Xuan Qiu Fu Xi’s expression was complex as he watched SIma You Yue, “I really never thought that you would actually belong to the Divine Clan.”

“There are many unexpected things that happen in life, Patriarch Xuan Qiu, what do you think?” After falling out, she couldn’t even call him Uncle anymore.

“Where’s the divine medicine?” The white-robed elder asked.

“I’ve already used it.” Sima You Yue said.

“Impossible! Didn’t you say that the divine medicine was to be used to cure your father? How could you have used it!”

“Why can’t I? I’ve let my father use the divine medicine.”

“How is that possible? Your father isn’t around… you brought your father?”

“That’s right.” Sima You Yue smiled, “The divine medicine is already in my father’s body, you can’t do anything even if you wanted to.”

“That’s not right, Patriarch. She is from the Sima Clan. Her father is Sima Liu Xuan and not from the divine clan. Patriarch, don’t be fooled.” Xuan Qiu Rong cried out.

After he called out, everyone woke up from their shock.

They were all aware of her identity. How could she suddenly have become a member of the divine clan? She must have used a way to deceive everyone and allow herself to be filled with the aura of the divine clan.

“Patriarch, no matter what method she used, she’s definitely not a member of the divine clan. Perhaps, she might just have some relationship with the divine clan. Even if we kill her here, the divine clan will not know.” Xuan Qiu Rong continued to say.

Xuan Qiu Fu Xi regarded Sima You Yue silently. He thought to be able to discern something from her, but her expression was insipid and he couldn’t obtain any clues.

Sima You Yue chuckled softly and the little door to the Black Lotus Little Realm appeared in her palm with a single thought.


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