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Chapter 1576: Xuan Qiu He’s sarcasm

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“Junior Sister, what should we do now?” Su Xiao Xiao looked at Sima you Yue. If she told them to go out now, they would immediately help her to stall for time.

“Of those three keys, I see that two of them are relatively new while one of them is rather old. I’m thinking that they probably don’t have all the keys now. If they can’t bear to part with this storehouse, they probably won’t rush to break in.” Jiang Jun Xian said.

“You’re saying that it can stall for time?”

“Hopefully.” Sima You Yue said, “But I’m guessing that they won’t wait for too long. Since they can’t enter for now, I’ll go take a look at my father.”

She called Thousand Resonance out to turn into her image as she entered the Spirit Pagoda. This happened in less than the time it took them to blink. If it were not because they saw them switch positions, Han Miao Shuang and the others would never have known that they had switched places.

Sima You Yue arrived inside the Spirit Pagoda where Sima Liu Xuan sat inside the Soul Pond. Crimson Flame, Little Seven and Qing Yi saw by the side, inserting their Spirit energy into Sima Liu Xuan’s body, helping him to suppress the medicinal powers and temper his body.

She watched as the soul fluid continued to enter her father’s body and she was rather worried. She was unsure if his body could handle it.

Little Spirit appeared beside her, saying, “Don’t worry. Crimson Flame said that the soul fluid can neutralise two of the effects of the medicinal effects, and the three types happen to be complementary.”

“If Little Seven and Qing Yi do this, will it have an adverse impact on them?”

“There will definitely be an impact, but since they are willing to help you, you should just accept it.” Little Spirit said.

“I just feel like I’ve been troubling Qing Yi a lot recently without having helped him. I feel a little bad.” Sima You Yue understood as well that since Qing Yi got involved, the effects would definitely be a lot better. However, she had said before that she would not request anything from him and yet, she had sought him for help a few times.

Little Spirit knew that she was thinking and smiled, “Qing Yi is not a person who aceeds to every request. He’s helping you because he has acknowledged you and feels that you are worth his help. You feel like you have never helped him, but to him, you rescued Little Seven and love Little Seven. You have also never made use of LIttle Seven before. To him, this is enough.”

Sima You Yue never thought that Little Spirit would say something like that and looked at him a little strangely.

“After all, I’ve lived here for so long. How could I not know how he thinks?” Little Spirit rolled his eyes at her, “Relax, with the three of them around, your father will definitely pull through. You should focus on settling the issue outside.”

“Mm, I got it.”

Seeing how Sima Liu Xuan was now, she knew that he would be fine. However, the situation outside was still rather stable, so she stayed in the Spirit Pagoda a little longer.

Outside the cave, more and more experts of the Xuan Qiu Clan started to gather.

“Patriarch, what’s going on?”

“What has happened to the divine medicine?”


Xuan Qiu Fu Xi’s expression was dark beyond belief. At this time, the men that he had sent to check on the situation said, “Patriarch, Sima You Yue and the other three are not in their houses.”

“What? The one inside is Sima You Yue?”

“How did she enter?”

“It is not important right now how she entered. The most important thing right now is that we cannot allow the divine medicine to fall into her hands.”

“It’s already too late.” A white-haired elder said, “The divine medicine has already been removed and taken out of the barrier.”

“Hmph, she dares to steal the divine medicine of our secret clan? We’ll kill her!”

“That’s right!”

The moment Xuan Qiu Zhi came, he heard them say these things and he was shocked. He stepped forward, “Patriarch, Sima You Yue is the contracted master of the divine vermilion bird. If we kill her, I’m afraid that the bird clans will take revenge. Please reconsider!”

“Xuan Qiu Zhi, do you want to shield her?”

“This isn’t about shielding her or not. If the bird clans insisted on taking revenge, would we be able to survive?” Xuan Qiu Zhi asked.

“Hmph, this is our territory. If we said that she died here, then she died here. If we said that she left, then she left. Without evidence, would they dare to attack our clan?”

“Alright!” Xuan Qiu Fu Xi yelled at the two of them before saying to the others, “Let’s break open the store house.”

“Patriarch, if we forcefully break in, this place will be destroyed.” The white-haired elder said.

“But if we do not do it, what do we do if she eats it?”

“She will not eat it.” Xuan Qiu Zhi said, “She took the divine medicine to help heal her father’s wounds.”

“Who knows whether or not she’s just using it as an excuse. She might be using this as a reason to deceive Young Master. Who knows what her true thoughts are!”

Xuan Qiu Fu Xi was a little hesitant. The treasure house was really one of the Xuan Qiu Clan’s treasures. It had taken a lot of their lifeblood to construct it. The most important thing was that their Ancestors had left it behind. If they were to destroy it right now, how could he face his Ancestors?

However, if Sima You Yue hid inside and refused to come out, who knew what would happen if they left the divine medicine in her hands.

On one hand he had to consider the inheritance left by the ancestors, while he had his rage against Sima You Yue on the other. Xuan Qiu Fu Xi felt like he had never been filled with so much hatred before. His raised fist was clenched tightly. If Sima You Yue was in front of him, he would definitely not be able to control himself and would kill her!

“Patriarch! We cannot delay!”

“This… Elder, open the door.”

The white-haired elder saw that he could not change his mind, so he flew in front of everyone and attacked the mountain.


The earth and mountain trembled, the mountain peak was levelled by his spirit power, leaving only half of the mountain.

When the storage house was attacked, a barrier actually formed on its own, protecting the storage house.

“There’s actually a barrier?!”

When they saw the barrier, the expressions of the Xuan Qiu Clansmen were a sight to behold. They never thought that their own barrier would be used against them.

“Patriarch, this barrier is difficult to deal with.”

“This barrier was set up by a past elder. Although he has already passed on, this barrier is not one we can move.” Xuan Qiu Fu Xi said.

“Then what do we do?”

“Bring Young Master over.” Xuan Qiu Fu Xi instructed the people by his side.

When those people heard Xuan Qiu Zhi, they thought about how he was able to enter barriers and their eyes shone.

Young Master was someone who was able to enter barriers!

The person immediately went to invite Xuan Qiu He and quickly led him over.

“Young Master, please break open this barrier.”

Xuan Qiu He glanced at that person and said lightly, “I don’t have any spirit energy now, I can’t do anything.”

“Young Master?!”

“Could Sima You Yue have done it?”

Xuan Qiu He lightly looked at Xuan Qiu Fu Xi from the corner of his eyes without saying anything.

“Feed this to Young Master.” Xuan Qiu Fu Xi took out a pill and instructed someone to feed it to Xuan Qiu He.

Xuan Qiu He took the pill and the corner of his mouth curved into a smile. However, it was not the warm one like before. Instead, it was apathetic and more like a sneer, “In the morning, you fed me poison that would temporarily stop me from being able to use any spirit power. Furthermore, in order to stop me from coming in here to take the divine medicine, you made it so the antidote would take a few hours to take effect. Doesn’t it feel great now?”

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