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Chapter 1566: Xuan Qiu Clan

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When Sima You Yue heard what he said, she was a lot more relieved. Since the Xuan Qiu Clan had said this, they probably would not renege.

On the morning of the second day, Xuan Qiu He led Sima You Yue and her group outside of the city. They took a teleportation array to a mountainous area.

Sima You Yue knew that they were not located far from Declaration City because the teleportation array didn’t take them too far. However, because she did not know the coordinates, she had no idea where they were right now.

Later on, the group of them took a ride on some spirit beasts that had been prepared for them beforehand. They flew for a distance, then entered another area.

“Are all hidden families as secluded as yours?” When she saw the extremely dense spirit energy, Han Miaol Shuang smiled teasingly.

“We do have an advantage in this area.” Xuan Qiu He smiled lightly in response.

Sima You Yue smiled, but she didn’t think that highly of it. Back when she had gone to the Feng Clan, the environment was much better.

However, she knew now why so many hidden families were increasingly powerful.

Because An Lei’s life was in Sima You Yue’s hands, this time when she appeared, Sima You Yue got her to stay in the Spirit Pagoda to take care of Sima LIu Xuan. When she saw Sima You Yue sigh ruefully, she said, “Young MIss, the Xuan Qiu Clan is inside a little realm.”

Sima You Yue was a little shocked. A little realm? She didn’t feel any fluctuations of a little realm, though!

“The Xuan Qiu Clan and the Eastern Lai Clan do not live in independent realms like Little Black Lotus Realm, but in small areas established in the spatial areas.” An Lei explained.

“To be able to open an area in the spatial areas where people can live means that their ancestors must have been powerful.” Sima You Yue sighed.

“I heard that the ancestors of both clans were both Emperor Monarchs. The spaces must have been established by the Emperor Monarchs.”

Emperor Monarchs….

Sima You Yue touched the Devil Snare Bracelet on her wrist. No matter what identities they held, she definitely had to obtain the divine medicine!

Xuan Qiu He led them to the residential area, where it was said to contain eighty percent of their clan. It was on such a large scale that it was on par with a small city.

“We’ve been rushing for such a long time. You should rest first, I’ll head to my patriarch to let them know that we’re back.” Xuan Qiu He said to them.

Then, some servant girls came forward and led them to the courtyards where guests resided in.

Xuan Qiu He was truly from a hidden family. Even though they were courtyards for guests, they were all decorated extremely well. All kinds of rare flora grew within the courtyards, and the paths were paved with cobblestones that had been carved with grindstones. The rock gardens were carved from the finest grades of jade and the artificial rivers had a pavilion in the heart of it where red-crowned cranes froliced freely. As the lake rippled, fluorescent lights would dance along the surface.

“The environment here isn’t bad.” Han Miao Shuang sighed.

“It’s such a good place. I wonder if all their guest rooms are like this or if this place is just particularly good?” Jiang Jun Xian wondered.

“This is our best courtyard.” One of the servant girls replied, “The other places have been decorated exquisitely as well, but their lakes are not as good.”

“The best courtyard?” They exchanged glances with each other. This treatment was a little special!

“Yes. Our Patriarch said that Young Miss You Yue has come to treat our Young Master, and is our distinguished guest. That is why we naturally arranged for the best courtyard.” The servant girl smiled. Her attitude towards Sima You Yue was of pure respect.

“Lady You Yue, Our Matriarch has said that she hopes for you to treat this place like your own home. If you have any requests, please do your utmost to let us know.” Another servant girl said.

Their master had already prepared the best area for them, what more could she ask for?

“Lady You Yue, you don’t know this, but all the clansmen were overjoyed to hear that you were coming.”

“Why is that so?”

“Our Young Master is innately talented and is a child with a limitless future. It was a pity that he was unable to walk from his birth and that he could not see.” A servant girl explained, “Although Young Master has never said so, we all know that he truly wishes to be like everyone else. When Young Master is like this, it causes our hearts to ache. That is why the whole clan wishes for Young Master to be well. Although a fifty percent chance of success is rather low, Young Master believes in you, so we do as well. Lady You Yue, you definitely have to treat our Young Master of his illness!”

Sima You Yue felt a little guilty under the fervent gaze of the servant girl. She smiled, “I will definitely do my best. However, I cannot guarantee the result.”

“We are rather aware of Lady You Yue. To be able to say this means that there should be no issues.” The other servant girl said with a smile.

Sima You Yue smiled, but she did not continue the conversation.

The two servant girls left after taking them to the courtyard. They each chose a house for themselves, then gathered in Jiang Jun Xian’s place.

Sima You Yue performed acupuncture for Jiang Jun Xian while Han Miao Shuang and Su Xiao Xiao watched from the side. Although they had seen her do it many times, whenever they saw Jiang Jun Xian with a head full of needles, they felt goosebumps rise.

After Sima You Yue’s treatment, Jiang Jun Xian’s condition had improved greatly. At the very least he did not randomly fall asleep everywhere. After sleeping, his mental condition would also be in a better state. It was not like he was in the past, where he would still be sleepy after waking up.

However, he still spent most of his time sleeping.

Once Sima You Yue finished her acupuncture session, she took out some pills that she had refined and fed it to him. Only then did Han Miao Shuang and the others speak.

“Junior Sister, when do you want to begin treatment for Xuan Qiu He?” Han Miao Shuang asked.

The moment she had to start treatment for Xuan Qiu He, if she also had to treat Jiang Jun Xian, they were afraid that she would become exhausted.

“I’m thinking that they will not let me start my treatment for Xuan Qiu He yet.” Sima You Yue said as she walked to the table and poured some tea for herself.

“Why not?”

“Xuan Qiu He’s body is in this kind of condition, but the Xuan Qiu Clan still thinks of him as their Young Master. This proves that his position in the clan is very high and is highly valued by his clan. For a treasure like him, without a high chance of success, they will not take the risk.” Sima You Yue said confidently.

“You’re saying that they have not yet decided whether or not to let you begin treatment for Xuasn Qiu He even up to this point in time?” Han Miao Shuang frowned. She was rather angry towards their disbelief in her.

“There will probably be a few tests and things like that.” Sima You Yue guessed, “But this is good as well. It is a crucial point in Eldest Senior’s treatment, and I will be able to focus on things on this end.”

“Junior Sister, the Xuan Qiu Clan has definitely gotten many people to try and treat Xuan Qiu He before without any results. Do you have the confidence to treat him successfully?” Su Xiao Xiao was rather worried.

“Senior Brother, actually, Xuan Qiu He’s condition isn’t complex.” Sima You Yue said, “The reason those people are helpless to do anything is because they cannot do anything about that thing.”

“That thing?”

“Mm. That thing is sealed inside Xuan Qiu He’s brain. That thing is pressing on his nerves, which is why he cannot walk and cannot see. As long as you make that thing smaller, it will no longer press on his nerves and he will naturally recover.” Sima You Yue said, “However, his nerves have been pressured for such a long time that it has been injured. It is only after it is healed that he can be considered to be completely well. That is why he still needs a bit of time in order to be able to see and walk.”

“Since so many things are helpless against it, Junior Sister, do you have the assurance to deal with it?”

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