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Chapter 1565: Picking her up personally

More and more things were happening, and there were even more obstructions now. You couldn’t see the wood for the trees, and she felt like the things in front of her eyes were muddled.

She knew too little about it, and couldn’t guess who was behind this at all.

Since she couldn’t figure it out, there was no point thinking about it. She would just be more careful in the future.

Feng Zhi Xing took his people from the Integral Moon Palace and left. Since they knew that this place was a scam, they headed back directly.

Sima You Yue led Xuan Qiu Ming and the rest back to the inn to look for Sima Zhi Yuan and the others. They first told them about what happened in the cemetery and got them to return to the clan. Then she told them about the issue with the Xuan Qiu Clan.

When the Sima clansmen knew that she was going to go to the Xuan Qiu Clan, they knew they could not run from this, so they were not surprised. They merely told her to be careful.

Xuan Qiu Ming Lang did not lead her directly to the Xuan Qiu Clan, but they took a few teleportation arrays and the spatial ship, ending up in a place known as Declaration City.

Sima You Yue got off the spatial ship and took a deep breath. She smiled at Han Miao Shuang and the others, “Senior Brothers and Sister, do you feel like the spirit energy here is so dense that a single breath can freshen up the mind?”

“How could it be as exaggerated as you make it to be!” Han Miao Shuang smiled, “But the spirit energy here really is denser as compared to other places.”

“Young Miss You Yue, my responsibility was to send you here. There will naturally be someone else to take you home.” Xuan Qiu Ming Lang told Sima You Yue.

“Will you not be taking me to the Xuan Qiu clan?”

“I am merely an elder whose responsibility lies outside. I cannot casually head back to the clan. My orders were to send you here.” Xuan Qiu Ming Lang said with a smile.

Sima You Yue also guessed that a secret clan like his was one where the average person was unable to come close. There would definitely be someone responsible for things outside. As such, she didn’t think too much about it and just headed towards an inconspicuous courtyard that Xuan Qiu Ming Lang had led her to.

Xuan Qiu Ming Lang saw that Sima You Yue did not ask him any questions and heaved a sigh of relief. However, when he saw the people in the courtyard, he was shocked and hurriedly knelt down, “Greeting, Young Master!”

Xuan Qiu He was dressed in white, and his complexion that was always hidden, was resplendent under the sun. Sima You Yue felt as if his body seemed to be shining with some kind of light.

He smiled faintly at Sima You Yue and said lightly, “You Yue, you’re finally here.”

“He, what are you doing here?” Sima You Yue was still shocked to see Xuan Qiu He here.

She didn’t think that he would come personally to pick her up.

“I got anxious by waiting at home and wouldn’t calm down. So, I might as well come and pick you up.” Xuan Qiu He smiled, “You rushed all the way here, so you must be tired. Take a good rest for now. Let’s set off tomorrow morning.”

Sima You Yue initially wanted to leave earlier, but she thought of how she would have to treat Jiang Jun Zhe and refine some medicine for him, and decided to nod and agree.

“We have already prepared your room.” Xuan Qiu He waved his hand and two servant girls walked over and bowed to Sima You Yue, “Young Miss You Yue, please come with us.”

The courtyard was relatively small and simple. That was why there were not that many rooms. Sima You Yue saw that the construction of the room was very unique. It looked very similar to the master room and she casually asked, “Whose courtyard is this?”

“Young Master’s position is by the side. Young Master has been waiting for Young Miss here for many days.” One of the servant girls replied sheepishly.

She had always heard that Young Master was graceful and elegant. Meeting him now, she finally knew that all those descriptions were incapable of capturing just how beautiful their Young Master really was.

It was just a pity that he had to take the wheelchair everywhere and that he couldn’t see.

“Are my seniors not going to stay here?” Sima You Yue asked.

“There are only two bedrooms in this place. Young Miss Young Yue’s seniors have been arranged to stay in the courtyard nearby.”

Sima You Yue lightly furrowed her eyebrows. She wanted to object to this when she heard the sounds of a wheelchair.

“I wanted to invite you to come take a look at me at night. This place would be more convenient.” Xuan Qiu He said.

Sima You Yue walked over to Xuan Qiu He’s side and siad, “Since you just want me to check your body, you don’t have to prepare a room for me. I’ll go and treat Senior Brother with acupuncture before coming over to look for you.”

Xuan Qiu He ‘stared’ at her, then nodded, “Alright. I’ll wait for you in my room.”

He turned around in his wheelchair and Sima You yue walked behind him, pushing him to his room.

“Thank you.” Xuan Qiu He let go of his wheel and nodded lightly.

After sending Xuan Qiu He to his room, You Yue went over to Jiang Jun Xian and examined him, performed acupuncture and fed him his medicine. When it was all done, the sky had already turned dark.

By the time she went to the main residence, Xuan Qiu He’s room light was still on. She knocked on the door and heard Xuan Qiu He’s voice.

The servant girls opened the door from inside and bowed to Sima you Yue, saying, “We’ll have to trouble Young Miss You Yue.”

Sima You Yue nodded at her, then stood up and left.

Xuan Qiu He took out a tablet rubbing and was reading it. He sensed Sima You Yue enter and he placed down the tablet rubbing, saying rather sadly, “In the past, I’ve only been able to read these kinds of tablet rubbings when I want to read. I’ve never been able to look at a real book. I wonder whether I will have the opportunity to read a real book in my lifetime.”

Sima You Yue walked over and said with a smile, “Of course you can. You have to believe that in a world as large as this, even if I cannot do it, someone will be able to.”

“I believe in you. If you cannot do it, then nobody else will be able to.” Xuan Qiu He smiled lightly.

“You have such faith in me.” Sima You Yue smiled, “Let me examine the condition of your body.”

“Alright.” Xuan Qiu He stretched out his hand, allowing Sima You Yue to take his pulse.

Sima You Yue examined his condition and was extremely shocked.

“How is it? Is there hope for me?’ Xuan Qiu He smiled lightly as he asked.

Sima You Yue kept her hands and said honestly, “Even after so many years have passed, I don’t have a hundred percent chance of success.”

When Xuan Qiu He heard this, he was not disappointed. Initially, she had a fifty percent chance of success, but he didn’t know how much she would be able to improve in these five years.

“As long as it’s not less than before.” His smile didn’t falter.

“I have an eighty percent chance of success. As for the remaining twenty percent, it will depend on that thing in your body.”

Xuan Qiu He was stunned. It was five years, but her chances of success actually increased by thirty percent?!

“Why did you say that the remaining twenty percent had to depend on the thing in my body?”

“I haven’t had the chance to interact with it and I don’t know much about it. If it’s too powerful, it might impact the treatment. After all, this treatment will suppress it somewhat.”

What Sima You Yue didn’t say was that she had a feeling that the seal in his body felt very familiar to her.

“Then I’ll have to depend on you for the rest of the days.” Xuan Qiu He’s smile was finally no longer a slight one. Sima You Yue could feel that the aura on his body had actually lessened quite a bit.

“About that…” Sima You Yue glanced at Xuan Qiu He. she moved her lips, and finally decided not to ask.

Xuan Qiu He knew what she was thinking, “The divine medicine has already been kept in the treasure pavilion. I have already discussed it with my Patriarch. Once you head over, he will give you the divine medicine.”

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