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Chapter 1560: Always be their Junior Sister

Sima You Yue understood that, even the Yin Clan from the nineteenth prefecture had been pushed to this state, which meant that the other powers were likely to be worse off.

However, this Qi Spirit was rather strange. It seemed to be different from the ones she had encountered before.

Just how was it different, though?

“Young Miss You Yue, before we came out, she saw that the Sima Clansmen had been trapped as well.” Yin Su Su was lost in thought and said.

Sima You Yue came back to her senses and smiled gratefully at Yin Su Su, “You guys should head back to the city, I’ll go and look for them.”

After speaking, she glanced at Sima Qing. He was not of the lightning attribute and he was tired as well. He might as well head back to rest as well.

However, Sima Qing was the first to speak, “I won’t interfere when we meet Qi Spirit, but if we bump into people, I will still be of little use.”

Sima You Yue secretly rolled her eyes. Even an ancestor like him was only of a little use? Then she was probably going to be exterminated instantly. However, he was just worried about her, so she didn’t say anything.

They said their goodbyes to the Yin Clansmen then headed towards the direction they pointed them in. They flew over to where the Sima Clan was currently trapped.

She didn’t know what method Sima Qing used but he led her to a place where they found the Sima Clansmen were trapped.

There was a group of Qi Spirits that were surrounding a group of people in the centre. Those people had no choice but to use an array to keep the Qi Spirits out.

Sima You Yue looked at them. Apart from Sima Zhi Yuan and the others, there was Jiang Jun Xian, Han Miao Shuang and Su Xiao Xiao. although they had been separated for seven to eight years, considering the time delay from the Spirit Pagoda, she felt like it had been such a long time since she last saw them.

They were hiding in the array and their Deviant Flames spiraled around the array. Those Qi Spirits dared not come closer and could only wait outside.

There was a Qi Spirit who could not wait any longer as it swiped at th array master, but the claw that came into contact with the flame was burnt into nothing.

When Sima You Yue saw this, her eyebrows knitted even tighter, “Ancestor, these Qi Spirits are a bit strange.”

“How is it strange?” Sima Qing initially didn’t come into contact with those Qi Spirits and had no form of comparison. That was why he couldn’t tell what was off about it.

“The ones we had encountered before, apart from saying how they weren’t as strong as they are not, these seem to be controlled by someone.” Sima You Yue said.

“Controlled by someone? So you’re saying that these Qi Spirits did not just incidentally appear?” Sima Qing was solemn.

If this was really man made, that proved that there was someone controlling things behind the scenes.

The continent was recently chaotic and more secret powers had emerged. Could it be that they really wanted to cause chaos?

Sima You Yue told him about the formation of the Qi Spirits. Apart from people, there was no other way she could think of.

“I’m thinking that if they want to control these Qi Spirits, they can’t be too far away. Ancestor, leave this place to me. Look around the area to see if there’s anything you can figure out.” Sima You Yue said.

Sima Qing knew that there was no use for him to continue staying here. If the Qi Spirits attacked him, his attacks would cause them to become stronger instead.

He nodded and turned around to leave.

Sima You Yue flew over and when those Qi Spirit discovered her, they immediately attacked.

“Idiots!” Sima You Yue hugged as her Vermilion Flame appeared. Those Qi Spirits felt the pressure and subconsciously retreated.

She stretched forth both hands and lightning attributed spirit energy poured forth from both of her palms. The purple lightning flickered and the colour of the sky started to change as dark clouds started to gather.

These Qi Spirits did not make any sound, but when they lifted their heads to look at the thunderclouds, their eyes flashed with terror.


Lightning from the Top Grade Purple Lightning fell from the sky, causing the earth to shake. The Qi Spirits turned into spirit aura from the lightning strikes and completely disappeared.

“It’s Junior Sister!” Han Miao Shuang saw Sima You Yue and cried out excitedly.

Their spirit energies were close to depleting and were now completely dependent on the array and the Deviant Flames to hold them back. When they saw that Sima You Yue had arrived, they knew that there was hope of rescue.

Once those Qi Spirits were dissipated, Sima You Yue let Little Birdie go over to help. Very quickly, the Qi SPirits were all completely extinguished.

Sima Zhi Yuan dispelled the array and looked gratefully at Sima You Yue. he knew that they were going to be safe once she had arrived.

“You Yue, how did you come here so quickly?” Huang Ying Ying saw Sima You Yue. They had only sent word back a few days ago, so how did she come over so fast?

“Ancestor brought me here.” Sima You Yue said. She looked at Han Miao Shuang who had appeared from the back and looked at her with a light smile.

“Junior Sister, haha, I just knew that we wouldn’t be in danger anymore as long as you came.” Han Miao Shuang ran over and hugged Sima You Yue, incredibly excited.

Sima You Yue was touched by her display of affection and her smile widened.

“I just knew you were the one who asked me to come over.” Sima You Yue patted her shoulder, “It’s because of me that you guys had to enter this dangerous place. How could I not come?”

The Sima Clansmen all knew of her five-year-meeting. They knew that Sima Liu Xuan was important to her and knew that she didn’t come out all this time because she was waiting for the Xuan Qiu clansmen. That was why they didn’t want to take the initiative to ask her to come.

Her thoughts were actually around there. The Sima Clansmen initially didn’t think of asking Sima You Yue to come over. Although they knew she was powerful, they didn’t know that she had the lightning attribute. They didn’t see Little Birdie before, either, and had no impression of him. However, Han Miao Shuang thought of Sima You Yue and looked for Sima Zhi Yuan and the others to tell them about it.

The situation at that time meant that they had no choice but to ask Sima You Yue to come over to help.

Sima Zhi Yuan and the others heard Han Miao Shuang’s suggestion and had the attitude of just giving it a try and sending news to the clan. They didn’t think that she would really come over within a few days.

This proved that the clansmen were still very important to her. When they thought about this, the Sima Clansmen felt pretty good.

“Oh my, I only haven’t seen you in a few years and you’ve started to speak so courteously to your Senior Sister? Do you not treat me as your Senior Sister anymore?” Han Miao Shuang let go of her when she heard what she said and pinched her cheeks. She looked a little angry.

Sima You Yue hurriedly beamed and explained, “How could that be, no matter how much time passes, you’ll always be my closest, closest, beloved Senior Sister, hey.”

After saying this, even grabbed onto Han Miao Shuang’s arm and swayed, not embarrassed in the slightest.

No matter what her identity was now, Han Miao Shuang and the others would always be to her as they were in the past. She still cared very much for her senior brothers and sister. She would always be their Junior Sister, so it was alright to act a little coquettish.

However, when the Sima Clansmen saw this side of her, their eyes grew wide. Sima You Yue was an unparalleled power in their eyes and was out of their reach. They didn’t think that she would have such a cute side to her.

Han Miao Shuang saw Sima You Yue acting coquettishly and gave in. At least she would act cute in front of them. She was always so independent, and she was afraid that they didn’t have the ability to call themselves as her seniors anymore.

“Hmph, it’s good that you’ve remembered. If you act like this again, I’ll…”

She’ll what? She couldn’t even threaten her. It seemed like she really didn’t have the ability.

A short moment later, Sima Qing returned. In his hands was a man covered with blood.

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