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Chapter 1559: The situation’s urgent, help!

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Sima You Yue kept Wu Lingyu’s gift, her emotions similar to when Wu Lingyu had received hers.

“He said that he wanted to come and visit you before heading to the Devil Realm, but with your divine medicine, would go and treat his injuries first and cannot come to see you.”

When Sima You Yue heard this, the smile on her face vanished and her voice was solemn, “Did something major happen in the Devil Realm?”


“If not because the situation in the Devil Realm was dire, he would not give up an opportunity to meet me to heal his injuries. Since he made this decision, it shows that the situation has gotten dire.” Sima You Yue said.

She wondered whether or not she would be able to help him.

The other party was silent for a long time before he finally said, “As long as you are well, he will be fine.”

Then, there was movement again.

Sima You Yue knew that the other party wouldn’t care about her. She thought about how Wu Lingyu’s body would be able to recover fully once he used the divine scar.

His body would recover and his strength would as well. When the time came for him to head to the Devil Realm, he would be safer.

When she thought of this point, she finally calmed down. She opened the box in her hand and it was not out of her expectations. It was the phoenix nirvana from the Sage Pavilion.

“This guy. He just sent me this kind of divine medicine instead of giving it to me personally. I wonder how he even managed to get it. It was definitely difficult.”

Although she blamed him with her words, her face was one of bliss.

She closed the lid of the box and went to look for Sima Liu Xuan to show him the Phoenix Nirvana.

Phoenix Nirvana was a deep red fruit that was like a fireball. When you placed it in your palm, you could feel a heat emanating from it.

“Father, the Phoenix Nirvana has been obtained. Once I receive the Fire Rebirth from the Xuan Qiu clan, I will help to treat you. You will definitely recover.” Sima You Yue said emotionally.

The first time Sima Liu Xuan saw the Phoenix Nirvana, there was emotion behind his eyes. After that, he was relatively calm.

He stretched forth a hand and patted Sima You Yue, saying with heartache, “Look at how tired you are. You make Father’s heart hurt.”

“Father, it’s alright for me to suffer a bit now. As long as our family can come back together.” Sima You Yue leaned on Sima Liu Xuan’s arm, “Father, I heard others say before that your talent was on par with Master’s. I see how Master is so powerful now, and I let Father become as awe-inspiring as you were before.”

“Rubbish!” Sima Liu Xuan heard her description, he stretched forth a hand and poked her forehead.

Sima You Yue smiled, then leaned on his arm.

For the next few months, news of the black-robed men, undead and the Qi Spirit continued to pour in. After Sima You Yue heard what they said, she was incredibly worried. However, as long as the Sima Clan was fine, she didn’t plan to head out. She would remain in seclusion and take care of herself.

The five year time that Sima You Yue was waiting for was arriving soon and she came out from the Spirit Pagoda. She didn’t think that she would hear a piece of bad news the moment she appeared.

“You Yue. You’re out. If you took any longer, I would have gone to look for you myself.” Sima Qing appeared at her courtyard.

“Ancestor, what’s wrong?” Sima You Yue saw his anxious expression.

“They just sent news that the situation over there has become dire and some of our clansmen have been trapped. Amongst them is your Senior Sister and the others.”

A few months prior, Sima Qing had listened to Sima You Yue’s advice of looking for Su Xiao Xiao and the others. When Su Xiao Xiao heard that they were men from the Sima Clan, they were willing to go along with them.

The last time Sima You Yue had come out of seclusion, she had heard about it. She didn’t expect that the next time she came out, she would hear news that they were in danger.

“Senior Sister and the others have Deviant Flames, how did they get trapped?” She was rather shocked.

“Some other enemies must definitely have appeared.” Sima Qing said.

“Then why did they ask for me?”

“It seems like your Senior Brother said that if you went, you would be able to resolve the danger in front of them.” Sima Qing said, “I’m guessing that it is because you have the Divine Vermilion Bird’s flame.”

“The average Deviant Flame actually cannot defeat those Qi Spirits?” Sima You Yue frowned.

If that was the case, they were truly in trouble.

“I know that you are waiting for the Xuan Qiu Clansmen. However, the issue with our clan now…”

Sima You Yue saw that Sima Qing was in a tight spot and said, “Ancestor, relax. I will first go and rescue our clansmen before going to the Xuan Qiu clan. If anyone comes to our clan to look for me, just get our clansmen to tell them what’s happened.”

“I have already given the orders. Come with me.”

Sima Qing opened the spatial portal and led Sima You Yue inside.

Sima You yue could feel that the situation this time was rather urgent because Sima Qing actually gave up taking the spatial ship and used his spirit energy to take the entire journey by the spatial portal.

When they arrived, Sima Qing’s spirit energy was almost depleted.

“Ancestor, what’s wrong?” Sima You Yue could see that his complexion was off and asked him worriedly.

“It’s nothing. We’ll be there soon.” Sima Qing said.

“Let me take us the rest of the way.” Sima You Yue grabbed Sima Qing’s hand and flew towards his destination.

Sima Qing could feel that he had been enveloped by a warm energy and looked at SIma You Yue with some shock.

He could sense that the spatial road she had constructed was even more steady than his and it even seemed like she was doing it very easily, as if she and space had become one.


When Sima You Yue and Sima Qing appeared, they heard sounds of battle. She lifted her head and looked over and happened to see a group of people fighting with some strange creatures.

The sound they heard earlier was the sound of a lightning attribute’s spirit skill. However, it seemed like the strength of that person wasn’t that great. When the lightning bolt hit the Qi Spirit, it looked to be ineffective.

“They’re from the Yin Clan.” Sima Qing recognised them at a glance, “The Yin Clan doesn’t seem to have many lightning attributed spirit masters.”

Sima You Yue recognised one of the girls there, and called out Yin Su Su’s name. She saw that she was going to be injured by the Qi Spirit, so she hurriedly sent out a lightning art.


Yin Su SU already saw the sharp claws of that strange creature and knew that she would be hard-pressed to escape today. However, she wasn’t willing to close her eyes and watched as those claws were only a few centimetres from her. Then, she saw that it had been split into two by a thunderbolt.



The second and third thunderbolts landed on the Qi Spirit’s body, turning it into a pile of spirit energy.

The Yin Clansmen were stunned by this change and immediately grew excited.

Although they didn’t see clearly who it was that saved them, what they were sure of was that they had hope today!

Sima You Yue’s lightning bolt contained traces of the top grade purple lightning. Who cared if it was just a small spirit skill? It could split that Qi SPirit. Since there was this kind of effectiveness, she wasn’t willing to waste energy and just used a bit of spirit energy to exterminate a few tens of Qi Spirits.

Yin Su Su only now clearly saw that the one who had stepped in to help was Sima You Yue. she walked over and said gratefully, ” Thank you.”

“I just happened to be here.” Sima You Yue samiled, “Young Miss Yin, what are you guys doing here?”

“We discovered a cemetery nearby, so we came to take a look. We’re not the only ones, many people have also come here.” Yin Su Su said, “However, not many are still alive.”

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