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Chapter 1539: For my own things, I will decide on my own

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Seeing the way Sima You Yue had changed, He Zhen Zhang and the others were rather surprised. They knew that she had a feud with the Yang Clan, and also thought that it would be more appropriate this way.

It was a pity that the Yang Clan was relatively more careful with regards to this side. They had stayed there for more than a month, but they hadn’t yet found out the link between the Yang Clan and the undead.

In the recent days, those who wanted to participate in the Great Ore Meeting slowly started to gather. You could see all kinds of powerful people on the streets of Billion City.

Sima You Yue and An Lei walked on the large street as Little Lucky swung around on her shoulder. He was extremely curious towards what was happening around them.

“Young Miss, if you take Little Lucky out, won’t he catch the eye of others?” An Lei was rather worried.

“What can I do? This little guy can’t be controlled at all.” Sima You Yue was really helpless. Little Lucky was completely unwilling to stay inside the Spirit Pagoda.

“If others find out about his real identity, it will be troublesome.” An Lei said worriedly.

“This probably won’t happen.” Sima You yue had initially gotten her scarlet bees to teach Little Lucky how to hide his aura. So, as long as he wasn’t so enraged that he forgot to control himself, others would not find out about the ancient aura on him.

Although he looked similar to Fifth Spirit Senior, aside from those people she had taken with her that day, the others didn’t know. As for them, they knew how powerful Fifth Spirit Senior was and wouldn’t dare to do anything to Little Lucky.

However, even if Little Lucky’s identity as an ancient spirit beast was not revealed, he still brought her a lot of trouble.

Sima You Yue looked at the lady who had blocked her path. Her face was expressionless as she asked, “Is there anything wrong?”

The lady in front of her wore a bright red garment and she had a chain bracelet around her wrist. She had a few rings on her fingers and there were tinkling sounds every time she raised her hands. She was initially quite a beautyk, but the arrogance on her face ruined it.

Dan Yu Xi looked at Little Lucky on Sima You Yue’s shoulder and said, “Madam, this little guy of yours is very cute, can you sell him to me?”

“My apologies, he’s not for sale.” Sima You Yue wanted to walk past her and carry on, but the other party took a step backwards.

“You haven’t even formed a contract with this spirit beast. You won’t lose out by selling him to me. I’ll give you five hundred thousand upper ranked crystal stones.” Dan Yu Xi said.

Because Little Lucky had hidden his aura, his strength was hidden as well. That was why outsiders would just see Little Lucky as a useless animal. Since it was a useless animal, a hundred thousand upper ranked crystal stones were enough to match its value, much less five hundred thousand.

To the others, Sima You Yue would have gained a huge benefit.

“Not possible.” Sima You Yue didn’t think that she would bump into someone trying to forcefully buy him from her, mm, the truth was that she was snatching her spirit beast.

“Not possible?” Dan Yu Xi thought that SIma You Yue would be extremely happy to hear the price she offered, but she was rejected.

“Mm, I will not sell my spirit beast. This lady, please move aside.” Sima You Yue said lightly.

“You actually rejected my request? Do you know who I am?” Dan Yu Xi was stunned as she said with an icy expression.

“I don’t know.” Sima You yue said very honestly.

Dan Yu Xi was initially waiting for Sima You Yue to tell her who she was, and she would be able to tell her that it would be alright as long as she sold her that useless beast. She didn’t expect her to straightforwardly tell her that she didn’t know who she was.

“Do you really not know?”

“Should I know?” Sima You Yue took a step back and evaluated Dan Yu Xi again before shaking her head, saying, “I really don’t know.”

Dan Yu Xi’s expression changed again and again. The servant girl beside her pointed at Sima You Yue’s nose and said, “My Young Miss is Young Miss Biao from the Yang Clan. My Madame is the Young Miss from the third branch in the Yang Clan.”

“Oh, so it is Young Miss Biao from the Yang Clan. I know it now.” Sima You Yue said it seriously, but everyone could tell from her expression that she didn’t care who she was.

“Now that you know it, aren’t you going to obediently hand over your spirit pet?” The servant girl raised her chin with both hands planted on her waist. She was very arrogant, as if she was granting Sima You Yue with favor.

“Heh, Little Lucky is mine. Are you planning to forcefully buy him from me?” Sima You Yue hugged LIttle Lucky.


“You didn’t even form a contract with this spirit pet, so how are you going to prove that it’s yours?” Dan Yu Xi said, “This is clearly the spirit pet that I lost earlier on. Let’s forget the fact that you picked it up and refused to return it to me, but you actually refuse to sell it to me even though I have offered you five hundred thousand to buy it back?”

Dan Yu Xi’s voice was very loud and everyone started to look over. Those who knew Dan Yu Xi looked at Sima You Yue with compassionate eyes. However, to those who weren’t familiar with Dan Yu Xi, they felt like Sima You Yue had gone overboard when they heard what she said.

Sima You Yue had no interest in dealing with these kinds of arrogant young ladies. Since she knew that the undead had to do with the Yang Clan, she didn’t plan to leave them with any dignity either.

“I’ve seen shameless people, but I’ve never seen anybody as shameless as you.” She smiled. If people were familiar with her, they would know that whenever she smiled like this, those who were on the receiving end were going to be unlucky.

“You dare to curse at my Young Miss?” The servant girl cried out.

“Since you said that this guy is yours, then you take him.” Sima You Yue pulled Little Lucky after she finished speaking and tossed it at Dan Yu Xi.

Since the spirit beast had caused this, then the spirit beast would settle it on his own.

Dan Yu Xi saw that Sima You Yue had given up so simply and was overjoyed. She grabbed onto Little Lucky without thinking.

As for Little Lucky, when he landed in Dan Yu Xi’s embrace, he smelled her dense perfume and was incredibly disgusted. He wanted to push her away but was unable to use spirit energy and Dan Yu Xi was a cultivator after all. For a moment, he was unable to break free.

“Since the spirit pet has been given to you, don’t chase after me anymore.” Sima You Yue turned around and left after speaking.

Little Lucky saw that Sima You Yue was about to leave and became anxious. It forcefully broke free from her grasp and dashed towards Sima You Yue. However, as he left, his paws landed on Dan Yu Xi’s face and half of her face was scratched badly.

Everyone was shocked when they saw how the scene changed. The spirit beast that had been lying obediently on Sima You Yue’s shoulder had actually shredded the face of a cultivating spirit master. The one in question was not just the average Young miss. It was an evil tyrant from the Sixteenth State.


Dan Yu Xi’s servant girl cried out and saw Dan Yu Xi lying on the ground. She was so shocked that she didn’t know what to do.

Everyone came back to their senses when they heard her sharp cry. They looked over to where SIma You Yue had left but they couldn’t see her anymore.

In a tea house nearby, in a private room on the second level facing the street, two people sat across each other.

“What we felt earlier wasn’t a mistake, right?”

“It really was the aura of an ancient spirit beast.”

“This means that someone has already released an ancient spirit beast.”

“But the person did not form a contract.”

“Of all the Beast Tamer Masters now, who knows how to tame an ancient spirit beast? Unless the spirit beast takes the initiative to acknowledge a master.”

However, how would these spirit beasts take the initiative to acknowledge a master?

Actually, those large clans had their own methods to tame ancient spirit beasts. However, those were all unconventional methods. They were not truly taming.

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