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Chapter 1540: Borrowing ores

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Dan Yu Xi was brought back to the Yang Clan. The moment she entered the main gates of the Yang Clan, she got people to check up on Sima You Yue.

Sima You Yue didn’t disguise herself when she went out this time. With the power of the Yang Clan, how did it matter that it was just a small branch? Wanting to check up on her in Chord City was very easy.

However, this piece of news wasn’t delivered directly into Dan Yu Xi’s hands because the Yang Clan had initially instructed that, as long as it had something to do with the He Clan, they had to report it to the management above first.

“Patriarch, this He Zhen Zhang had been checking up on us all the time. Could Sima You Yue now be intentionally sent by him to cause trouble while making us take the initiative to talk to her?” Some elders speculated.

Yang Wei had a strong impression of Sima You Yue and knew she was someone who didn’t have a simple background. She had quite a good relationship with those hidden families. Furthermore, he heard that she had managed to leave the ancient mine under the eyes of all those ancient spirit beasts that day. She might even have a relationship with spirit beasts.

“Patriarch, since Sima You Yue and He Zhen Zhang are together, should we make use of this situation to get rid of both of them?”

“Do not be anxious.” Yang Wei stopped him, “Although He Zhen Zhang is looking into the undeads as well, the great ore meeting is going to begin. If something happens, it will impact us. Let’s just let this go.”


Since Patriarch had already said it, they would naturally not decide to pursue this. In any case, the Dan Clan was just a subsidiary of the Yang Clan. there was no need to give them such respect.

Dan Yu Xi was in her courtyard. She heard that, even if her face recovered, it would still collapse a bit. That also meant that this face of hers was already destroyed. Her entire person was so enraged that she trembled. She wanted to capture Sima You Yue and cut her into a thousand pieces.

That was why, when the guards of the Yang clan told her what they said, she was so angry that she destroyed all the furniture in her house.

Sima You Yue initially thought that the Yang Clan would come and cause trouble for her. She didn’t think that she wouldn’t receive any news even after waiting for a few days.

“The Yang Clan probably suppressed it.” She guessed.

“Why? We saw how Dan Yu Xi was like, she should be a very unbridled master. A person like that would never take this lying down.” An Lei didn’t understand.

“Although she has borrowed the Yang Clan’s power these few years, the Great Ore Meeting is going to begin. They’re afraid that we will start causing a ruckus over the issue of the undeads.” Sima You Yue said, “No matter whether or not we have evidence, the issue of the undeads has been blowing up recently. If others knew about it, it wouldn’t be good for them.”

“Young MIss, I feel like the Yang Clan has made this Great Ore Meeting or whatnot for no good reason.” An Lei said.

“Uncle He should have guessed this as well. However, without being about to establish a firm connection between the Yang Clan and the undead, he can’t take chances with his He clan.”

Without evidence, nobody will believe the He Clan’s words and will even provoke the Yang Clan to retaliate. The Yang Clan is a lot more powerful than the He CLna. That is why He Zhen Zhang and the others won’t dare to mess around.

“Young Miss, do you think that they will turn Yang Si into an undead as well?” The issue with Yang Si was something that An Lei had heard Sima You Yue mention when they came to Chord City.

“They won’t.’ Sima You Yue shook her head, “We’ve also seen the undead. Although they don’t necessarily have to have all four limbs intact, most of them should still be in one piece. Yang Si had been torn apart by the spirit beasts, so how could they turn her into an undead? In any case, to make an undead requires them to be dead for a short period of time only. Yang Si and the others were only discovered a few days after they died. It’s already not bad that they could find their bones. I think that it won’t be possible for them to turn her into an undead.”

“If I were Wei Xue Zhu, I wouldn’t let her become an undead either.” An Lei was rather emotional.

“Oh? Why?”

“To be a moving, walking corpse will be very painful.”

“Maybe.” Sima You Yue smiled, “It’s just a pity that we won’t be able to use the scarlet bees to collect information this time. If we want to look for something, it will be rather difficult.”

Initially, she wanted to use her scarlet bees to scout for information. However,the undead were very sensitive towards life force. Although there were no spirit energy fluctuations, they were still discovered and the scarlet bees that she had sent out were all killed. In order for them to think that it was a coincidence, she didn’t send any more scarlet bees out.

At this time, Su Liu Nian came over and knocked on her door.

“Uncle He, Aunt He, what are you doing here?”

Su Liu Nian and He Zhen Zhang entered the room and said rather sheepishly, “You Yue, I have something I want to tell you.”

This was the first time she had seen Su Liu Nian like this, so she asked with curiosity, “Aunt He, please speak.”

“I want you to join the Great Ore Meeting.” He Zhen Zhang said, “However, if we do this, there’s a possibility that others will have their eyes on you.”

“Are investigations into the undead not going smoothly?” Sima You Yue asked.

He Zhen Zhang and Su Liu Nian nodded.

Sima You Yue was rather hesitant. To be able to join the great ore meeting required them to go through a screening process. The average person couldn’t participate. However, if she did too well, it would attract the attention of the clan.

“We know that this is very dangerous. However, we don’t have any good ores in our hands.” He Zhen Zhang said.

Sima You Yue thought about it and said, “Uncle He, if I join this Great Ore Meeting, I will implicate the clan. However, I can give you an ore and allow you to join it.”

When He Zhen Zhang heard the beginning of her sentence, he was rather disappointed. However, when he heard the rest of what she said, he was even a little surprised.

“That works as well.” He nodded, “As long as we can infiltrate the Yang Clan.”

Sima You Yue thought about it then took out an ancient ore. It was around the size of a watermelon and probably wouldn’t contain an ancient spirit beast.

“I obtained this in the ancient mine. It should allow you to enter the Yang Clan.”

He Zhen Zhang did not hold back as he took the ore and said, “After the great ore meeting, we will give you the item inside.”


“Today is the last day of registration. I will go ahead and register first.”

After He Zhen Zhang said this, he took the ore and went out.

Sima You Yue saw that Su Liu Nian didn’t go with him and asked, “Aunt He, is anything the matter?”

“It’s that nephew of mine. He heard that you came and wants to see you and express his gratitude.” Su Liu Nian said.

Sima You Yue thought about how Wu Lingyu had nagged her nonstop before he left and evaded it, “Aunt He, if you want to thank someone else for this, you should thank my Master and the others. I didn’t do anything. I have just offended Young Miss Biao from the Yang Clan. It will be better for me to stay in the inn. If anything happens, it wouldn’t be good for me to mess up Uncle He’s plans.”

How could Su Liu Nian be unable to understand what she meant? Since she didn’t want to meet him, then forget it.

When Su You found out that Sima You Yue didn’t want to meet him, he was rather disappointed but he didn’t have anything to say.

“If you want to speak with her, you should wait till the Great Ore Meeting. She will be with us.”

“I understand, Aunt.”

He could only wait for the Great Ore Meeting to arrive.

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