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Chapter 1529: To be disappointed

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Objection? What objections could they have? As long as they could learn the Imperial Beast Art, even if they were locked inside here, they would do so willingly!

They really didn’t think that this was the opportunity that Patriarch had referred to. If those Beast Tamer Masters who had left knew about this, would they have walked off so resolutely?

“We will definitely hurry up and learn the Imperial Beast Art and be a part of the clan’s strength.”


The Beast Tamer Masters all expressed their attitudes.

“I believe that with you guys, the Sima Clan will definitely rise up quickly.” Sima Zhi Yuan.

“Many thanks Patriarch, for your trust in us!”

“Right, there is one point that is different about the Imperial Beast Art, do you know about it?” Sima Zhi Yuan asked.

“We do not know.”

“The Imperial Beast Art can also be used to tame ancient spirit beasts.” Sima Zhi Yuan said.

“Right now, ancient spirit beasts have emerged. If we can tame one, I would not have lived in vain.”

They had all heard about the issue regarding the ancient mines and had already gathered together to discuss it earlier.

However, at that time, they were merely thinking about it. After all, they did not have the Imperial Beast Art, so how would they dare to tame ancient spirit beasts? Who would have thought that only a few days would have passed before it actually became a possibility!

“Then you all have to study harder. The ancient spirit beasts have already been prepared for you. We are only waiting for you to learn this.” Sima Zhi Yuan said.

“Patriarch, are your words true?”

Sima Zhi Yuan stood up, saying, “Come with me.”

He opened the door to the house and came to a secret study. He led the Beast Tamer Masters in.

As those Beast Tamer Masters entered, the first thing they saw was the cage in the centre of the room. A spirit beast that had been tamed lay on the ground. That aura was obvious that it came from an ancient spirit beast!

“Patriarch, is this an ancient spirit beast? Who tamed it?!”

“You Yue.”

“Heavens, it was actually our youngest Young Miss? She is still so young!” The Beast Tamer Masters did not think that it was actually Sima You Yue who did it. She was still so young!

“She was the one who brought back the Imperial Beast Art.” Sima Zhi Yuan lifted his chin proudly, “She brought back all of those as well.”

Everyone looked towards the area he waved his hands towards. Although it was dark, they saw a few tens of stone statues.

“These ancient spirit beasts came from the inside of those stone statues. We will bring the mental energy of those ancient spirit beasts to the lowest level and leave the rest to you.” Sima Zhi Yuan said, “That is why you have to do your best to learn the Imperial Beast Art.”

“Patriarch, I want to go into seclusion to study!”

“Me too!”

“Patriarch, there aren’t many spirit beasts that need taming right now. Why don’t you let everyone go into seclusion to study!”

“We beseech Patriarch to agree.”

When Sima Zhi Yuan saw how fervent they were, how could he disagree? He said, “Since this is the case, then go into seclusion well. First study the Imperial Beast Art. Then, we will even teach you how to raise your mental energy. At the back of the Imperial Beast Art, Sima You Yue left some pointers. With those, I believe that you will be able to learn the Imperial Beast Art quickly.”

The moment they heard Patriarch say that they even had a way to increase their mental energy, they were even more excited.

Sima Zhi Yuan led them out. Everyone chose a house to enter to go into seclusion. At the end, they realised that the moment they entered the house, the tablet couldn’t be taken out at all. Every time they left, they had to leave the tablet inside the house.

Initially, those people who had studied the Imperial Beast Art earlier were gloomy. Without Sima You Yue’s pointers, they had made many wrong turns. Seeing these pointers now, if they had it from the beginning, they would not have had to use two years. Two months would have been enough!

Sima Zhi Yuan left the beast taming arena and he became increasingly happy. He couldn’t help but hum a little tune.

Sima You Yue didn’t know what was happening in the beast taming arena. However, she guessed what Great Grandfather was going to do. If giving the Imperial Beast Art would allow the clan to grow, it was considered to be a contribution to the clan as well.

Feeling a little tired, after Wu Lingyu left, she fell into a deep sleep. Once she awoke, she heard Si Yue quarrelling with Mu Si. she even heard Mu Si wailing for help.

She got up and went outside, seeing Si Yue pinching Mu Si’s ear. She leaned on the door frame and said, “Si Yue, don’t bully my disciple!’

Si Yue let go of Mu Si and huffed, “This guy didn’t let me look for you, so I had to teach him a good lesson.”

“I was resting! Of course Mu Si wouldn’t let you in.” Sima You Yue said, “Come in.”

“I don’t want to go in anymore. Let’s go to the kitchen. You said that you would cook good food for me.” Si Yue said.

Sima You Yue thought about how she had told her that she would cook for her for a month, so she turned around and walked into the kitchen.


Si Yue beamed as she followed her in.

“I didn’t have time to ask you earlier. How did you end up coming to the Sima Clan? I thought that you would return to ghost city or head to other places to play.” Sima You Yue was cooking as she chatted with Si Yue.

“That day when you snuck off I wanted to enter and look for you but Second and Third brother grabbed onto me saying that I might not necessarily find you even if I went in. I might even get lost inside. However, I was still rather angry. Then, Third Bro said that we could wait for you in your residence. When you returned, we would be able to meet you soon.”

“My grandfather and the others just let you stay and wait for me?”

“Mu Si recognised me at a glance and knew that we were friends, so your clansmen were warm to me. Si Yue said.

“Then you just plan to stay here forever? Why don’t you go out and walk around? Sima You Yue placed the sashimi and dipping sauce in front of her, and she immediately took her chopsticks and began to eat.

“I definitely have to leave eventually. However, I have to eat my delicacies for a month first.” Si Yue said, “Your Great Grandfather said that, since you call my father as your adoptive father, I am considered to be his great granddaughter as well. The Sima Clan is my clan, so I can come back anytime.”

“Does Great Grandfather know about your identity?”

“It wasn’t said clearly, but he should have guessed it. After all, Mu Si came from our side.”

“That’s true.” Sima You Yue continued to cook other things for him.

“Will you be at home for the next few days? If you go anywhere, I will follow you!”

“I’ll stay home. I’m not going anywhere. I have to rest and nurture myself.”

There were so many things she still had to do. The divine medicine had yet to mature, so she would just stay at home for the next few days and grow stronger.

“That…” Si Yue placed her chopsticks down, “Do you know where Third Mo is?”

Sima You Yue’s hand froze as she shook her head, saying, “That rascal just goes wherever he wants. I haven’t seen him since I returned from Ghost City.”

“Is that so.” Si Yue sounded a little disappointed.

“Are you looking for him for something?”

“It’s nothing. I was just casually asking.” Si Yue picked up her chopsticks again and began eating.

Sima You Yue saw her lower her head and sighed helplessly.

She was afraid that Si Yue had run out this time because she wanted to run over to where Third Mo was. However, Sima You Yue didn’t feel like Third Mo would be someone who would be moved because of a girl. Or she should say that there was one person in his heart who would never be overtaken by someone else. She was afraid that Si Yue would be disappointed.

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