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Chapter 1528: Vow, eternal loyalty!

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Sima Qing showed that he couldn’t contain his happiness and, at the same time, felt a little sad.

They had worked so hard all these years in order to help their clan grow stronger. They had toiled so hard and suffered so much, but there were not apparent results.

However, Sima You Yue had only returned for two years but had given the clan such heaven-defying changes. The clan was growing stronger day by day, all right before his very eyes. Compared to this, all his years of labour were in vain!

“Ancestor, we do not have to fret. This only goes to show that our luck was not good enough and insufficient to develop the Sima Clan. However, luck is ordained by heaven and we have no need to worry about it.” Sima He Shun said.

“No matter whose effort it is, it is fine as long as the clan prospers.” Sima Zhi Yuan beamed. He was rather downcast in the beginning, but after thinking about it, You Yue was his great granddaughter and she was leading the clan to glory again. What difference was there?

“Suppress this information from leaking out for now, in case others find out and it invites a disaster upon the clan. Sigh, this girl returned and which one of the things she brought back isn’t a treasure!” Sima Qing sighed.

“Do we not let anyone form a contract with them for the time being?”

“Mm. Wait till we tame a few more. If it goes like how that kid said it, if it isn’t one of the more powerful ones, we’ll get the clansmen with average talent to form a contract with it.”


Later on, the Beast Tamer Masters of the clan were called to the beast tamer arena. Those ancient spirit beasts and long since been locked away somewhere else.

There were around fifty Beast Tamer Masters in the Sima Clan, which was already considered to be rather much. The average power had thirty to forty of them.

Within them, there were five to six of them who had already sworn and obtained the Imperial Beast Art, already making small progress.

“Patriarch, is there a reason that you have gathered us all here?” Someone asked.

“Yes.” Sima Zhi Yuan looked at them, saying, “Within you guys, half are already disciples of our clans and the rest of you have been called in from other places. Although we say this, we have never treated you as outsiders.”

“We have always been thankful for Patriarch for recognising our value and employing us.” A few of them replied.

Sima Zhi Yuan nodded, saying, “Right now, there is a very big opportunity right in front of you, waiting for you to make a decision.”


“Because this situation is too important, we need you all to swear never to spread word of this out, and that you will never do anything to betray the clan, to swear loyalty to the Sima Clan.” Sima Zhi Yuan said, “Of course, this will be voluntary. You can choose not to swear loyalty. However, if this is the case, we cannot continue to keep you in our clan. However, we can recommend you to other clans or powers.”

“Patriarch, we are willing to swear our loyalty.” Those clan members from the Sima Clan were the first to express their loyalty.

They were already people from the clan, and nothing would change even if they swore their loyalty.

However, those Beast Tamer Masters who were not from the Sima Clan were hesitant. At most, they were just a vendor. They were not Sima Clansmen. However, if they swore this, they would be treated as a member of the Sima Clan.

Although the Sima Clan had treated them rather well, it was not enough to make them want to tie themselves here.

Furthermore, they didn’t know whether or not the opportunity they spoke of was really such a good opportunity.

As such, after thinking for a moment, there were four Beast Tamer Masters who stood up and left, indicating that they were willing to leave. Two chose to leave on their own while two chose to let the Sima Clan refer them to other places.

After these four Beast Tamer Masters were led away, after many arduous years had passed and the Imperial Beast Art was made known to the others, they regretted it so much that their intestines turned green, slapping themselves harshly for deciding not to choose the Sima Clan.

“You have already chosen to stay, and placed your faith in the Sima Clan. In that case, the Sima Clan will not let you down. In a moment, you will definitely rejoice over the decision you just made.” Sima Zhi Yuan said.

One by one, even those born within the Sima Clan made their vows and swore never to do anything to harm the Sima Clan and never to spread word of this around, to be loyal to the Sima Clan forever and ever.

Once every single person had made their vows, Sima Zhi Yuan asked them, “As Beast Tamer Masters, you should know what the most powerful beast tamer art is?”

“Of course we know. Right now, there are all kinds of methods to tame beasts, but the most powerful beast art is the long-lost ‘Imperial Beast Art’.” One of the older Beast Tamer Masters replied.

“Then do you guys know, when the Imperial Beast Art is compared to other beast taming methods, what advantages are there?” Sima Zhi Yuan asked again.

“What advantages?” Everyone was stunned, “Patriarch, we have never even seen the Imperial Beast Art, or we should say, not a single person who is alive today has seen it before. All we know about the Imperial Beast Art is from ancient texts. However, the ancient texts have never recorded the advantages of it.”

“As Beast Tamer Masters, you have to use a lot of time and energy to cultivate your mental strength. You often have no time to cultivate your spirit energy. That is why your bodies are weaker than the average spirit master.” Sima Zhi Yan said.

“Patriarch, every vocation has its own weakness.” Some thought that he was disdaining their weak strength and explained.

“I am not disdaining you right now.” Sima Zhi Yuan waved his hand, stopping the other party from talking, saying, “Have you ever thought that, if a day ever came, you would be able to obtain spirit energy while taming spirit beasts, what that would be like?”

“How could that be?!” One of the Beast Tamer Masters cried out.

If there was a method like that, how could Beast Tamer Masters be that weak.

“What if there was that possibility?” Sima Zhi Yuan asked.

“Patriarch, are you saying that the Imperial Beast Art has that ability?” Someone asked, “If it is the Imperial Beast Art, that might truly be possible. However, the Imperial Beast Art has already been lost for a few tens of thousands of years.”

“It is indeed the Imperial Beast Art.” Sima Zhi Yuan said, “Using Imperial Beast Art to tame spirit beasts not only allows you to obtain spirit energy, but when the contracted spirit beasts forms a contract, both parties will also advance in rank.”


The Beast Tamer Masters were also increasingly shocked. They were able to increase in rank by forming a contract?!


“It really deserves to be the king of all beast taming methods!” Someone sighed, “Patriarch, do you mention the Imperial Beast Art because you have news of it?”


Sima Zhi Yuan took out a few tablets and handed them out to the Beast Tamer Masters, saying, “Use your divine senses to examine them for a moment.”

Some of them had already thought of it, but to be able to see the Imperial Beast Art with their own eyes had given them more shocks than they could recover from.

“Patriarch, this really is…”

The hands that they were holding the tablets with were trembling.

“That’s right. This is the Imperial Beast Art.” Sima Zhi Yuan saw how excited they were and finally found the balance in his heart. Hehe, he just said that these people would definitely be even more surprised than he was.

“These are for us to study?”

“Of course, why else will we get you to vow?” Sima Zhi Yuan asked, “Only after careful decision did we let you guys learn this and prevent these tablets from leaking out. We have already prepared the rooms for you. Do you have any objections?”

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