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Chapter 1524: Five year appointment

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Sima You Yue guessed that he would ask her this question, and she had no intentions to hide it from him.

“My father is injured and it wounded his foundation. He has no way to cultivate anymore. I want to reconstruct his meridian channels, so I need the Fire Rebirth.”

“The divine medicine is the treasure of my clan. Even if it’s me, I would have no certain way of obtaining it.” Xuan Qiu He said.

What he meant was that he couldn’t make a decision on it.

“Then how can I obtain it?”

Xuan Qiu He furrowed his eyebrows, saying, “I will do my best to help you fight for it, but I cannot guarantee you success.’

He did not list any conditions for Sima You Yue. She didn’t know whether it was because there was nothing a hidden family could ask from someone like her from a tiny background.

He said that he was not certain, but she definitely needed that divine medicine. No matter what.

“Is the divine medicine matured?” Wu Lingyu asked.

“Not yet.” Xuan Qiu He said, “There’s still five more years to go.”

“Five years… it would be around there.” Sima You Yue muttered.

“What would?”

“In five years, I should be able to cure you.” Sima You Yue said.

“What?” Xuan Qiu He’s crossed hands fainty came together as he looked at Sima You Yue questioningly.

Although his divine senses could let him know where she was and what she was doing, he couldn’t clearly see what she looked like.

Deep down in the recesses of his heart, he really wanted to know what a world full of colours looked like.

That was why he was not without care or desires like he initially thought himself to be.

“When I examined you back then, I told you that I was only half-certain of success. However, if you give me another five years, I can raise it to at least ninety percent.” Sima You Yue said, “No matter whether or not you can help me obtain that divine medicine, I will heal you.”

If Xuan Qiu He was unable to obtain it at that time, she would also be able to use the opportunity to enter the Xuan Qiu clan and think of a way to obtain that divine medicine.

Xuan Qiu He was so intelligent. How could he not know what she was thinking?

However, he didn’t say anything. He only nodded, saying, “Before the divine medicine matures, I will send my men to pick you up.”


“I’m thinking that you should have a way to get out? Then we should say our goodbyes here.” Xuan Qiu He bowed towards Qu Lingyu and Feng Zhi Xing. when his divine senses landed on Wu Lingyu, it lingered for a moment more.

He turned around and left, with Wu Lingyu dispelling the barrier before he exited. Very quickly, they heard him speaking with Eastern Lai Li.

“I have already discussed it with them. We can return now. We will send you back to the Eastern Lai Clan before returning home.”

Although Eastern Lai Li’s position in his heart was no longer like it was, he would still send her back out of consideration to prevent anything from happening to her along the way.

Xuan Qiu He led his Xuan Qiu clansmen and left. Sima You Yue and the others remained in the forest for the night to rest. On the second day, they kept their belongings away and left.

The integral palace was similar to the Xuan Qiu Clan and also had plans to return via a roundabout way to avoid the dangerous areas. They did encounter a few battles on the way, but the good thing was that the strength of those from the integral moon palace weren’t bad and so those spirit beasts didn’t have great endings. However, they were killed and Sima You Yue turned them into tasty dishes.

After half a year passed, they finally left the desert and returned to what Sima You Yue first pitched camp.

There were still quite a few people where they were, but Sima You Yue didn’t see her Sima clansmen. Perhaps they left earlier.

It was true just thinking about it. It took around half a year to go in, and they stayed in the mine for half a year, then took another half a year to come out. If she calculated the time, it was almost two years. The Sima Clan didn’t take too much of an interest towards the ancient spirit beasts and would definitely not stay for such a long time. She just wondered whether they had gone to Ghost City or somewhere else.

They took another month or so more to ride the spatial ship to Chord City. When they arrived at Chord City, Feng Xiu Jie and the others took their spoils and returned.

“Master, are you not returning?” Sima You Yue asked.

“I… will go and take a look at your father.” Feng Zhi Xing said. When he looked into the distance, his eyes carried traces of hurt.

Not too long ago, they were traversing the continent together, extremely confident. But now…

Although he had never asked Sima You Yue about his condition, he heard that he was like a crippled person. He felt like he should visit him.

“Master, you want to return with me? Alright then. Although Father has returned, his spirits have been low. Master is Father’s good friend. If you visit him, he will definitely be happier.” Sima You Yue beamed, “After leaving for two years, I wonder how the clan is like now.”

Her heart was beating like a drum. Her father had never asked her about matters regarding her Master before. She wondered how it would be like for him to face her.

It probably… would be fine, right?

They headed back home directly from Chord City. The moment they reached the clan residence, the first one that Sima You Yue met was not Sima Zhi Yuan and the others nor her father, but a black-faced Si Yue.

“Si- Si Yue, what are you doing here?” She pursed her lips and took a few steps backwards. She raised her head and looked at the words in the courtyard.

There was no mistake, this was indeed the Sima Clan and it was her courtyard. How did this fellow end up here?

Because Feng Zhi Xing was together with her, she led him to her own courtyard to look for her father, then to look for Sima Zhi Yuan and the others. She didn’t think that she would meet a black-faced Si Yue the moment she entered her courtyard. There was also Si Hui and Si Yi, leisurely sipping tea behind her.

Si Yue placed both hands on her hips and glared at Sima You Yue, scolding her, “You Yue, how could you do this? You tossed me aside and ran off on your own and went to the ancient mines by yourself.”

“I know, you were worried about me. But don’t you see that I’m well and fine.” Sima You Yue beamed as she stepped forward and hugged her arm.

“Who was worried about you! I am angry! Angry, got it?” Si Yue huffed.

“Yes, you’re angry. Then why don’t I compensate you with some good food?” Sima You Yue said.

“One month! Cook for me for a month to show your sincerity!”

“Alright!” Sima You Yue smiled in reply, “I will definitely cook you a lot of good food, you’ll eat till you puke. But I have some things I have to settle.”

She raised her head to see Feng Zhi XIng standing at the entrance of her courtyard and said, “Master, I’ll take you to see my father.”

“You father is not here. He went to look for your grandfather. However, he knows that you’re back, so he will definitely return immediately.” Si Yue said.

“Then I’ll take Master to the guest lounge for now.” Sima You Yue took Feng Zhi Xing to the guest lounge. Very quickly, very familiar footsteps were heard.

“You Yue, you’re all right, right? You…”

Sima Liu Xuan entered and saw Sima You Yue standing there. She stepped aside and revealed Feng Zhi Xing, causing Sima Liu Xuan to freeze where he stood, shocked.

“Father, I’m back. Master said that he wanted to see you.” Sima You Yue placed a teacup in Feng Zhi Xing’s hand then stood up to pull on Sima Liu Xuan, patting his shoulder.

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