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Chapter 1525: Opening stones, ancient spirit beast!

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Old friends who had not met since a long time ago, ex-rivals in love. Sima You Yue was really a little worried that there would be conflict between them.

However, her worries seemed a little unnecessary.

Sima Liu Xuan was only stunned for a moment before coming to sit beside Feng Zhi Xing, saying, “So what are you doing here?”

“I heard that you’re not doing too well these days so I came to comfort you.” Feng Zhi Xing glanced at him as he rolled his eyes, “You’ve made yourself end up in this way, it really makes me very happy.”


Master, that’s not what you said on the way here. Sima You Yue secretly rolled her eyes.

Seeing the way they were, it seemed like there wouldn’t be any conflict. There were some things that probably couldn’t say in front of her.

“Father, Master, you guys haven’t met in so long. You should have a good chat. I’m going to greet Great Grandfather and the others.”

After speaking, she pulled Wu Lingyu and left.

“Master, you’ve returned.” Mu Si was waiting for her outside and his eyes shone when he saw them holding hands so tightly.

“Mu Si, have you been cultivating diligently over the past two years? Once I return, I will properly test you on your homework.” After not meeting for two years, Mu Si had grown quite a bit.

“Alright. Master, are you going to meet Patriarch and the rest?” Mu Si asked.

“Mm. After leaving for so long, I should go and give my greetings now that I’m back.” Sima You Yue said, “Go ahead and do what you need to do. I’ll look for you again when I’m back.”


Sima You Yue let Wu Lingyu go rest somewhere before going to look for Sima Zhi Yuan and the others on her own. It was not that she wanted to hide Wu Lingyu. It was just that they were not married yet and he was not considered a member of the clan yet. There were some things that were better to avoid.

Sima Zhi Yuan, Sima He Shun and the others knew that she had already returned and thought about how she would come to visit them, so they remained in the hall to wait for her.

Aside from Ancestor Sima Qin, she was pretty acquainted with the rest of them.

“Greetings, Great Grandfather, Great Granduncle, Grandfather, Grandmother.” Sima You Yue bowed towards them.

“You’ve gotten skinnier in the two years since we met.” Huang Ying Ying said with heartache.

Sima You Yue touched her face and beamed, “Where did I get skinnier? I’m clearly the same.”

“You just have. We heard that something happened over at the mine and we were worried to death.” Huang Ying Ying said.

News spread faster than people could. Sima You Yue had yet to return when news of what happened at the ancient mines had already spread across the entire continent.

Although what happened at the mine was rather terrible, it wasn’t like there were no survivors. Furthermore, not everyone was there. Once someone made it out, news of what happened would naturally spread.

The moment that the Simai Clan heard of the news, they were terrified. They wanted to look for her in the mines, but Sima Qin scolded them, telling them that her life jade was perfectly fine, so how could anything have happened and so on. It was only then that they stayed in the clan residence to wait for her.

“Didn’t I come back safe and sound in the end?” Sima You Yue said.

“You Yue, just what is going on? All kinds of news are being spread outside. Have the ancient beasts really emerged?” Sima Zhi Yuan asked.

“Yes.” Sima You Yue nodded as she proceeded to tell them about what happened.

“Heavens. So the news was actually true.” Everyone exclaimed, “It’s a good thing that you left smoothly.”

“Is the continent going to be in chaos again?” Sima Xiu Qi frowned.

“I’m guessing that it will be fine for the time being.” Sima You Yue said, “Based on what Master and the others have guessed, these spirit beasts will look for their comrades from the same ancient period as them once they emerge.”

“With the emergence of the ancient spirit beasts, I’m afraid that it will be a tumultuous time!” Huang Ying Ying sighed.

“It seems like I have to hurry up and become stronger.” Sima Zhi Yuan said, “We have to revise our budget later on and buy a few more tamed high ranking spirit beasts. Everyone has already comprehended the clan’s inheritance these two years and we have seen growth in the compatibility between their contracted beasts. If we are able to obtain a few more good spirit beasts, we’ll be able to become stronger by leaps and bounds.”

“I approve. Let go a few assets then use the money to get more spirit beasts.” Sima He Shun said, “However, we still have to discuss this with our Clan Elders.”

High ranking spirit beasts that have been tamed were not cheap. If they wanted to buy them in bulk, to any average power, it wouldn’t be a small amount.

However, the Beast Tamer Masters in their clan were not very powerful. Otherwise, it would be a lot cheaper if they caught and tamed them on their own.

About that, I’m thinking that we won’t need to buy spirit beasts for a while.” Sima You Yue interrupted them.

“Don’t need to buy them? Do you have any good ideas?” Sima He Shun asked.

“Actually, my trip to the ancient mines reaped me quite a bit of profits this time.” Sima You Yue said, “If I’m able to tame the ancient beasts and turn them into contracted beasts, it will be much better than the average spirit beast.”

“What did you say?!!” Those in the house had yet to react.

Sima You Yue waved her hand and a bunch of stone statues appeared in front of them.

“These are some ancient stones that have yet to be opened. Their stone layers have already started to fall and you can see the appearance of the spirit beasts. That’s why they should be ancient spirit beasts. Once we release them, we’ll tame them and let the clansmen form contracts with them. They’ll definitely grow even stronger.” Sima You Yue said, “But I don’t know if I will be able to tame them.”

“The average way of taming beasts will not work, but the Imperial Beast Art definitely will.” Sima He Shun could feel like even breathing was difficult as his eyes looked towards the stone statues and shone.

“But our Beast Tamer Masters have not yet fully comprehended the Imperial Beast Art.” Huang Ying Ying said.

“I have already comprehended it, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to tame it. I’ll only know after I try.” Sima You Yue said.

“Let’s talk again after opening these stones. In order to be a little safer, let’s head to the beast tamer arena.” Sima Zhi Yuan said.


The group of them arrived at the beast tamer arena, and there were many spirit beasts kept here.

“You guys can head back first.” Sima Zhi Yuan said to the beast tamer masters and the managers who were in the arena.

“Yes, Patriarch.”

They vacated the area, and only the few of them remained in the beast tamer arena.

“Let’s go to the room that’s deepest in.”

Sima You Yue followed them in and the spirit beasts who were kept outside by the barrier rushed in. It was a pity that they were blocked by the barrier.

After passing that barrier, they came to a huge room. After walking in, they found the area to be even bigger.

Yet another one that magnified space.

“This space is large and has a barrier. Even if we open it, we can confirm that they will not escape.” Sima Xiu Qi said.

Sima You Yue could sense the thick barrier as she nodded her head, saying, “Then let’s do it here.”

Actually, it would be the best if they opened them in the Spirit Pagoda. If anything happened, Little Spirit would be able to react immediately. However, for the first one, they would have to see it to believe it.

The stone layer was already very very thin, and they didn’t need any tools to open the stone. Sima Zhi Yuan blasted a bout of spirit energy that was neither too light nor heavy, just enough to break apart the stone layer. An ancient spirit beast was revealed.

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