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Chapter 1491: Secret clan Dong Lai

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A few days before they left, Sima You Yue believed in what Xuan Qiu He had told her, that their clan had done their research about the desert. That was because they had walked for such a long time and they only met very few spirit beasts. Furthermore, it wasn’t even the very powerful kinds.


When evening came, they found an oasis and only then managed to rest.

In the desert, if they didn’t reach an oasis, they wouldn’t stop to rest. That was because, if they rested in the yellow sand, they didn’t know when they would be swallowed by the yellow sand.

The oasis held traces of previous people setting up tents.

“It seems like others were here before us.”

Xuan Qiu He pushed his wheelchair over to where there were traces of people who had made camp. With a wave of his hand, a used tent peg flew over and landed in his hand.


He sniffed it and said, “It’s the Eastern Lai Clan.”

“They actually arrived here before we did.” Someone who appeared to be a middle aged male who went along with Xuan Qiu He said with puzzlement.

“That’s not too strange.” Xuan Qiu He tossed the tent peg away, then took out a silk handkerchief and wiped his hands, “The Eastern Lai Clan has always been observant about these things. Once they knew about it, they definitely actively came over. I just wonder if she’s here already as well.”

“Young Miss Eastern Lai Li?”

“Mm. If she’s here, then this situation has become more troublesome.” Xuan Qiu He said.

“Is Young Miss Eastern Lai Li very powerful?”

“She has some circumstances that are blessed by heaven.” Xuan Qiu He said.

“In that case, should we hurry up and rush ahead of them?”

“There’s no need.” Xuan Qiu He was not anxious, “Those that arrive first may not necessarily obtain anything. We do not have to worry. We should continue ahead according to plan. If we rush, we might shoulder more risks. Instruct everyone to rest.”

“Yes, Young Master.”

Sima You Yue and Wu Lingyu walked over.

“Xuan Qiu He, is the Eastern Lai Clan one of the secret clans?” Sima You Yue asked.

“Yes. It can be said to be a family friend of my clan.” Xuan Qiu He said.

You mentioned that Eastern Lai Li has some circumstances which are blessed by heaven, what are you referring to?” Sima You yue was rather curious. Just how powerful was she that Xuan Qiu He viewed her with importance?

“A natural Seeker Spirit Master. Have you ever met one before?”

“A natural seeker spirit master?” Sima You Yue was rather shocked. This was the first time she had heard of it.

“Yes, when she was five years old, she could sense the mines. As she got older, her spirit got even more sensitive towards them. Later on, as she studied more, her success increased by ninety percent.”

Sima You Yue was shocked. A ninety percent chance of success. If she herself was not able to search for spirit roots, she probably would have fainted just by hearing the number.

A person like this was truly worthy of being Xuan Qiu He’s opponent.

“If they enter the mine, with her around, it would be the same as them just picking up a stone from the ground.” Xuan Qiu He said.

“Then why aren’t you worried?”

Xuan Qiu He smiled, “What is there to worry about? It’s not easy to enter either. In any case, the truly valuable items have their fated owner. This is ordained by heaven.”

Ordained by heaven?”

Sima You Yue was stunned. She didn’t think that he would actually think this way.

Compared to being ordained by heaven, she believed instead that one’s destiny was forged by oneself.

It seemed like Xuan Qiu He knew what she was thinking and said, “Do you feel like everything you possess is obtained by your own hands?”

Was it?

Sima You Yue also knew that the answer was no.

If she got it on her own power, how was it possible that she had so many fortuitous encounters?

She had heard Yin Ling and the others mention that things like face were very mysterious. She wondered if her luck was the best or if it was just rather good. Correspondingly, she would assume some responsibilities that others didn’t have.

As for Fair Eastern City, she had stopped the Ghost Clan’s efforts and prevented a calamity from befalling humans.

And she had earned the hatred of many powers of the ghost clans, which would bring her a lot of trouble in the future when she went to the ghost clan.

This was the outcome of her needing to undertake those responsibilities.

When she was finished thinking this through, she smiled, “So you’re saying that I might be able to get a cut of the profits as well!”

“Whether it’s a cut of the profits of the whole pie, nobody knows for sure until the end.”

Sima You Yue looked at him. She felt like he had an underlying meaning behind his words, but he no longer spoke again.

When she returned to her tent, she continued to think about this. Wu Lingyu held onto her shoulder and said, “Don’t you have a saying here that says, If it’s fated, then it will be yours. If it’s not fated, you can never force it. Right now, there’s no point thinking too much about it.”

“I’m not thinking about what I can obtain. I just have a feeling that Xuan Qiu He’s words were a little strange. He seemed to be hinting something.”

“He is a strange person so he speaks strangely. What is there to wonder about?” Wu Lingyu was upset that she was still thinking about him.

“Which part about him is strange?” Sima You Yue glared at him. This jealous brat. The moment she looked at a guy more than twice, he would think that the other party was a bad guy.

“I’m not being biased against him. His aura is truly strange!”

“Is that so? Why can’t I tell, then?” Sima You yue didn’t believe him.

“Because you’re not strong enough.”

Sima You Yue ignored him. This guy, ever since they met at the spirit pagoda on the first day, he said she was too weak. How were they supposed to chat happily?

Wu Lingyu didn’t continue talking about it either.

He said that Xuan Qiu He was strange, not because he didn’t like him, but because he really felt off.

He could clearly see that he, as a holy son, was pretending to be even holier than the usual, but he could sense a thread of evil.

This made him feel a little awkward.

However, he really meant what he said. Those who were weak couldn’t tell at all.

“Are you going to ask him about the divine medicine?”

Sima You Yue hesitated. About the divine medicine, he had said before. If Fire Rebirth wasn’t in the Xuan Qiu Clan, then the Xuan Qiu clansmen would at least know where it was.

To ask or not to ask?

“Let’s talk about it again once the situation is done.” She contemplated for a bit, “It’s not the best time to ask about it now.”

“What are you thinking?”

“If Fire Rebirth is really in the Xuan Qiu Clan, I will cure his legs in exchange for it. If it is not with him, I will have to think of another idea.

“Are you confident?”

“I have examined him before. Although I knew the cause, I was not strong enough and was unable to treat him. I have half a chance at success.”

“That’s not enough. The Xuan Qiu Clan will not use his life as a joke.” Wu Lingyu understood the Xuan Qiu clan very well.

Sima You Yue understood. If she was able to cure Xuan Qiu He, they would definitely be glad. However, if she was unable to cure him, she would become the criminal of the clan.

No, the truth was that, she should say that if she was not confident, they would definitely not let her try. That was because if a talent like Xuan Qiu He was broken, who was going to compensate them with another Xuan Qiu He? That was why they would definitely not take that risk!

A 50% chance of success was not enough. She had to become stronger. Before that, she had to first understand his current situation.

As such, this night, she ran over to knock on his tent door…

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