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Chapter 1492: Her strength is disdained again

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On the morning of the second day, the Xuan Qiu Clansmen had weird looks in their eyes when they saw Sima You Yue come out from Xuan Qiu He’s tent.

Their Young Master couldn’t move easily. What if she did this and that to him?

Later on, when they saw Xuan Qiu He with his personal guard, everyone finally lost the weird looks.

Even if she wanted to do something, the guard wouldn’t let it happen.

“Young Master?” Everyone looked at him worriedly.

“Prepare to head out.” Xuan Qiu He didn’t plan to tell them much about what happened last night as he gave out these instructions.


Xuan Qiu Zhi, the eldest Elder in the Xuan Qiu clan, was in charge of the operations this time. He was in charge of Xuan Qiu He’s safety as long as anything that happened on the way. He listened to the instruction of Xuan Qiu He alone.

“You guys keep the tents away.” Xuan Qiu He instructed his guards.

“Elder Zhi, Young Master, he…”

“Look at you guys mumbling and muttering. Are the issues of the Young Master something you guys can ask about? Hurry up and keep the things away!” Xuan Qiu Zhi slapped the guard’s head and ordered.

“Elder Zhi, aren’t you curious?”

“Curious about what?” Xuan Qiu Zhi glared at him, “if you don’t move along, I will toss you all into the desert.”

Those people were so worried that they hurried to keep the tents away.

When Sima You Yue heard the activity on that side, she pursed her lips. The guards of the Xuan Qiu Clan had made too big of a jump in their thinking, right?

Force their Young Master?

Their reluctance aside, Wu Lingyu would be the first to hack him into two!

She merely borrowed the excuse saying that she had examined his body before and that she had thought of curing him earlier, and now wanted to see how he was.

Xuan Qiu He let him examine him and the guard beside him immediately asked her for the results of her examination.

“I still have to go back and do more research.” Sima You Yue didn’t give a clear explanation and dodged the question.

If she said that she was confident in being able to cure him but was unable to do so, wouldn’t that give them false hope?

Xuan Qiu He continued to smile faintly, “No hurry.”

Sima You Yue saw his calm and unhurried manner, but knew that he was probably rather disappointed. Because he had no hope, he did not bother about the result.

Seeing his eyes that were without sight, she decided in her heart that she would definitely cure him.

Wu LIngyu naturally noticed what was going on, but he didn’t say anything this time. He was still able to determine what was true and what wasn’t.

The guards packed the tents away very quickly and they called out their spirit beasts so that they could continue their journey forward. No matter how long they flew, they definitely had to find an oasis before they could rest.

Sima You Yue did a rough calculation and they had already stayed in the desert for around half a year. The Xuan Qiu clan had already calculated it well and so they never ran out of water.

She guessed that they probably had a little realm or something like that, which was why they were able to provide a constant supply of water.

Finally, when she was about to wonder if they had actually gotten lost, they came to a huge oasis.

Sima You Yue saw the boundless oasis from far away and saw that there were actually many humongous trees. For a moment, she felt like they had already left the desert and had entered a forest.

Xuan Qiu He said that this was indeed an oasis, it was just that it was way too big and had exceeded what we could recognise, which was why she would think that they had already left the desert.

“This journey is truly oddly smooth.” When they entered the forest, Sima You Yue sighed involuntarily.

“If they weren’t around, we would really have to be a lot more careful coming here.” Wu Lingyu said, “We saved a lot of time and effort this way!”

Sima You Yue looked at the guy. He would definitely have been able to bring her here on his own. It was just that they would have encountered much more trouble.

“Young Master, there are traces of people who have walked up ahead.” The guard who was leading the way to finding the path ran back and said.

“Go over and take a look.” Although Xuan Qiu He sat on a wheelchair, he was not really slow. He quickly arrived at the place that was once someone else’s campsite.

“Young Master, is it the Eastern Lai Clan?” Xuan Qiu Zhi asked.

Xuan Qiu He sniffed the items left behind and shook his head, “No. It’s the Northern Du Clan.”

“The Northern Du Clan has arrived as well?”

“I heard that it’s Northern Du Hao who has led a troop this time. I’m guessing that it won’t be slow.” Xuan Qiu He said.

“Is the Northern Du Clan also a secret clan?” Sima You Yue asked.

“Yes. Furthermore, the Northern Du clan is a little stronger than the Xuan Qiu clan.” Xuan Qiu He replied.

“Then is Northern Du Hao of the same generation as you?”

“Yes, he’s not much older than me, but he is a lot more powerful.” Xuan Qiu He said, “He’s like Northern Lai Li. He’s an enemy.”

“It seems that the troop leaders this time are all from the same generation as you are!” Sima You Yue didn’t know how many secret clans she would encounter. However, she believed that not a single one would fall behind.”

Although Xuan Qiu He said that they were very powerful, he showed no trace of worry on his face. It seemed like he had a lot of confidence in himself.

Just based on the fact that he could guess who passed by by smelling. Nobody else was able to do that, right? At the very least, she couldn’t.

“You Yue, from this point onwards, we might encounter a lot of danger, you better not leave his side.” Xuan Qiu He reminded her.

Sima You Yue nodded. To be able to reach her peacefully was already very difficult. Now that they had reached this point, there would definitely be a lot more danger.

Wu Lingyu held onto her hand.

They continued forwards and others had walked ahead before, so they had no need to cut a path forwards.

One they reached a small path covered in vines, she suddenly stopped walking.

“What’s going on?”

“There’s danger here.” Sima You Yue said.

“What dangers are here?”

The Xuan Qiu He clansmen sniffed and said, “There isn’t the scent of blood.”

Not long ago, then Northern Du clansmen had walked past this area. There was no smell of blood, proving that they did not come under attack here. There were also no traces of a battle around them.

“No, there is the smell of blood. It’s just been masked by the smell of the vegetation.” Sima You Yue siad, “These vines, they should be living. Everyone…”

She hadn’t finished speaking then many vines suddenly appeared around them, attacking everyone.

The vines were thick and hard. The blades that Sima You Yue could condense were actually unable to cut through any of them.

“These are all old devils.” Wu Lingyu held her with one hand and continued to throw out spirit energy with the other. They were like knives, chopping all the surrounding vines.

Under his protection, Sima You Yue didn’t seem to need to do anything. Alright, actually, nothing she did was of any use. Perhaps only calling out Little Birdie would be useful.

She looked around her. The vines here were not as thick and strong as the ones in front. However, they could only attack a specific distance. They were unable to reach this point.

Were they restricted to areas?! She couldn’t help but yell out.

If they walked deeper, they would definitely encounter even more powerful vines. It was probably going to be difficult if they wanted to come out again.

However, on the vines of these guys, she saw an arm that they had yet to digest.

It was a good thing that they hadn’t gone in yet…

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