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Chapter 1476: Doubts from the inheritance

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Sima You Yue didn’t want to waste time since she couldn’t find anything related to her Father’s illness so she went to look for books that were related to the clan’s inheritance.

When Sima Qi Qi and Sima Yi Yun were helping her, they were curious as to why she was interested in the clan’s history. She laughed and said, “I need to get a good understanding of the clan since I just got back into the clan.”

They accepted her explanation and both of them found a few thick books for her.

They couldn’t help her with this so they left as she was the one that needed to read.

Sima You Yue stayed in the books collection pavilion alone and spent a few days finishing that few history books.

“There’s no detailed explanation on this.” She sighed as she finished reading the last book.

She opened her hand and a ball of cream white bubble appeared on her palm.

It was transformed from the power of inheritance when she received the inheritance. It seemed like there wasn’t any attacking power, nothing could be felt in her body, but she could sense that the reason she got struck so badly when she advanced was because of it!

But this thing didn’t seem to have any intellect, she didn’t know what it was as it didn’t have any power.

Cloud Spirit said the power now would greatly affect the future and that was why she was struck so badly. This was the only reason when she came to think about it.

She thought that the clan’s history might have mentioned about it since it was something she received from the clan’s inheritance. So she read all the clan’s history books.

In the end, all the books didn’t mention anything about it.

So, was this not from the Sima Clan? Or they had it before, but they didn’t note it down?

She thought it through, put back where the book was and looked for Sima Qing.

“What powerful items did the great ancestor have?” Sima Qing looked at her while he gave it a thought, “There was nothing that seems to be powerful! If anything was powerful, then it’s the spirit skill. Is there any problem?”

“Nothing much, I’m only curious about what powerful item the great ancestors have.” Sima You Yue said.

Sima Qing was the eldest in the Sima clan, if he didn’t know anything about it, then no one else would know.

What could this little bubble be?

Nothing came through her mind after she thought about it. Forgot about it then, since she wasn’t the kind of person who brood over insoluble things.

“Go and comprehend the spirit skill if you’re free.” Sima Qing continued, “This set of spirit skills is much more profound than the current one, it’s difficult to understand in some areas. I think you’re fated with this since you’re the one who could get the inheritance, who knows it might get easy after comprehending it.”

In these few months, other than settling the Jiang Clan’s problem, the clan focused on achieving the enlightenment of the spirit skill, but there was no result.

“I’ve seen that spirit skill, there are a lot of areas that are different from the one we’re learning, some of them even go against each other! I think everyone’s ideology needs to be changed if they want to learn this.” Sima You Yue continued, “I don’t know if I can achieve the enlightenment of this. But I will give it a try.”

“I believe in you.” Sima Qing smiled lightly that made her feel that he was cunning.

Humph, the whole family was an old fox! She mumbled in her heart while going back to her courtyard.

When she reached the entrance of her courtyard, she saw Mu Si walking alongside a guy, both of them were chatting happily and looked as if they were close with each other.

Initially, she thought it was one of Sima clan members, but after she took a closer look, the material of his clothes were different from the Sima clan.

Mu Si’s eyes shone brightly after seeing her, he bowed and said, “Master, you’re back! Are you out of seclusion?”

“Mm, I’m out of seclusion. I didn’t find anything that is useful.” Sima You Yue nodded lightly, “This is?”

“Yin Shang greets Young Miss You Yue.” That guy didn’t wait for Mu Si to introduce him as he cupped his hand in greeting towards Sima You Yue.

“Yin Clan’s member?” Sima You Yue raised her eyebrows, when did Yin Clan members get close to Mu Si?

“I’m Tangerine City Lord Manor’s steward.” Yin Shang said.

Sima You Yue then came to a realisation that he was here to look for Yin Lang.

“Is Yin Lang still here?” She guessed confidently.

“Yes. He said he was waiting for you to come out from seclusion and refused to leave, Elder Brother Shang will come here from time to time to report to him about certain things.” Mu Si explained.

“Did he take the Sima Clan as his own manor?” Sima You Yue said faintly, “Are you guys going out? Then I shall not disturb you guys any further.”

“Yin Shang will be excused then.” Yin Shang cupped his hand and left.

“Master, I’ll see him out.” Mu Si’s face was full of smiles seeing that Sima You Yue had come out of seclusion.

“Go ahead. Master will check on your homework in a while.” Sima You Yue said.

The homework she was talking about was the current state of his cultivation in these few months.

“Sure, I’ll be back soon!” Mu Si left quickly with light pace, Sima You Yue smiled upon seeing his back, she turned around and went into her courtyard and looked for someone to settle scores with.

Yin Lang was in her house, lying on the couch and munching on the spirit fruit contentedly.

The main door was opened so he saw Sima You Yue once she came into the courtyard.

“You’re very happy staying here huh!” Sima You Yue pursed her lips, “Are you intending to move your villa into my Sima clan?”

“It became your Sima clan when you haven’t been back for long.” Yin Lang spat out two little seeds and it landed into the trash accurately.

“Don’t tell me all these.” Sima You Yue looked for a stool and sat down, “Did my Great Grandfather dare not chase you out because you’re my friend?”

“Don’t make it sound so estranged.” Yin Lang continued, “I’d already told you that I’ll follow you so I’ll mark my words until you make me understand the meaning of like.”

“Are you too bored?” Sima You Yue rolled her eyes at him, “Is there nothing for you to deal with in Tangerine City? Didn’t Yin Clan look for you?”

“There’s actually problems. But I intend to bring you along so I’ve been waiting for you to come out from seclusion!”

“What happened?”

“You’re a Seeker Spirit Master, right? Are you interested in ore veins?” Yin Lang asked.

“Of course? Did you find an ore vein and want to give it to me?” Sima You Yue asked.

“Sure!” Yin Lang answered bluntly, it was only an ore vein, it would be worth it if it could make her smile.

“Forget it.” Sima You Yue rejected, “What happened to the ore vein?”

“It’s not an ore vein, it’s an ore area. An ancient ore area, are you interested?”

“Ancient ore area?” Sima You Yue was blanked and her breathing became fast, “Are you for real?”

“Of course I am. Are you interested to take a look?”

“It would be good to take a look if it’s really an ancient ore area.”

“Then that’s settled, I’ll bring you….”

“She will go with me if she wants, you don’t have to worry about that.” Wu Lingyu’s voice was heard, Sima You Yue’s eyes brightened and her lips curled up unconsciously.


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