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Chapter 1475: Receiving inheritance

While the Sima clansmen were preparing for the last battle with the Jiang Family, Sima You Yue was hanging about in the huge books collection pavilion.

Just like what Huang Ying Ying said previously, the books collection pavilion was very huge, there were many collections with unique and solo books. It seemed like the Sima Family were indeed a very powerful clan a long time ago.

It was a pity that it had fallen behind now.

The gate of the books collection pavilion opened, someone came in, swept the entire place with their eyes and found out where she was.

Sima You Yue put down the book as she saw someone coming and asked, “Yi Yun, why are you here?”

“I went to your courtyard and Uncle Liu Xuan told me that you came here upon knowing of this place, so I came over.” Sima Yi Yun continued, “Why did you come to the books collection pavilion right after coming back?”

“I’m here to see if there’s any way to recover my Father’s power.” Sima You Yue continued. “Father will be more and more disappointed if this drags on.”

“True.” Sima Yi Yun sat beside her, she carried the thick stack of books from the side and said, “I’ll find it with you. How do I find it?”

“Sure.” Sima You Yue thought that it would be easier if there was help, so she told her all the keywords to look for.

She might not be able to understand all these medical books, but she could read so she could look for words that were related.

Sima You Yue had already hung in the books collection pavilion for a few months, they were able to flip all the books in the pavilion with Sima Yi Yun and Sima Qi Qi’s help.

Sima You Yue read the last book regarding medical arts and closed the book with a heavy heart.

“There’s nothing.” She sighed.

It seemed like the only plan that was left for now was what Wu Lingyu said.

“You Yue, don’t give up, there must be a way.” Sima Yi Yun comforted her seeing that she was disappointed.

“That’s right, You Yue, there must be another place that has the book. We will make it as long as we have the perseverance!” Sima Qi Qi joined in.

“Mm.” Sima You Yue smiled at them and said, “You guys have been here with me the whole time, how’s the situation outside?”

“There’s nothing much, we’ve already settled the Jiang Family completely. The Jiang Family wouldn’t appear in front of us anymore.” Sima Qi Qi was in a good mood when it came to this.

“That’s good news. But even though there’s no Jiang Family, there will be other clans like the Li Clan and Wang Clan coming for us.” Sima You Yue said.

“We will need to have a very powerful strength if we want to keep the clan safe.” Sima Yi Yun continued, “Speaking of which, everyone is spreading that you’re our clan’s lucky star!”

“I’m not any lucky gem, how did I become a lucky star?”

“You’re the clan’s lucky star!” Sima Qi Qi continued, “You remove the Hundred Day Coma poison once you get here. The Jiang Family’s problem has made the clan headache for so long, you came back and gave us the opportunity, you found Mysterious Moon Fruit and made the ancestors advanced, we were able to survive from the problems of the Jiang Family. Also, once you got into the family history, you’d gotten the clan’s inheritance and helped some of the members in the clan that were stuck to advance successfully. Tell me, what are you if you aren’t the lucky star?”

Sima You Yue saw how she looked at herself with respect and laughed, “It’s not as incredible as you said. It’s all just coincidence.”

“No matter what, you brought so much advantage to the clan when you came back.” Sima Yi Yun said.

“Oh right, You Yue, what is the clan’s inheritance that you’ve gotten? Can you tell us?” Sima Qi Qi asked curiously.

“Qi Qi, don’t spout nonsense.” Sima Yi Yun chided lightly.

“What’s the big deal, You Yue won’t tell us if it’s a secret. She won’t get angry anyway. Right, You Yue?” Sima Qi Qi said smilingly.


“Yi Yun, aren’t you curious?” Sima Qi Qi interrupted her.

Sima Yi Yun pursed her lips, she was curious too, but the Clan Leader never questioned You Yue regarding this, how could she ask her?

“Actually, it’s not a secret anyway.” Sima You Yue continued, “At that moment, all I got was a surge of power and a set of spirit skills.”

Speaking of that power, Sima Yi Yun and her could relate more because they both apprehended many things from that.

“Our inheritance is actually a set of spirit skills?” Sima Qi Qi questioned in doubt.

“Our forefathers depended on this set of spirit skills to rule the world, but it slowly became like this.” Sima Yi Yun sighed.

“What is that set of spirit skills?”

“That spirit skill is Fusing.” Sima You Yue continued, “Because our clan used to have many Beast Tamer Masters, so we have a lot of spirit beasts. Fusing with spirit beasts could increase our fighting strength by a lot compared to others and because of that, it shook the world.”

“Did we fall because we have little Beast Tamer Masters?” Sima Qi Qi guessed.

“It’s not only that.” Sima You Yue continued, “The fusing from last time is different from now.”

“What’s the difference?”

“Last time, by using fusion, it did not only fuse human and contract beast as one, the result was much better, it wasn’t as easy as one plus one equals to two. The fusion now lacks the essence from the past.” Sima You Yue explained, “Before we come in here, our spirit skills will be expanded to our Great Grandfather, he should be researching about it now if you guys haven’t heard.”

“I feel that if we want to revive the clan, we need to find more Beast Tamer Masters.” Sima Qi Qi supported herself with both hands on the table, “We won’t be able to use these spirit skills if we didn’t have any spirit beasts!”

“It’s not up to us to worry about that, the Clan Leader will come to think of it.” Sima Yi Yun said.

Sima You Yue lowered her head without saying anything.

She gave the spirit skill to Sima Zhi Yuan but didn’t tell them about the Imperial Beast Art. She believed that the Sima Family would be able to revive with these two combinations!

But, Imperial Beast Art was given to her by Mo Sha, she couldn’t tell others before seeking his approval.

Thinking of Mo Sha, she remembered that Wu Lingyu had been gone for quite a while. According to the rule, he should have contacted her long ago, why didn’t he contact her for so long.

Could he have fallen unconscious again?

No, he just woke up not long ago, he wouldn’t be slipping into a coma now.

If it wasn’t because of him, then something must have held him back.

Did he get caught because Sage Pavilion was aware that he was going for Phoenix Nirvana medicine?

But she immediately denied her thought, he wasn’t just Wu Lingyu, he was Mo Sha as well, the King of Devil Realm, there were so many guys around him, how could he be locked up just by anyone? Also, there wasn’t news from the continent.

She bursted out in laughter out of a sudden, she must be overthinking. She let her imagination run wild just because he didn’t contact her for a few months.

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