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Chapter 1473: Being in the genealogy, everyone has an enlightenment!

Would it be a good idea to hand the Sima clan to her?

They had never thought about this. After they knew of her talents and her capabilities, all they thought was that the Sima Family would have hope of reviving.

But they never really thought about whether it would be a good idea to hand the Sima Family to her?

Given her fate, she would definitely experience many things in the future. She had many things to handle herself as well, she would definitely be restricted if the Sima Family was passed to her.

“Actually, you don’t need to hand over the Sima Family in order to revive it.” Sima You Yue continued, “The Patriarch is Great Grandfather, but isn’t Great Uncle He Shun, the actual in-charge of the clan?”

Sima Qing looked at her and sighed as he was sure that she was unwilling to, “How is it that your character is the same as your Father?”

“I’m my Father’s biological child.” Sima You Yue laughed as she knew that he conceded when he said that.

“Hmph, don’t you laugh, this is not decided yet!” Sima Qing continued, “They are here, let’s go.”

Sima Liu Xuan and Sima Zhi Yuan came and bowed solemnly in greeting to Sima Qing.

“Great Ancestor.”

“It’s so embarrassing, making a fool out of yourself!” Sima Qin placed his hands behind him and looked at him, “Just stay in the clan next time and don’t try to think of other things.”

Sima Liu Xuan bowed slightly without agreeing or denying.

Sima You Yue pursed her lips, this guy just wants Father to be safe in the clan, why did he have to make it sound so bad.

“Let’s go.” Sima Qing brought them into the spirit barrier. Initially, there wasn’t anything on the mountain peak but a majestic ancestral hall stood tall there.

The design of the main gate of the ancestral hall was the same as the Sima Manor, just that it was a smaller version.

Sima Qing walked to the front of the ancestral hall, he stood in front of the stone while extending his hand as he pressed on its left eye and the ancestral hall’s main gate opened automatically.

“Let’s go in.”

Sima Qing and Sima Zhi Yuan walked in first with Sima You Yue and Sima Liu Xuan following behind.

The moment they stepped in, Sima You Yue felt a power blocking her and felt as if there was something screening her.

“Only people with the Sima bloodline can get in.” Sima Liu Xuan explained.

“My Mother hasn’t been in here before?” Sima You Yue asked curiously.

“They used another tunnel to come in. In that tunnel, you can come in as long as you have the aura of Sima’s man on you.” Sima Liu Xuan’s face blushed lightly as they were talking about it.

Alright, she knew what it meant by having that aura.

They passed through the courtyard and went to the centre of ancestral hall, the door opened from inside before they pushed it in.

“Patriarch, Great Ancestor, Master Liu Xuan, Young Miss.” A hunchbacked Elder came out to bow with greetings and left.

“This is the guard of the ancestral hall. His power is no lower than Patriarch’s.” Sima Liu Xuan didn’t introduce much about him but she could feel the respect he had for that Elder from that few words.

Sima You Yue guessed that the Elder’s status was high in the clan as he wouldn’t have just left after a greeting.

They went into the ancestral hall and many memorial tablets were placed in the middle of the ancestral hall. There were estimated to be thousands of it at one glance.

“These memorial tablets are past dynasties of the main bloodlines, collateral relatives don’t have the rights to be placed here.” Sima Liu Xuan said.

“Then where are they placed?”

“There are a few ancestral towers at the side. The important ones in the clan will be placed in this ancestral hall.”

While explaining to Sima You Yue, Sima Qing burnt a few incense, gave it to everyone and led them to pay respect for the successive generations of ancestors.

Sima You Yue was the youngest so she would be the last one to pay respect. As she placed the incense on the incense burner, she had a feeling as if it was a lifetime ago.

The moment she placed the incense on the incense burner, endless scenes flashed before her eyes as she saw a clan being flourished and fell. At this moment, she finally felt that she was a part of the clan and the blood in her body began to surge.

After they paid their respects, Sima Qing brought them to a room.

Even though it was a room, it wasn’t small, just that it was smaller than the ancestral hall.

Sima Qing took a brocaded box from the wall, there were many rolls of embroidered silk in it. He took out the biggest embroidered silk and inserted spiritual energy into it and threw it in the air.

The embroidered silk was dazzled with golden light and slowly drawn out, there were full of names as the roll was drawn out as big as an area of a wall.

Sima Qing pointed at an area and words from there became bigger, Sima You Yue saw quite a few familiar names, for example, Sima Zhi Yuan, Sima He Shun, Sima Liu Xuan, Sima Liu Feng, Sima Liu Yun and Sima Yi Fei and so on.

There was a space beside Sima Liu Feng’s name and Sima You Yue guessed that would be her Father’s place.

As it turned out, Sima Qing had gotten Sima Liu Xuan to put his blood, he took out a writing brush made of weasel’s hair, stained his blood with it and wrote his name on that empty space. After that, he pulled out a string and wrote, Wife : Yu Ke Luo and pulled out a string between him and Yu Ke Luo’s name and wrote, Daughter : Sima You Yue.

After he was done, he made Sima You Yue squeezed out a drop of blood and stained it on her name.

Sima You Yue thought to herself that she actually got back into the clan after she witnessed that her blood merged into the embroidered silk!

She was a part of a clan now!

This was a different feeling from what Sima Lie gave her, it was simpler as they had lesser members and they all doted on her endlessly. But there was an inheritance in a clan with many collateral branches and it was more harmonious and united.

Sima Liu Xuan’s mind was in a tumult when he saw that his name appeared in the genealogy once again.

Things had remained the same but people changed.

Just when Sima You Yue thought everything was over, a warm power shot out from the genealogy and wrapped Sima You Yue up in the middle.

“This is….” Three of them were very surprised.

“Clan’s inheritance!” Sima Qing muttered, “How many years has it been, the genealogy finally released the power of inheritance!”

Clan’s inheritance?

Sima Zhi Yuan and Sima Liu Xuan knew of the existence of the inheritance, but it was the first time they witnessed it, being surprised was only an understatement.

Sima Qing sighed, if he had gotten Sima You Yue into the genealogy earlier, this would have happened decades ago.

They wouldn’t let her leave the clan if they found out about this, even if they were pressured, they would still keep her and nurture her.

That soft light scattered quickly, passing through the walls and flowed towards all directions.

“This is….”

Everyone in the clan was wrapped by that power, that soft and gentle power made them feel at ease as they felt a faint seed in their mind.

“Enlightenment!” Sima He shouted in a low tone and told everyone around him, “Start comprehending now!”

After everyone heard that, they immediately sat down and went to catch the seed of enlightenment that appeared in their mind.

More and more people closed their eyes to apprehend, at this point, the whole Sima Family was silent as something was changing in the midst of the silence.

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