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Chapter 1474: Struck by lightning into charcoal again

Not only the Sima Family, even outsiders could feel the change in the Sima Family.

Everyone on the street stopped to watch, they felt a power that calmed their irritable heart.

In the ancestral hall, Sima You Yue had been closing her eyes with serenity on her face, the evil thoughts that she had from the battle were all dissolved.

A while later, that power secretly entered into her body. The moment she opened her eyes, the power that wrapped around Sima clansmen entered their body as well.

When everyone opened their eyes, their eyes became much brighter and they looked more energetic.

Some of them were in a state of enlightenment and weren’t conscious yet.

It would be enough if they had power, but they hadn’t comprehend enough and that caused them to be unable to advance. With the power of inheritance, they had this enlightenment and only to be expected to advance.

In a short while, many courtyards from the Sima Family shot out rays of light that came from advancement.

In the ancestral hall, Sima You Yue advanced too, this time, her power didn’t increase much as it only increased a level, from Monarch rank one to Monarch rank two, it was still in the Monarch rank.

While she advanced, the tribulation cloud in the sky started to coagulate. After she finished advancing, she leaped and flew out far away from the ancestral hall and landed before she could say anything.


Not sure why Cloud Spirit didn’t give in to Sima You Yue this time, fortunately, she had refined her body strongly so that she could take this degree of lightning tribulation.

All the Sima Family members saw how she tribulated and felt a familiar aura and many of them were surprised.

“The power of inheritance earlier on had her aura, right? How did she make us have enlightenment?”

“No matter what, we all must thank her!”

“Is she really the clan’s lucky star? She settled the Jiang Clan matters the moment she came back and helped everyone to have an enlightenment.”

“She might be able to revive the clan.”

“Really… does it mean that we have hope now?”

Everyone below was discussing, Sima You Yue who was on top of the mountain couldn’t hear. Cloud Spirit struck exceptionally ruthlessly this time that she didn’t have energy to focus on her surroundings.

Also, there wasn’t any preparation before striking her, the things she took out to defend the lightning was of inadequate measures so she could only depend on her body.

After the last lightning strike, Cloud Spirit didn’t leave.

Sima You Yue sprawled on the ground, she didn’t even have the power to move her fingers, her whole body was charred and it looked as if she was burnt.

All the beasts long rushed over, but she asked them to wait outside so they all ran over once the lightning tribulation was over.

“Yue Yue, are you alright?” Little Seven ran over and shouted after seeing Sima You Yue had serious injuries from the lightning, “Yue Yue, how did you become barbequed! Have you seasoned yourself?”

“It indeed smells like barbecue.” Even Thousand Resonance couldn’t help but mocked her.


Sima You Yue rolled her eyes, these guys revealed their naughty nature once they felt that she wasn’t in danger.

“Weird, Cloud Spirit, why are you so ruthless this time?” Little Dream asked Cloud Spirit curiously seeing that it hadn’t left.

Cloud Spirit groaned, these guys finally noticed it.

“It’s not that I’m ruthless, it’s because the advancement this time will implicate many things in the future. I can’t cover this up. Also, I’ve already made it easy for her, if not, her body wouldn’t be able to take it.” Cloud Spirit explained proudly.

Sima You Yue was surprised, all she did was advance in a small level, how could this implicate things in the future?

Was it because of…. it?

She remembered the thing that she just received and became speechless, the lightning was nothing but disaster!

Cloud Spirit left after explaining. It wouldn’t stay to explain if they weren’t close.

Sima Zhi Yuan and Sima Qing ran over, their expression was weird when they saw her being charcoal black after being struck.

Why did she always get struck? Did she do many bad deeds in the past?

“Bring her back first.” Sima Qing continued, “Zhi Yuan, come here.”

Sima You Yue didn’t understand why he backed away when he was right beside her and asked Sima Zhi Yuan to carry her instead.

Little Seven and the rest didn’t let others carry her so she volunteered to carry her. She heard Sima Qing mumbled right when she turned around.

“She became a little black charcoal, if I carry her, will I become a black charcoal too? Tsk tsk, it will dirty my clothes.”


If only Sima You Yue had any energy left, she would definitely scold him.

Did you have to be like that, thousand year old man?!

Little Seven held onto Sima You Yue and reached the courtyard that was long prepared for her with Sima Zhi Yuan’s guidance.

Sima Family members all guessed it was her when they saw Little Seven holding a piece of black charcoal.

“The lightning was so ruthless!” Someone said.

“It’s such a pity that a lady like her has become a coal.”

“Right. I wonder if she can recover from that.”

“I heard she will get struck by lightning every time she advances, would she become coal all the time?”

“So pitiful.”

Sima You Yue became speechless once again, how could the Sima Family members have the same moral and conduct as Sima Qing!

Would she still be able to play around?

Huang Ying Ying and the rest felt sorry for Sima You Yue seeing her in this state.

They heard that she was struck badly when she was in Fair Eastern City, but they didn’t see it with their own eyes so even though they felt sorry for her, it wasn’t as strong as this time.

“You Yue, are you alright?” Huang Ying Ying asked.

Sima You Yue blinked at her trying to tell her that she was fine, but it made Huang Ying Ying heart ache for a while.

If she was really fine, why couldn’t she speak?

Yin Lang who had been with her the whole time rubbed his chin while looking at her as if he had some thought, “With you looking this ugly, should I continue to follow you?”

Sima You Yue rolled her eyes at him with clear intentions.

Young Miss like me never wanted you to follow me, scram if you disdained!

Yin Lang laughed after seeing her gaze. It was the first time that he found it cute when a lady rolled her eyes!

Sima You Yue was unhappy that she had been watched by everyone the whole time. Once she became unhappy, she would throw a temper.

Other than Huang Ying Ying and Sima Liu Xuan, others weren’t allowed to enter the place where she was staying.

But the Sima Family was busy recently, although Jiang Yun Long and Jiang Ping had been killed, there were other things from the Jiang clan that they needed to handle and they needed to handle that vein, Sima Tu.

So, ten days later, everyone thought that she was still recuperating, but in fact, she had already recovered long ago.

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