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Chapter 1471: Narcissistic Ancestor

They were just a branch from the Sima Family. If they really fought with the Sima Family, they would definitely stand to lose.

However, without Jiang Xue, would their clan even have any sort of standing?

They thought of some things that happened in the past and the choices were clear as day.

One was to die here, the other was to drag out an ignoble existence. For a moment, they didn’t know which to choose.

“Who dares to lay a hand on my aunt!” There was a shout and everyone looked over to see Jiang Yun Long charging in with a group of people behind him.

Sima You Yue looked over at Jiang Yun Long. She seemed to remember that this person was around the same generation as her Great Grandfather. Jiang Xue was his aunt, which meant that her position in the Jiang Family was quite high!

“Sima Zhi Yuan, Jiang Xue is an aunt that belongs to my Jiang Family. Just try laying a hand on her!” Jiang Yun Long came beside Jiang Xue and confronted Sima Zhi Yuan.

“Jiang Yun Long, this is Sima Family’s territory!” Sima Zhi Yuan was puzzled how the Jiang clansmen had managed to get here so quickly. It seemed like they had really spared no expense in order to obtain the Sima Family!

He secretly glanced in their direction. They dared to enter this place so boldly, so that meant there had to be more of them!

“This is currently the Sima Family’s territory, but it will not be in a while!” Jiang Yun Long said.

“You think to swallow us up? Then we’d have to see what your abilities are!” Sima Zhi Yuan looked at them disdainfully.

Sima You Yue looked at them with some disinterest. These people just loved to cause trouble and mess around, talk nonsense and all these were just to strut about and show how powerful they were.


It seemed like she had no choice but to give them a good show!

Little Seven and Mi Er understood her intentions. Even before she had given the orders, they acted and got rid of the people in their hands.

That was because they had long since had enough of them!

They tossed the lifeless people on the ground and wiped their hands apathetically.


“Father- Mother-”

“Grandfather, Grandmother!”

Even the Jiang clansmen were temporarily stunned.

Sima Tu and Miao Si Hua had really died just like that?

It was a little unbelievable!

Sima Tu and Miao Si Hua had also never thought that they, all-mighty and powerful, would die just like that?

“Hmph, they dared to poison Yue Yue, so they have to pay with their lives.” Little Seven said as she casually kicked Sima Tu’s corpse back to them.

“They wouldn’t even let off a young baby. Even death can’t wipe out their crimes!’ Mi Er learnt from Little Seven and kicked Miao Si Hua’s corpse over.

Jiang Xue watched as her precious son was killed and his corpse desecrated, and was so furious that she lost all control and attacked Sima You Yue.

Sima Zhi Yuan was always standing in front of Sima You Yue, so with her charging up, he naturally met her midway.

The both of them moved, which seemed to ignite the flames of battle as all sides began to fight.

Sima You Yue retreated to the outskirts under the protection of her spirit beasts and watched as the battle raged on.

“There’s so few of them, they definitely won’t be able to last long.” Ya Guang said.

“You can’t be sure. The Jiang Family ran over like this, which means that they definitely have a plan.” Thousand Resonance said, “There are times where the soldiers are few, but they are the essence.”

“Do you mean the Jiang Family’s Ancestor?”

Thousand Resonance didn’t say anything more, and it was a tacit agreement to Ya Guang’s guess.

The Jiang Family ancestor was more powerful than the average person. Someone like him could defeat half of the Sima Family on his own.

This was a clear example of how being few in numbers but having more experts made one more powerful.

The ancestors on both sides were aiming to increase in rank, but the ancestor of the Jiang Family was a little stronger than that of the Sima Family. That was why the Jiang Family was always one step ahead of the Jiang Family all these years.

Sima You Yue watched as the Jiang Family continued to increase in number and thought about how Jiang Yun Long was probably the advance party. There were probably a lot more on their way over.

“Little Sima, you dared to kill my Jiang clansmen!” A voice filled with power and rage boomed, causing many to spit blood.

“Ancestor!” The Jiang clansmen looked over and cried out with excitement.

Sima You Yue also felt her blood rolling, but Mi Er helped to block out most of it for her, so she wasn’t as injured as the rest were.

“This is the ancestor of the Jiang Family?” She held onto her chest and said through gritted teeth, “He looks just like a scoundrel, he really is the same as the rest of the Jiang clansmen.”

Jiang Ping flew over from the outside and landed beside Jiang Xue.

“Father, you’re here!” Jiang Xue looked excitedly at Jiang Ping.

“I came after receiving your news.” Jiang Ping looked at his daughter with tender love.

“Father, they killed Tu’er!” Jiang Xue said tearfully. She was no longer the powerful elder, but a little daughter in front of her father.

“Do not worry. As a Grandfather, I will avenge this. I will take revenge on his behalf.” After Jiang Ping said this, he said while looking to Sima Zhi Yuan, “You killed a son of my Jiang Family, and now killed my Grandson. I will not let you off kindly today”

“Pfft-” Sima Zhi Yuan looked at Jiang Ping with contempt. “Jiang Ping, isn’t your Jiang Family coveting my Sima Family, wanting to obtain our properties? Do you have to say it so self righteously? If you act this way, you really look like a whore who wants to flaunt her chastity!”

“Insolent!” Jiang Ping roared, his powerful bounding endlessly towards Sima Zhi Yuan, pressuring him.

Sima Zhi Yuan, Sima He Shun and the others stood together to defend it, and they were all suppressed by the pressure until they were barely alive.

“Jiang Ping, as an elder of a Family, you ran over to my Sima Family to kill my clansmen. Aren’t you being a little too tyrannical?” A gentle voice sounded and it clearly brought everyone a sense of peace, but it easily defended against Jiang Ping’s pressure.

“Sima Qing, you advanced in rank?” He merely released some pressure of his own, but Jiang Pin could sense his power rank.

Sima You Yue raised her eyes and looked over, and a silhouette immediately appeared from the Sima Family.

Sima Qing, an ancestor of the Sima Family. Said to have lived for a few thousand years. Aside from the white hair by his ears, the other hairs on his body were black. He didn’t even have many wrinkles on his face.

If not for the vicissitudes in his eyes, he wouldn’t look much different from the average person.

CLothed in white, he appeared highly refined.

“Yue Yue, your ancestor is rather flashy!” Little Seven said in a small voice.

“I feel the same.” Sima You Yue agreed, “At the very least, he’s a narcissistic person.”

They said this very softly, but it did not escape the ears of the ancestor. Sima Qing looked over and gave a faint smile to Sima You Yue, and she suddenly felt like the phrase, “a million facets, never bored of looking” came to mind.

Damn, was this any way to describe an ancestor?

Sima Qing turned back after smiling at her and looked at Jiang Ping, saying, “You undying old man. I don’t care what reason you have. Since you’ve dared come to my doorstep to bully us, yelling about how you cannot treat us kindly, it seems like our relationship is finally at an end. There’s no need to say more, let’s just fight!”

After saying this, he flashed beside Jiang Ping, grabbed onto him and flew to the sky.

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