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Chapter 1470: Shedding all pretense of cordiality

Sima You Yue stood where she was without moving because others moved immediately.

“Bang -”

The spirit energy was interrupted halfway and finally landed where nobody was standing, blowing a hole in the street.

Jiang Xue saw Sima Zhi Yuan standing in front of Sima You Yue, blocking her, and said with a dark expression, “What is the meaning of this?”

“I’m the one who should ask you what’s the meaning of this!” Sima Zhi Yuan called out, “You dare to kill my Granddaughter?”

“She wants to kill my son!” Jiang Xue called out.

“That’s because your son is the one asking for death!”

“Sima Zhi Yuan, don’t be too biased now! Tu’er is someone within the Sima Family!” Jiang Xue said, “Are you sure that you want to act against your own clan for the sake of an outsider?”

“Hmph, you guys are obviously the one looking for trouble.” Sima Zhi Yuan snorted coldly, “You dare to attack others, so you must be prepared to be attacked by others!”

“Who dares to touch my son!” Jiang Xue cried out, “You better get her to let him go, or else…”

“Or else what?” Sima Zhi Yuan interrupted her, “Do you think that that plan of yours would really be able to work?”

Jiang Xue’s expression changed as she asked, “What plan?”

Even Miao Xi Hua’s heart started to pound. Could it be that they knew?

“Don’t you want to chase me off my position so you can let your son become the Patriarch?” Sima Zhi Yuan said, “Don’t you also want to get the Jiang Family to help you out, which is why you’re currently waiting for the Jiang Family to rush over here, isn’t it?”

“What are you talking about, I don’t understand!” Jiang Xue was still denying it.

She had truly already sent news back to the Jiang Family yesterday, asking them to hurry up and send men over. However, they sent news back saying that they would still need a bit more time.

She thought that she had done it secretly enough. How did Sima Zhi Yuan come to know about it?

She subconsciously looked at Miao Xi Hua. when she saw that she was extremely surprised as well, she knew that it wasn’t her who had leaked the news.

Could it be that they had a spy within them?

“You should stop wondering who it was that spilt the beans, and stop trying to deny it. Since I dare to say it like this, I have my evidence.” Sima Zhi Yuan stopped her from saying anything more. Now that he had said this, anything she said to deny it would be meaningless.

“Jiang Xue, you really…”

Those who had just heard of this news looked at her with shock.

They knew that she had always been strong and always wanted to show off her abilities. They thought that it was because they didn’t have a man to lead the clan, which was why they always toilerated her whenever she overstepped her boundaries.

However, this didn’t mean that she could do something that would act against the clan!

“Hmph, Sima Zhi Yuan, as the Patriarch, you always judge things unfairly and have brought so much trouble upon the Sima Family. We have done so much for our clan, but you have never treated us justly. Why can’t we give ourselves some equal power?” Jiang Xue said.

“That’s right! Sima Zhi Yuan, you undying old man, you should have given me the position long ago. Only when I become the Patriarch of the Sima Family will the Sima Family revitalise and return to its former glory!” Sima Tu suddenly cried out, “Hmph, once I become Patriarch, all those who looked down on me will all be sent to hell!”

“Sima Tu!” Those people who Sima Tu had pointed and cursed at cried out, “You’re just an evil creature!”

“I’m an evil creature? You guys are the evil ones, okay?!” Sima Tu pointed at Sima Liu Xuan and Sima You YUe, “If it wasn’t for them consorting with that slut from the ghost clan, would our clan have been pressured by other powers like this? The biggest joke is that the undying old man even protected them because he was your grandson!”

“I heard that when I was in the clan, someone tried to poison me to death. That should have been you, right?” Sima You Yue asked.

“Of course! However I didn’t think that your cheap life would be so long that you actually didn’t die no matter how many poisons I used! It looks like you really are an evildoer!” Sima Tu cried out.

“Sima Tu!” Sima Zhi Yuan personally heard him confess that he had attacked Sima You Yue when she was young and could not help but burst out in anger.

“Undying old man, just cry out. In any case, you won’t be able to for much longer.” Sima TU used his hands to cover his ears, “Once my mother and the Jiang Familysmen have killed you all, I will be the Patriarch of the Sima Family. I just have to hold on until that day…”


Sima Tu had yet to finish his sentence when Sima Zhi Yuan, who was no longer able to hold back his anger, ran over to give him a heavy punch.

“Tu’er! What have you done to him!” Jiang Xue cried out.

“Nothing much, actually. I just fed him an incantation pill when he wasn’t looking!” Sima You Yue said, “I merely wanted to ask whether or not the one who had poisoned me was them, but I didn’t think that he would just say whatever was on his mind.”

When she finished speaking, she shrugged, expressing that she didn’t expect that.

“Jiang Xue, oh Jiang Xue, our Sima Family has always treated you kindly. Why have you turned around to stab us in the back!” Even Sima He Shun was incensed and his words were filled with disappointment.

“Hmph, treated us kindly? Hahaha – Sima He Shun, don’t you feel embarrassed saying these words?” Jiang Xue burst out with laughter, “If you really treated us well, would my lineage have been suppressed within the clan?”

“Why are you wasting so many words with her? With her attitude, no matter what you do for her, she will never think it is enough!” Sima Zhi Yuan said, “Even without speaking of what happened before, now that you have plotted this, it is enough to confirm your punishment!”

“Punishment?” Jiang Xue looked at Sima Zhi Yuan, “Just based on you guys? Pah!”

“Is that so? You are still a member of our Sima Family, you’ll see whether or not we can do it! Catch them!” Sima Zhi Yuan waved his hands as a group of guards ran out, surrounding Jiang Xue and the others.

“Sima Zhi Yuan, do you want to shed all pretense of cordiality?”

“Isn’t this what you all have chosen?” Sima Zhi Yuan snorted coldly.

Jiang Xue looked at those guards and started to calculate the odds of success.

“You will not catch Grandmother!” Many people ran out from inside, forming a circle around Jiang Xue.

There people were from one of the branches and they all ran out when they heard the news.

It was likely that they didn’t care much for Jiang Xue, but that her life or death would influence their life or death. If she died, they would not have a good future inside the Sima Family.

Of course, one of the reasons was because Jiang Xue often left some pressure in their hearts.

Sima Zhi Yuan saw the disciples in that clan and said, “You have to think this through properly. As the later generation of our clan, I give you guys one more chance. If you insist on going through this with Jiang Xue, you will no longer ever be a part of the Sima Family! If you admit your fault now, you can still remain as a member of the Sima Family!”

“Do you think that you will still hold any position in the Sima Family without Grandmother” Sima Tu’s son cried out.

These people exchanged glances and their eyes revealed their hesitation.

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