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Chapter 1468: Drawing the Snake out of the Den

Sima You Yue had guessed that Sima Zhi Yuan would come find her. Seeing his angry face, she grinned, “Great Grandfather, didn’t we already discuss it? We will go back when we handle the previous matter. It’s not like we’re never returning, what’s with the sullen expression?”

“The news you sent back was that you have a way to make them jump out. You didn’t say anything about not entering the front door.” Sima Zhi Yuan was depressed. He had been so happy and was looking forward to it.

“But if I don’t stay outside, how will I make them make their move?” Sima You Yue said. “Everyone knows that if I come back, you will provide me protection all round. Won’t they not have any chance to attack?”

“This is too risky.” Sima Zhi Yuan looked at her disapprovingly.

“Great Grandfather, don’t worry. This is your place. Can the other party come kill me?” Sima You Yue was not anxious at all. “Relax!”

Sima Zhi Yuan’s brow furrowed. He felt helpless seeing that he couldn’t convince her.

She was a real stubborn girl. It seemed that he needed to send some more people down here.

Sima You Yue understood his thoughts. She didn’t want Sima Liu Xuan who didn’t have the ability to protect himself before he returned to the family.

By that time, when she goes to find the divine medicine and under Huang Ying Ying and their possible negligence, it would be too late to regret.

So she must remove the danger before she goes back!

“How about Ancestor….”

“Almost done.”

“That’s good. As the rest, just follow the plan.”


Sima family, a courtyard close to the main house.

Jiang Xue threw her tea cup on the ground. The crisp sound made everyone in the room tremble.

“This little bitch dared to show up now.” Jiang Xue cursed.

“Mother, Xi’er has fallen into a coma again. Let’s find this little bitch and have her detoxify Xi’er.” Miao Xi Hua suggested.

“Hmph, is there any use finding her now? If she is willing, she would already done so!” Jiang Xue said angrily.

“Are we just going to watch Xi’er die? Mother, Xi’er is the hope of our generation!”

“Shut up! All you know how to do is cry all the time!” Jiang Xue shouted.

Miao Xi Hua did not dare let her tears fall. She appeared weak and incometent, completely unlike her domineering presence outside!

“Then what about Xi’er?”

Jiang Xue glanced at her disdainfully. “I just said we won’t beg her. It’s not that I won’t have her detoxify Xi’er.”

“Mother, do you want to…” Miao Xi Hua looked at Jiang Xue in surprise. “But Uncle He Shun did not allow us to touch her?”

“Hmph, Sima family never put our line in their eyes. Why should we listen to them? They have been unkind to us, they can’t blame us for being ruthless!” Jiang Xue’e eyes flashed with determination.

“Mother, do you want to destroy the Sima family?”

“That won’t be enough. However, Sima Zhi Yuan had been the head of the family for too long. It’s time for a replacement.”

Miao Xi Hua’s eyes flashed with joy. Jiang Xue wouldn’t go be the head of the family but wouldn’t the head of the family be her husband, Sima Tu?

Then she would be the wife of the head of the family?

As long as they become the head of the family, couldn’t they make Sima You Yue detoxify Xi’er?

“Mother, what do we need to do?”

“Forget it, you will only add to the problem!” Jiang Xue didn’t give her any face. “I will arrange this matter with the Jiang family. Just give me peace and don’t let the cat out of the bag! Get out!”

“Yes!” Miao Xi Hua was dissatisfied with Jiang Xue, but she didn’t reveal it.

She saluted to Jiang Xue and then left. No one saw the deep hatred in her eyes.

This old woman always scolded and beat her. She wouldn’t even save a little face for her in front of her servants. When she becomes the wife of the head of the family, she must return all the grievances she suffered over the years!

She went back to her courtyard. She felt distressed when she saw her daughter in a coma again.

“Madam, what did the old madam say?” The maid who was wiping Sima Liu Xi’s asked when she saw Miao Xi Hua.

This maid was Miao Cao. She was Miao Xi Hua’s dowry maid who later became Sima Liu Xi’s nanny.

So she still had status in front of Miao Xi Hua.

“Mother won’t allow us to beg her.” Miao Xi Hua sat on the bed. “She has her own plan and asks us to not make a move!”

“What about Young Miss?” Miao Cao said worriedly. “Young Miss’s body is getting worse. Although she is in a coma, her vitality has reduced significantly. If we drag on like this, I’m afraid that her body will be damaged after being detoxified.”

Miao Xi Hua stretched out her hand and touched her daughter. “It’s not that I don’t know. It’s all because I didn’t believe in that little bitch at that time. Otherwise, Xi’er would not have to suffer this much!”

“Madam, don’t blame yourself. You didn’t pay attention to the situation at that time.” Miao Cao explained. “After all, those things happened back then. She knows and hates us and might take the opportunity to take Young Miss’ life. This is also expected.”

“But the other people’s poison has been cured except Xi’er.” Miao Xi Hua said. “There was still a glimmer of hope, but my mother killed them. She was unwilling to detoxify Xi’er.”

“Old Madam has a bad temper. We shouldn’t have let her know of that.” Miao Cao sighed. “If it weren’t for her, things wouldn’t’ be like this!”

“At that time, if we didn’t tell the family, how could this little bitch promise to detoxify them?” Miao Xi Hua said. “I didn’t expect for things to develop this way!”

“Then what shall we do now? Young Miss can’t last long!” Miao Cao said distressed.

“She asked me to wait. But where do I have time to wait?” Miao Xi Hua said. “No, I have to deal with this matter first.”

“Since this is the case now, it’s better to catch her. Then there will be a way to let her detoxify Young Miss!” Miao Cao said.

“However, the Patriarch sent a lot of the people to protect that little bitch, and mother forbids us to touch her…”

“Madam, don’t forget we have our strength!” Miao Cao said. “Although the Miao family is not stronger than Sima family, it is possible to deal with the guards. It is true, Young Miss can’t wait!”

“Miao Xi Hua looked at her distressedly. Her eyes were firm. “For Xi’er, we can only do this! Cao’er, contact the Miao family. You must get that little bitch oer to me in two days!”

“Yes, Madam!”

At night, Sima You Yue opened her eyes when she heard movement outside. It was a bit beyond her expectation that they would find her so soon!

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