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Chapter 1467: Passing by

Chong Prefecture was one of the major cities of Ye Prefecture and the city where the Sima family was in. In this city, nearly half of the people located there was from the Sima Family or related to this family.

The remaining half of the people rely on Sima family’s dominance. Therefore, Sima family had absolute power there.

When Sima You Yue and Sima Liu Xuan arrived, they caused a great sensation.

Everyone saw Sima Liu Xuan, the genius once they had praised, had fallen like this because of entanglement with the princess of the Ghost Clan.

Seeing their ridicule at Sima Liu Xuan, Huang Ying Ying was angry and wanted to retort back. But Sima Liu Xuan held her back.

“Mother, there is nothing wrong with those people. I don’t care, so you shouldn’t take it to heart!” He persuaded her.

“These people are from Sima Tu’s faction. They dare to be so blatant because they know your father and I gave up our power in the family!” Huang Ying Ying was straightforward. She became angry when she looked at those people.

“Grandmother, don’t be angry. The angrier you are, the happier they will be.” Sima You Yue said. “Since those people are so powerful, they should have the ability to remove their Young Miss’ poison. My method can only suppress it for two to three months. Including the previous poisoning time, their Young Miss only has two to three months left. They don’t care about Sima Liu Xi’s life. They can scream anything they like.”

Although she was smiling, her voice was cold. It was obviously not loud, but it spread through the street. Those people paused and no one dared to say one more word.

Jiang Xue returned a few days earlier with Sima Liu Xi. What happened in Chord City had spread throughout the city.

As soon as they heard it was Sima Liu Xuan’s daughter who refused to treat Young Miss Xi, these people were unhappy and wanted to embarrass them when they came back.

Unexpectedly, Sima You Yue cut them off.

Currently, only she was able to cure Sima Liu Xi’s poison!

Sima You Yue saw them quieten down and her mouth curled into a sneer and continued, ” City Lord Lang, I heard they were looking for you again. Give them the antidote lest they wouldn’t let us go back and pester me again.”

“How can I do that?!” Yin Lang directedly refused. “Since I gave you the pill formula in exchange, I naturally will abide by the agreement and won’t give anyone else! Otherwise, wouldn’t I be a dishonest person?!”

“When did I ask you to not give others?” Sima You Yue asked.

“Although you didn’t ask for it, I asked this of myself.” Yin Lang said seriously. “I have always kept my promises, so I won’t tell others.”

Sima You Yue stared at Yin Lang. She sighed and said nothing, looking helpless.

Those who heard her conversation became anxious. It seemed only she could save Young Miss Xi.

This was sad news!

Sima You yue grabbed Sima Liu Xuan’s hand. Sima Liu Xuan patted her hand. He felt warm seeing her stand up for him.

Although he didn’t care about it, the time he lost in exchange for a daughter was worth it.

They passed through half of the city before arriving at the Sima Family.

The Sima manor was more stylish than the one in Yi Lin Continent. The numbers of rooms were numerous. The front entrance was a hundred meter wide, and the guards positioned where the stones in the protection array would be. Even a battle between paragons wouldn’t affect the entrance.

“It’s magnificent!” SIma You Yue stood at the front gate and looked at the gems above, exclaiming.

“The entrance of the Sima Family is more magnificent than ours!” Yin Lang also saw the Sima Manor for the first time. He didn’t expect that there would be such a magnificent manor in the prefecture.

“They were built when our ancestors came here. At that time, the family just got here. Their strength was relatively strong. In order to cover up the loss of relocation, such an entrance was built.” Huang Ying Ying explained.

“The entrance does look a bit old, but the gems seem to have been recently put there.” Yin Lang observed.

Sima You Yue glanced at him. “Let’s go.”

Yin Lang rubbed his nose. He was just telling the truth.

There was quite a ruckus between the Sima Family and the Jiang Family. In order to give the protection array enough power to protect the family, Sima Family did change them for spirit stones.

The news that Sima Liu Xuan and Sima You Yue came back shocked the entire Sima Family. Everyone thought they would go straight to the manor and even got news they were outside the entrance. But as they waited, they didn’t see them come in.

“Miss—-Where’s the Young Miss?” Sima Zhi Yuan waited anxiously at home. He wanted to go outside to find them.

However, it was empty outside the entrance. There was not a shadow of Sima You Yue and Sima Liu Xuan.

“Young Miss said that the gate at Sima family is magnificent, but there is no invitation from Sima Family. She hadn’t brought a visiting card, so she won’t go in today. She said she will have the opportunity to visit again later.” The guard replied tremblingly.

They heard Sima You Yue said let’s go; they thought she was going in, but she turned around and left.

Several guards were stunned. Immediately, someone reacted and asked her why she didn’t go in and she gave a response.

Sima Zhi Yuan and another who came from behind pursed their lips when they heard Sima You Yue’s reply. She was saying that she wasn’t a member of the Sima Family so she couldn’t enter Sima Family’s entrance casually!

“What the hell is this little girl doing?!” Sima Zhi Yuan cursed. He asked the guard where she left off to. He stated that he was going to find her.

“Don’t worry.” Sima He Shun grabbed him back. “You Yue has her own plans.”

“What plan does she have? I finally coaxed her to come to the entrance. She actually didn’t want to walk in. I have to bring her back!”

“She is not Sima Family’s people. Even if you call her, she will not come back.” Sima He Shun said. “The most direct way to have her enter is to recognize Liu Xuan’s return to the family. Only then will she come back when Liu Xuan comes back.”

Only after Sima Liu Xuan returned to the family was she willing to go in. This was something everyone understood.

“Sigh…..” Sima Zhi Yuan sighed. Then he jumped up. “Tomorrow, I will put them two into our genealogy!”

After that, he went after Sima You Yue.

“Where are you going now?!” Someone shouted from behind.

“Taking a stroll!” Sima Zhi Yuan left without looking back.

She refused to go in now, couldn’t he just go find her? In order to get her home, his efforts were put in vain!

He could only blame it on Jiang Xue’s line. If it weren’t for them to attack You Yue when she was young. How could she not be willing to come back now?!

Now they still dare to contact the Jiang family. He will surely punish them later!

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