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Chapter 1446: Why Didn’t You Appear Earlier

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Although Sima Zhi Yuan wanted to ask more about Sima Liu Xuan’s matters in detail, however, they could only talk about other things due to Lang Zhong’s presence.

“Patriarch, who on earth did this to us?” Huang Ying Ying asked.

Sima Zhi Yuan shook his head, “Because of the recent events, there are many people who know about us. There are also many people who don’t want us to advance.”

Therefore, there were many people who wanted to attack them.

“Are those people outside acting so cautious because of this incident that happened to the Sima Family, or are there also others who have experienced this as well?” Sima Liu Xuan asked.

After mentioning that he was no longer a member of the Sima Family, Sima Liu Xuan’s manner of addressing also changed.

“It’s because of us.” Sima Zhi Yuan said, “A Profound Moon Fruit that’s ten thousand years old … this temptation is really too great, they naturally want to ensure the safety of the contestants.”

“It’s true. However, Profound Moon Fruit can’t be obtained by simply winning the competition, right?”

“It is said that the Madame of the He Family has to be healed as well but I think they all ignored this.”

“This Patriarch He is really a man with deep affections.” Lang Zhong sighed, his eyes dimmed, no one knew what he was thinking of.

As they conversed, time flowed by quickly. A few hours later, Sima You Yue opened the door.

“How is it?” Huang Ying Ying came to her and asked worriedly.

“It’s all under been suppressed, they’ve all regained consciousness but they are still very weak.” Sima You Yue said.

“Really? They’ve regained consciousness already? I’ll go in and have a look.”

Sima You Yue did not stop and Huang Ying Ying pushed the door excitedly and went in.

After Huang Ying Ying entered, she heard someone call her ‘mother’.

It turned out that her own aunt was here, no wonder she was so anxious before.

“Let’s go in and take a look.”

The others followed in, leaving Lang Zhong and Sima You Yue who was leaning against the pillar.

“Really suppressed successfully?”

“If you don’t believe me, you can take a look, I’m an honest person!” Sima You Yue said confidently.

Lang Zhong didn’t seem to believe her as he bypassed her and entered the room and saw that the people who were unconscious before had opened their eyes.

Although they were relatively weak, they really regained consciousness.

He was slightly agitated as he walked quickly to the bed, grabbed a woman’s hand to check her pulse and froze.

Really…she had suppressed it and had it under control…

“Lang Zhong, what are you doing?!” Huang Ying Ying roared at him.

However, Lang Zhong ignored her and sat in a daze by the bed.


Lang Zhong suddenly stood up, went to another woman’s side, checked her, and the result was the same.

“Really…really possible…” Lang Zhong muttered to himself.

Sima You Yue came in and saw him who looked forlorn and desperate.

Forlorn? Why?

“Lang Zhong!” Huang Ying Ying was fuming and raised her voice even further.

“Grandmother, he is checking their bodies.” Sima You Yue said.

He was also a doctor?

Lang Zhong heard Sima You Yue’s voice, turned to look at her, moved his lips, but said nothing.

“How is it?” Sima You Yue asked.

“How?” Lang Zhong did not answer a rhetorical question.

How? How to what?

Sima You Yue was puzzled.

Lang Zhong looked at her with a wounded expression, why didn’t you show up earlier? If someone could suppress the toxins for her back then, would she be able to wait for him to cure her?


He stood up and with a thought, a pill formula appeared in his hand. He came to Sima You Yue’s side, put pill formula into her hand and simply left.

Sima You Yue looked down at the pill formula in her hand and smiled.

This meant that he agreed to make a deal!

“You Yue, what is this?”

Sima You Yue raised the pill formula, “The antidote for Hundred Days of Sleep. I’ll go to refine the antidote first.”

After finishing speaking, she turned around and went out without waiting for other people to speak. She headed into the empty room next to her, arranged an array before she began to refine the antidote.

“Mother, is she Little Brother’s daughter?” The woman who was first examined by Lang Zhong asked in a low voice.

“Yes.” Huang Ying Ying replied, “Yuan’er, how do you feel?”

“Just a little weak.” Sima Liu Yuan’s voice was very weak.

When she woke up just now, she saw a young lady by her side. She smiled at her and said that she was still very weak now and advised her not to speak first and went on to treat other people.

That face that was seventy percent similar to Yu Ke Luo, except for their child, she could not think of anyone else.

What a promising child…

“By the way, Mother, where’s my little brother?”

Huang Ying Ying looked back, everyone stepped aside and she saw a person with silver hair and with a gentle smile.

“Ninth Sister, I’m back.”

Hearing him call her ‘Ninth Sister’, tears started rolling down Sima Liu Yuan’s cheeks.

Sima Zhi Yuan looked at them and said to the others: “Since everyone is awake, don’t stand around, let’s go out first.”

The others from the clan left, leaving this place for Huang Ying Ying and the others.

Since they had already regained consciousness, now it was their turn to find out who was responsible for it!

Sima You Yue refined the antidote in the room. Since it was the first time she refined this pill, it was still a bit unfamiliar to her and she succeeded only after practicing twice.

Looking at the pill in her hand, she remembered Lang Zhong’s painful eyes.

He had such a big reaction, it should have been a very important person who had fallen to this poison and he failed to work out the antidote in time.

When he asked her ‘how’, it should have been asking her how she suppressed it?


She sighed in her heart, put away the pill in her hands, removed the barrier and opened the door.

Lang Zhong stood in the courtyard and kept looking at her door which startled her.

Well, she couldn’t detect his presence each time and it became normal not to notice him waiting outside her door.

“All done?” He asked, his voice hoarse.

She had been refining it for a few days, was he standing here these past few days waiting for her?

“Yeah.” Sima You Yue took out a bottle and threw it into his hand.

Lang Zhong caught the jade bottle, poured one out and when he saw the milky white pill on the palm of his hand, his heart was in turmoil.

“It seems that what you said is true.” He threw the medicine back.

Sima You Yue smiled, turned and entered the main room.

She could refine the antidote in such a short time, which shows that she had a certain understanding of these. In this case, even without his formula, she could develop the antidote in a while.

So, she didn’t lie to him.

If he didn’t tell her, she could also work out the antidote. But he wouldn’t know how she suppressed it.

Sima You Yue came to the room and saw Huang Ying Ying and a few women standing by the bed, and her face was a little excited when she saw her enter.

“You Yue, has the antidote been refined?” Huang Ying Ying asked.

“Mm Hmm.” Sima You Yue nodded, “I’ve refined enough for the first dose and will refine the rest later.”

She took out the pill, distributed it to the women, and let them feed it.

“That’s great!”

“If there is an antidote, you all will be fine!”

Lang Zhong stood in the courtyard, looking at a group of people in the room who could not conceal their excitement and happiness as they cheered.

He had no chance to feel such joy then.

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