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Chapter 1447: She doesn’t want to treat anymore

“Is this really the antidote?”

Amidst the cheers, a questioning voice came, instantly extinguishing everyone’s enthusiasm.

Several people were stunned, looking at the person who spoke.

“Miao Xi Hua, what do you mean!” Huang Ying Ying shouted when she saw her precious granddaughter being questioned.

“It means exactly what it sounds!” Miao Xi Hua said, “None of the poison masters said it was poisoning, yet she just arbitrarily diagnosed it as poison! And even said it was a very powerful ancient poison. Is this antidote reliable? For one who didn’t grow up in the clan, will she be so good to the family?”

When she said that, everyone who was excited just now also became a little skeptical.

“This… Ying Ying, Xi Hua also has some truth in what she said. Our children are our life, so we can’t afford anything going wrong….” Someone said.


“Grandmother, don’t be angry.” Sima You Yue held Huang Ying Ying back and said, “Since they don’t believe it, there’s nothing much for us to say. It’s not like we’re begging them, since they don’t think it’s credible, just don’t use it. There’s no need to force it.”

She knew that Miao Xi Hua was Sima Tu’s wife, and she was in the same generation as her grandmother.

“You Yue.” Huang Ying Ying swept her gaze across those people unhappily.

Out of kindness, her precious granddaughter saved them, but being so questioned by them was really annoying!

“It’s nothing.” Sima You Yue said, “Whether they eat it or not has no effect on us.”

After all, she looked at the women and said, “Since you all don’t believe me, then don’t eat the pills I refined. However, this time round, I helped you on the account of my Great Grandfather. If you choose not to believe me this time and beg me later, things won’t be so easy.”

“Hmph, even if you beg us in the future, we won’t help at all!” Huang Ying Ying reiterated her words.

“Grandmother, give the antidote to Aunt first,” Sima You Yue said.


Huang Ying Ying gave Sima Liu Yuan the antidote and asked with concern: “How is it?”

Sima Liu Yuan smiled and said, “I feel much better.”

Although she said that, the few skeptics still had no energy to speak and didn’t believe her.

Some who had a good relationship with Huang Ying Ying, saw that she had fed Sima Liu Yuan and they also fed the medicine to their children. But those stubborn few never moved.

“Since you don’t believe it, then return the pills to me.” Sima You Yue reached out to them.

Miao Xi Hua grasped the pill in her hand and did not intend to return it to her.

She was just not too sure, but she didn’t think that it was completely useless. What she wanted to do was to show it to the poison master to have a look first and after ascertaining it’s authenticity, she would feed it to her daughter.

Several others also had the same idea in their minds, so no one returned it.

Sima You Yue understood their thoughts, but did not intend to let them off with such a bargain.

“Mi Er, Little Seven.”

After she spoke, the others only felt two shadows flashed by them and when they looked again, Sima You Yue had one youth and one young lady standing by her side.

That youth looked the same as Sima You Yue, just a smaller version.

“Yue Yue, pill.”

Little Seven and Mi Er handed the pills to Sima You Yue, and the few people saw that the pill in their hands was gone.

Sima You Yue put away the pills, and praised them: “Good job.”

“Sima You Yue, what do you mean!” Miao Xi Hua screeched when she saw that.

“Since you have no use for this pill, I will naturally take it back.” Sima You Yue said, “It costs a lot of medicinal materials and is very expensive.”

“Since you have given this to us, there is no reason to take it back!”

“This pill is mine, why can’t I take it back?” Sima You Yue said, “The medicinal materials belong to me and the refining was also done by me. Your Sima Family didn’t pay a single cent. That’s why, if I’m willing to give it to you, I’ll give but if I don’t want to, I’ll take it back.”


Miao Xi Hua and the others were very angry, what if that was the real antidote?

“Mother, I seem to be more comfortable.” Sima Liu Yuan said suddenly, her voice a little louder.

“This pill has already begun to exert its effects, so it will be more comfortable.” Sima You Yue explained, “but it is not enough to take only one dose, you will have to take it two more times later.”

“Thank you, You Yue.” Sima Liu Yuan said gratefully.

“Aunt is polite.”

“Mother, I also think I feel a lot more comfortable.” Another woman who took the pill voiced out.

“Me too!”

“I also feel that my body has regained some strength.”

“Me too.”

All who had taken the pill started to chime in and each of them felt much stronger than before.

Those women were overjoyed, it seems that the antidote was really useful!

“It’s really useful!” they cried, “Haha, fortunately we believed her!”

But the few people who were swayed by Miao Xi Hua felt very regretful. They should have believed her!

Great, now the antidote has been taken back.

They could only blame it all on Miao Xi Hua, they had never thought of this, if it weren’t for her to encourage them, how could they hesitate!

She and Sima Xiu Qi’s side had old grievances, that’s why she encouraged them to disbelieve Sima You Yue along with her.

Blame it all on her! Otherwise, how could their daughter and granddaughter still be like that.

With the bitter complaints in their heart, the look in their eyes was not so good.

Miao Xi Hua was irritated by their unkind glares and she glared back at them and retorted: “I didn’t force you, what are you blaming me for?! Besides, we still don’t know if this antidote really works!”

“Does it work? Hmph, you will know later.” Huang Ying Ying said, “Yuan’er, you will get better soon.”

“Mm!” Sima Liu Yuan nodded, her eyes twinkling, she was finally getting better after lying down for so many days.


“Grandmother, I’m going to refine the antidote for the second stage.” After Sima You Yue finished speaking, she bowed to Huang Ying Ying and turned and left.

She went out to find Lang Zhong, but found that he had disappeared.

She curled her lips, this guy left?

Alright, she’ll tell him the method when they meet again.

She went back to the room, placed an array and entered the Spirit Pagoda. She then adjusted her breath to restore her mental strength and spent a few more days to refine the pill. Seeing it was early, she took out the Armament Refining manual in the Spirit Pagoda and began to read it.

At this time, outside the Spirit Pagoda, those people had already started making trouble.

“You fool!” Sima Tu slapped Miao Xi Hua so hard that she fell to the ground.

“How do I know that her antidote is really useful?!” Miao Xi Hua was also aggrieved, “She is the granddaughter of Sima Xiu Qi!”

“You are confused! Even if she is Sima Xiu Qi’s granddaughter, there is Sima Liu Yuan in there!” Sima Tu shouted, “Even if she ignores other people, can she still harm Sima Liu Yuan?!”

Miao Xi Hua was taken aback, yes, Huang Ying Ying might let Sima You Yue harm her own daughter, but would she still harm her own daughter?

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