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Chapter 1427: Phoenix Nirvana, Fire Rebirth

Sima You Yue looked at them. Her tears welled up. She tried not to cry but her tears couldn’t help but fall down.

“You’re so old already, yet you’re still crying.” Huang Ying Ying wiped the tears on her face.

“When did I?!” Sima You Yue was embarrassed and quickly wiped her face.

Sima Liu Xuan turned his eyes to Wu Lingyu. When he was rescued, he was in a state of confusion and Wu Lingyu went into a coma again.

When Wu LIngyu woke up, Sima Liu Xuan and them were far away, so they didn’t meet.

Speaking of it, this was the first time these two officially meet.

“I heard about you.” Sima Liu Xuan started. “Although you’re excellent and Sima likes you and is willing to be with you, I hope that you will not bring You Yue any danger.”

“I will take care of my business.” Wu Lingyu said. “I won’t put her in danger.”

“I hope you can do what you said.” Sima Liu Xuan added, “If you can’t and put her in danger, I won’t agree to give her to you.”

“I will.” Wu Lingyu didn’t say much. He wasn’t the talkative type, but his words were heavy as a mountain.

Sima You Yue pursed her lips. Why did the scene change so fast?

She was moved emotionally. In the next second, it became father meeting his son-in-law. Both of them looked solemn which didn’t match with her scene.

She was not afraid of her father meeting the son-in-law.

During their time together, she had already understood Sima Liu Xuan’s temperament. As long as she liked it, he wouldn’t be meddlesome about it.

Therefore, he wouldn’t embarrass Wu Lingyu too much. Not to mention, he was an excellent person and spoiled her a lot.

The only thing that worried was probably his devil race identity. With an opponent like the Devil King, things in the devil realm weren’t going to be smooth. It might bring her danger.

However, when it came to danger, she seemed to have a lot of enemies, especially in Fair Eastern City. She and the ghost clan had quite a few grudges.

Hopefully, it wouldn’t affect when she goes to save her mother….

“Alright, if you two want to talk about these things, go to the side. You Yue just returned, let her take a good rest.” Huang Ying Ying interrupted.

“Grandma, I am not tired.” Sima You Yue had rested in Wu Lingyu’s arms for a long while before returning. She didn’t feel tired at all.

She looked at Wu Lingyu. “Lingyu, you have a lot of knowledge. Do you have any ways to recover father’s condition?”

“Alright. I need to check uncle’s body.” Wu Lingyu replied.

Sima Liu Xuan wanted to say it was not necessary. His body had eroded this much, how was he going to recover?

But seeing her ardent gaze, he couldn’t bear to refuse. He let Wu Lingyu check him.

Wu Lingyu checked Sima Liu Xuan as he listened to Sima You Yue. He gained a general understanding of his situation.

“How is it, do you have a way?” Sima You Yue asked.

“Uncle’s meridian has been wasted, so he can’t cultivate now.” Wu Lingyu said. “To recover, the only way is to reshape the body.”

“Reshape body?”

“In fact, it’s to reshape all his meridians and his dantian.” Wu Lingyu explained.

“Then do you have a way?”

“There is a way but it will take time to prepare things.” Wu Liingyu answered.

“It’s hard to find?” Sima You Yue asked.

“One is hard to find, another, I don’t know if it still exists.”

“What do you need?”

“Two divine medicines, and a little bit of essence from Qing Yi and Little Seven. The rest medicinal materials are auxiliary.”

“Two divine medicines?!” Sima Xiu Qi and them whispered.

All divine medicines were priceless, not to mention just two.

“Qing Yi and Little Seven, I can ask them to help. Now let’s talk about the divine medicines.” Sima You Yue quickly recovered from her surprise. “What are the two divine medicines?”

“One I mentioned to you before, Phoenix Nirvana.” Wu Lingyu said. “The other is Fire Rebirth of the hidden families.”

“Phoenix Nirvana and Fire Rebirth?”

Sima You Yue remembered when Wu Lingyu gave her the Divine Scar, he mentioned that Sage Pavilion had divine medicine ——– Phoenix Nirvana.

But it was the first time she heard of Fire Rebirth.

“The last time I went to Sage Pavilion, Phoenix Nirvana had grown buds. I don’t know if it has bloomed now. If not, we can wait.” Wu Lingyu directly revealed the whereabouts of Sage Pavilion’s divine medicine.

“Then who has the Fire Rebirth?” Sima You Yue asked.

“The news that came back last year was that it was in one of the Hidden Families. But information about them rarely gets outside. So the world doesn’t know where they are. However, that can be investigated. So don’t worry about it. But the Hidden Families are strong, even if we get the whereabouts of the divine medicine, it is not easy to obtain it.”

Hidden Families were indeed strong. This could be seen when the mysterious force retreated when Xuan Qiu family took action in Cloud Sea City.

If they wanted to obtain the divine medicine from their hands, it was going to be difficult.

“No matter the difficulty, I will obtain it!” Sima You Yue declared. “Lingyu, can you check how’s the Phoenix Nirvana on your side.”

“I haven’t been back for some decades. I don’t know if it has bloomed. When you return to the inner regions, I will go back and see.” Wu Lingyu said.

“The matter here is almost done. When they all come back, we will say goodbye before setting off.” Sima You Yue said.

“Sure.” Sima Xiu Qi and them wanted to return to their family. They basically had not gone back when they went to find him.

They wondered how it would look when they returned.

“Alright, let’s wait for them to come back.”

A few days later, Ximen Feng and Liang Wu Ming and the group came back consecutively. After they all returned, Sima You Yue told her she was leaving.

Everyone fell silent. Although they knew she would leave, they didn’t expect it to be so fast. Zong Zheng Clan and Yin Yang Palace were just destroyed. Now she was about to go to the inner regions.

“Don’t you all give me long faces. It’s not like I’m not coming back.” Sima You Yue chuckled.

“Mm, I believe you will be back. However, once you leave, I don’t know when you will be back.” Xiao Jing Zhong said solemnly.

“In fact, we can develop our force in the inner regions too.” Bi Sheng suggested. “On one hand, the resources of the inner regions are much better, and on the other hand, we can help you if you meet with problems in the inner regions.”

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