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Chapter 1428: Many many ore veins

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“This idea isn’t bad”. The others agreed, “There are many resources in the inner regions. If we can expand inwards, it will be beneficial for us in the future.”

“I agree as well. We have always been expanding inside the central regions, and now that our strength has grown quite a bit, we should have the ability to expand into the inner regions.”

“I agree as well.”

“I am alright either way.”

Sima You Yue pursed her lips. How did the conversion end up here?

“You Yue, what do you think?” Liang Wu Ming looked at her and asked.

“I feel that it is possible for us if the point of it is to expand the sect.” Sima You Yue replied, If it is because of me, and not because the sect needs it, then forget it. If I head over there, will I not lose out?”

“The priority is, of course, to expand our sect. It just so happens that heading over there is an opportunity as well.”

“I feel like this idea is pretty good. We have the ability, so why shouldn’t we go?”

“That’s right!”

At this time, Liu Liang Cai, who had been silent the entire time opened his mouth. Ever since they formed the alliance, he became the hall head of the Financial Hall.

“We will be able to go to the inner region in the future, which isn’t bad. However, we have a problem.” Liu Liang Cai said.

‘Liang Cai, is there some issue with the finances?”

“That’s right.” Liu Liang Cai nodded, “I went to the inner regions before, so I am a little familiar with the circumstances there. Although, in terms of battle ability, we are comparable to the powers in the inner reginos, in terms of finances, we are lacking a lot. Those powers who enter fresh can easily trespass on the territories of others. If we do not possess concrete details on the economic status in there and cannot stand firm, we might end up on the losing end.”

“Indeed. In the past, in the Divine Devil Valley, we did not manage this part properly. Although we did not lack in finances, we were not wealthy either.”

“Mm. Although we have Liang Cai, it’s only been for a short time. It’s not a problem to rush it out. However, if we end up in a long drawn battle, we won’t be able to hold on.”

“That is truly the case.”

“Sigh, if this really is the case, we can only give up on this plan.” Liang Wu Ming said, “However, this can be the next phase in our plan.”

“About that, how much are we lacking?” Sima You Yue asked.


“I’m asking how much we need to be able to expand in the inner regions.” Sima You Yue said, “Didn’t you say that we’re lacking in the financial area? So how much do we need?”

“We would need at least three medium sized ore veins at the very least to rely on.” Liu Liang Cai said, “Although we have an ore vein now, with a steady income, if we end up depleting it, we would have a problem. We would become unable to hold on.”

“You just need three ore veins?” Sima You Yue asked, “Then can’t we just go look for three ore veins?”

“You Yue, things like ore veins can’t be found just because you want to look for them.” Xiao Jing Zhong said, “Although we have seeker spirit masters, they haven’t found very good ore veins in recent years. Things like these require luck.”

“What if we did have ore veins?” Sima You Yue asked.

“If we had ore veins, then once we were done with the Yin Yang Palace and the Zong Zheng Clan, we would be able to prepare to head into the inner regions.” Liu Liang Cai said.

“What is it, You Yue, do you know where we can find an ore vein?” Old Man Devil could guess what she was thinking when he saw the look in her eyes.

“Yeah.” Sima You Yue nodded, “I happened to discover it previously.”

“Oh? How big is that one? If it’s relatively big, even if it’s more risky, we could give it a try.” Liu Liang Cai asked.

“Nope.” Sima You Yue wagged her finger.

“Not just one? Could it be that there are two?” Liu Liang Cai was excited, “If there are two of them, we wouldn’t have too big of a problem.”

“Nope, not two veins.” Sima You Yue saw that Liu Liang Cai, who was always calm, was actually excited and felt like teasing him so she didn’t complete her sentence.

“Not two? Then what is it? Could it be a big one?” Liu Liang Cai asked.


“That’s not it either? Then what is it?” Liu Liang Cai couldn’t guess it. Didn’t she wag her finger earlier? Just what did she mean then?

“A very very large ore vein.” Sima You Yue said.

Everyone sucked in a breath in shock. A very large ore vein. Just how much money was that!


Everyone had yet to compose themselves when she spoke again, causing everyone’s mouths to fall open with shock again.

“… The vein has five to six medium sized branches… and…”


Everyone was already unable to believe her words. They couldn’t breathe as they watched Sima You Yue with shining eyes.

“It seems like there were a few small ore veins at the bottom as well, I didn’t pay that much attention to those.”

Sima You Yue finally finished speaking and everyone was already stunned into silence by now. Even the old folks who were relatively calmer were staring starry-eyed like the rest.

It was especially so for Liu Liang Cai. Even when he encountered what happened in Fair Eastern City, trapped inside and unable to leave, he had been calm. However, right now, he was filled with shock and he was the most excited. He ran up from his seat and stretched out his hands wanting to hug Sima You Yue when Wu Lingyu, who was standing by her side, sent him flying.

However, even though Wu Lingyu’s expression was dark, he still knew how to hold himself back. Only then did Liang Cai emerge unhurt and crawled immediately.

However, at this point, he already came back to his senses and wouldn’t do this kind of thing again. Despite that, he was still pretty shaken.

“Deputy Valley Master, are you speaking the truth? How could there be so many ore veins? Where are they? With that many ore veins, there should be many powerful spirit fluctuations. How could nobody have discovered it? Deputy Valley Master, are you certain?”

By this point, he had already spoken in circles multiple times.

The others had also recovered their senses when they saw Wu Lingyu toss him away. The situation was too shocking, so some of them had also begun to doubt it.

“You Yue, where are the ore veins you mentioned? Could others have already discovered them?” Liang Wu Ming’s tone was a little urgent. If this was true, the priority was to take the first step!

“It’s in Jade Snow mountain.” Sima You Yue said, “The last time I went to rescue Instructor Mao and the others, I used those ore veins to extricate myself. That’s why this news is definitely real. It’s because the snow there is a bit weird and can cover the aura of the ore veins. That’s why nobody has discovered it.”

“We’ve heard about the Jade Snow Mountain before. If those people didn’t all die out, wouldn’t the others have already found out about the ore veins?” Ximen Feng asked.

“Nope.” Sima You Yue said, “Didn’t the Glacial Cloud Palace quickly get exterminated by the others? Everyone’s attention was on the Sky Splitter, so nobody noticed it. I sent my scarlet bees to guard the area, but none of them sent any news back.

Since she was so certain, everyone was riled up again.

“Our two Valley Masters, I request to head over to check it out immediately!” Liang Cai said animatedly.

“Since that’s the case, we should all go over there and take a look together.” Liang Wu Ming said.

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