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Chapter 1423: Blood for blood (2)

“Yue Yue, why do you talk so much nonsense with them? Just wipe them out.” Little Seven was impatient. She threw the thunderbolt in her hand.

It was better to fight those who were unable to understand. Why’s there so much nonsense?

The members of Zong Zheng Clan were furious as they watched their entrance explode.

“Arrogant brats! I will take your life!”

A hot tempered person shouted. His eyes widened as he attacked Little Seven.

Little Seven immediately jumped and flew from the walls to counterattack the other person.

The two’s action started the fight on both sides. Zong Zheng’s clan flew out of the house one by one. The people from both sides fought directly.

Ximen Feng was not strong enough to go against Zong Zheng Li, so Bi Sheng took the challenge when Zong Zheng Li Ying attacked. Ximen Feng fought with an elder of Zong Zheng Clan.

In an hour, half of the city was occupied by people and beasts.

Sima You Yue summoned her spirit beasts. As soon as they appeared, they were agitated. They looked at Zong Zheng Clan with hatred and their attacks were not soft.

Others did not know Sima You Yue’s identity but they know. It was the Zong Zheng clan that Sima You Yue suffered so much. She worked desperately over these years just for this day.

Little Roc and them remembered when she reached Divine Rank, her soul was restored, and all the memories of her previous life came back. She almost collapsed back then. If it weren’t for Wu Lingyu’s presence and emotional support, what she would have become like.

“I can eat full this time!” Flowey licked her lips. Her flowers and stems filled the streets.

Little Dream used her mental ability to attack. All those who came under her power became sluggish and slow. Ya Guang took the opportunity to them. The two cooperated and the speed of killing the enemy was not slower than the rest.

Halcyon’s attacks were much similar and crude. As long as people had lower strength than him, he could use the space around and forcibly cause people to explode.

Flowey couldn’t stand Halcyon’s wasteful behavior and shouted, “Halcyon, can you not be so wasteful? If you explode them all to bits, how do you want me to eat?”

Halcyon glanced at her indifferently. “You haven’t grown at all from eating so much. What a waste!”


“Don’t always start with ‘you’. Hurry up and eat. It will be all dead bodies soon.” Halcyon reminded.

“Halcyon, your wife is here.” Flowey yelled before going to deal with the enemies.

Halcyon was stunned. He thought that Flowey was countering what he had just said and didn’t look back.

“Husband, I miss you very much!” Rainbow’s voice transmitted behind causing him to become stiff.

However, before he turned around, he was hugged from behind.

He turned his head and looked at Rainbow’s smiling face.

“Husband, do you miss me?” Rainbow grinned.

Halcyon noticed someone behind wanted to sneak attack him and Rainbow. He waved his hand and the person exploded into bits.

He broke away from Rainbow and turned to look at her. “Why are you here?”

“It’s not just me, everyone from the clan also came.” Rainbow said. “We got news from the four-winged Roc, so we rushed over. Luckily we came on time.”

Sima You Yue was her sister, the contact master of the divine bird, and also the savior of her uncle. No matter what revenge she wanted, they cannot leave her alone.

So, as soon she heard this, she rushed over.

Halcyon looked up and saw a group of phoenixes came over.

“This is a battlefield, be careful.” Halcyon exhorted.

“I know!” Rainbow wasn’t strong, but she had quite a few tricks on her. If she encountered an attack stronger than herself, she can use her tricks to overwhelm the enemy.

She already had a royal bloodline, plus with Crimson Flame’s transformed bloodline, it was simply priceless according to their clan. In order to ensure her safety, besides the various bodyguards, many treasures were given for her self-defense.

Sima You Yue noticed Rainbow’s group and was surprised. She didn’t expect them to come help.

The fighting power of the firebird clan was stronger than other phoenixes. In addition, the people brought by Lu Fei were high leveled in the clan. So as soon as he joined, the battle became inclined to their side.



The sounds of thunder bullets exploded one after another. The entire Zong Zheng Clan mansion was blown to ruins. The collapsed buildings began to burn and the flames shot to the sky.

Sima You Yue looked at the burning flame, she seemed to have saw the Ximen family home was burnt down. She could hear her mother’s whisper in her ear.

“Child, you must live on.”

“Don’t take revenge…. Stay happy….”

“Father, mother….” She murmured. Her heart pained and a tear fell from the corner of her eye.

As the tears fell, the sleeping person in Heartbreak Valley opened his eyes. His divine sense returned and his eyes turned clearer.

“You You….”

He sat up from the bed and scanned around. He could tell where he was.

He got up and walked out. The valley was quiet. The bustle was no longer of the past.

He walked for a while and afterwards saw a few disciples. They probably stay behind because of their weak strength.

When they saw Wu Lingyu and knew he had been sleeping in Sima You Yue’s courtyard.

“You Yue?” Wu Lingyu asked.

“They went to destroy Zong Zheng Clan and Yin Yang Palace.”


“Two days ago.”

“Where did You Yue go?”

“Zong Zheng Clan….”

Before they finished, Wu Lingyu had opened a space tunnel and left.

As for Zong Zheng Clan’s side, the battle had come to an end. Just when everyone thought it was the end, a light of advancement suddenly appeared in Zong Zheng Clan. The aura of a powerful expert emerged in a courtyard that was protected by a spirit barrier, which yet to fall.

“Ancestor! Ancestor has successfully aadvanced!”

“Hahaha, Ancestor will definitely kill you all!”

People from Zong Zheng Clan cried agitatedly.

Because of the aura, the fighting on both sides paused.

“I did not expect that Zong Zheng Clan still have a powerful expert.” Ximen Feng returned to Sima You Yue’s side.

“No matter what, they can’t change the fate of Zong Zheng Clan’s destruction.” Sima You Yue was not anxious as she looked at them.

Soon the light of advancement dissipated. The heavenly protection disappeared. An arrogant voice echoed through the courtyard.

“This old man finally broke through. Hahaha…. Today your blood will be used for my celebration!”

After that, a white figure sprang out of the yard and appeared in midair. He looked at Sima You Yue and Ximen Feng with murderous eyes.

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