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Chapter 1422: Blood for blood (1)

Sima You Yue brought Ximen Li back to Heartbreak Valley, instead of going back, they went to look for Ximen Feng, to tell him about her departure.

Ximen Feng had already guessed that with Sima Liu Xuan and the others here, she would leave sooner or later.

Just that he didn’t expect she would go so quickly right after the battle.

“Does your Master know about this?”

“It’s better to tell them after the battle.” Sima You Yue said.

If she told Old Man Devil and the rest, the disciples in the Valley would know too, it wouldn’t be good to distract the army.

She told Ximen Feng and Ximen Li because they were her Little Brother and Little Sister so they would be prepared.

“That’s good too. I hope you’ll be able to cure your Father after you go back.” Ximen Feng said.

“I hope so too. Everything is much better in the inner regions, I might be able to find a solution there.” Sima You Yue said.

“I believe that you can do it. You’re our Eldest Sister!” Ximen Li coiled around her arm as she smiled.

“You guys have so much faith in me!” Sima You Yue turned her head and looked at her, Ximen Li was more confident than her.

Ximen Li’s face had fully grown, she looked similar to her when she was young and would think of the past life when she looked at her.

Although she intended to let them know of her departure after everything, the news somehow spreaded and soon after, everyone in the Valley knew, it was even twisted that she was abandoning everyone.

Because of that, many people came over to ask her if it was true.

With no choice, she had to stand out and clarify that she was only leaving Valley to settle some things instead of breaking away from Paramount Valley, this was her root and she would never abandon this place.

With that said, everyone became relieved and focused on preparing for the battle.

Ten days passed in a flash, Old Man Devil and Ying Bai Chuan brought a bunch of people to Yin Yang Palace while Sima You Yue and Ximen Feng went to Zong Zheng Clan.

Previously, it was the Zong Zheng clan that attacked the Ximen clan, in order to seek revenge, they would personally exterminate the Zong Zheng clan themselves.

The Zong Zheng clan wasn’t far from Heartbreak Valley, they reached there in less than a day with a transportation array.

Paramount Valley members quickly surrounded the whole official residence once they reached the Zong Zheng clan.

Passersby were afraid and hid away from the fierce aura, it looked like they were here to create trouble!

“These people are from the Heartbreak Valley, right?” Someone asked as they were watching from afar hiding in a teahouse.

“What you mean by Heartbreak Valley, they merged with Divine Devil Valley a few months ago, now they’re Paramount Valley.”

“Why would they look for the Zong Zheng Clan after they become Paramount Valley? By the looks of it, it doesn’t seem to be anything good!”

“Of course it’s nothing good!” Someone said, “Someone is here for revenge!”

“Revenge? What happened?”

“Why, how could you not know?” That person said proudly.

“What exactly happened? Stop beating around the bush and tell us.”

“God, how could you guys not know!”

“Tell us quickly!”

“Do you guys know who’s the second Valley Master of Paramount Valley?” That person was immensely pleased thinking that he was the only one who knew about this.

“Isn’t it that guy with the mask?”

“Do you guys know who that guy in the mask is?”

“Don’t know.”

They didn’t even know this? That person rolled his eyes at everyone and said, “That person is Ximen Feng. Do you guys know now?”

“Ximen Feng? Isn’t that the Eldest Son of Ximen Clan who was exterminated ten years ago?”

“That’s right, it’s him!”

“Wasn’t it said that he was already dead? He was forced down to Heartbreak Valley….. Heartbreak Valley!”

Everyone cried out, “No wonder he built the force at Heartbreak Valley, so it turned out this way!”

“I didn’t think that he was alive and actually made a comeback in just ten years and even came to the old nest of the Zong Zheng clan.”

“This is not something that he can do alone. Regardless, no one can be like him.”

“Since he’s here for revenge, then we’ll have a good show to watch today.”

“Watching it is one thing, dying is another thing. I think it’s better that we leave.”

Some of the cowards that had lower power left, those that had guts would stay to watch the show.

Seeing that Sima You Yue and the rest surrounded their residence, the main gate opened quickly and a group of people came running out.

Sima You Yue recognised him in a glance, the leader was Clan Leader Zong Zheng Li Ying.

“Who had so much guts to behave atrociously here at Zong Zheng Clan!” Zong Zheng Li Ying shouted in a low voice seeing a group of people surrounding them.

“Zong Zheng Li Ying, you came out yourself to welcome us, don’t you know we are?” Ximen Feng intertwined his arms while looking at Zong Zheng Li Ying tauntingly.

If they didn’t know who and what happened, would he as a Clan Leader come out himself?

He would have asked the guards to handle it.

Zong Zheng Li Ying saw Ximen Feng looking arrogantly and familiarly, he said, “Ximen Feng, it’s you! You really didn’t die!”

“Why would I die when an old bastard like you hasn’t died?!” Ximen Feng’s hatred spewed out and was trembling from anger the moment he saw Zong Zheng Li Ying.

Sima You Yue pulled his arm and said, “Feng’er, don’t rush, they won’t be able to escape today.”

“Mm.” Ximen Feng nodded and became clear-headed.

Zong Zheng Li Ying took another glance at Sima You Yue seeing how she suppressed Ximen Feng’s anger just with a few sentences.

“Ximen Feng, what do you intend to do by bringing so many people here today?” An Elder beside Zong Zheng Li Ying shouted.

Paramount members’ faces showed a ‘Are you a fool’ expression when they saw that person.

Someone actually asked such a stupid question, no wonder Zong Zheng Clan went bankrupt in a few years.

“That very year, the Zong Zheng clan poisoned and slaughtered the whole family during my Eldest Sister’s birthday. Today, we will make you pay blood for blood!” Ximen Feng said with gritted teeth.

“Hahaha——” Zong Zheng Li Ying laughed loudly, “By you guys? Do you really think that you’ll be more powerful just by ruining our economy? Pfft! It’s our mistake for not killing you that very year. Today, we’ll correct that mistake of ours by cutting the weeds and eliminating the roots!”


After Zong Zheng Li Ying spoke, a loud rumbling sound was heard behind them, Zong Zheng clan’s main gate had been blasted apart.

Little Seven and Mi Er were sitting on the wall with two Thunderbolt Bullets in her hands. That shock earlier on was from the Thunderbolt Bullet that Little Seven flew out, no one noticed it at all as it wasn’t activated by spiritual energy.

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