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Chapter 1412: Becoming a Master, her first disciple

Many people in the continents would be involved once the re-emergence of Sky Splitter spread out. But those that were involved would be those filled with greed.

Those that could recognise the danger of Sky Splitter in this mess and not chase after it, would be able to be independent.

“If we release the news of Sky Splitter, those people might leak out the information of Lazurite Heart.” Xiao Jing Zong continued, “If those people come to know about Lazurite Heart’s existence, they will come here and make a fuss.”

“That’s easy! We should leak out the information about Lazurite Heart and say that it was stolen along with Sky Splitter.” Sima You Yue said.

“Will they believe it?”

“Some might believe even if those people don’t. Or, they wouldn’t touch us just because they don’t believe it.” Sima You Yue continued, “We’re not the kind of force that can be bullied easily!”

“You Yue is right.” Old Man Devil continued, “If the opponent released the information about Lazurite Heart, then those people will think that it’s with us. But if we release the news first, then others might not believe it when they say that the Lazurite Heart is with us. In addition, our force is not weak, they will have to think twice if they want to attack us.”

“Also, if something really happened, the Bird clan wouldn’t leave us in the lurch, they have to put that into consideration as well.”

“Everyone is right. It’s settled then. Elder Feng Kai, Elder Shi, I’ll leave this to you.” Liang Wu Ming said.

“Yes, Valley Master.”

“Next, we’ll discuss how to deal with Cloud Cave, Elder Xiao, tell You Yue the information and plan that we’d discussed.”

“Sure. Cloud Cave has been very quiet recently, they…”

That day, she went back to her courtyard later than usual, before she reached the courtyard, she saw a shadow standing outside her courtyard staring at her.

Sima You Yue walked over, patted his head and said, “Mu Si, why are you standing here?”

“You were gone for very long. I’m very worried for you.” Mu Si looked at her with his hoarse voice.

“You’ve been waiting for me here?” Sima You Yue asked curiously.

“They said that you’re back, but I can’t go to the meeting room, so I can only wait for you here.” Mu Si lowered his head with his desolate gaze.

“Go, let’s go in.” Sima You Yue pulled his hand and brought him into her courtyard. “Mu Si, I didn’t have the time to accompany you as I was busy in this period of time. Are you used to staying here?”

“Mm. The disciples in the Valley knew you brought me here, they didn’t despise that I’m a Dark Spirit Master and are very nice to me.” Mu Si spoke softly.

“That’s good.” Sima You Yue smiled, “Wait till I’m done with Cloud Cave and I’ll teach you how to cultivate.”

“I heard the disciples say that we’ll attack Cloud Cave very soon?” Mu Si questioned.

“Yes. Most of the people in the Valley had already set off, we’ll also set off the day after tomorrow.” Sima You Yue answered, “You stay here and wait for me to come back.”

“Alright.” Mu Si nodded.

Sima You Yue saw how he was being silent and didn’t have any reaction, she sat beside him and asked, “What are you thinking about?”

“Hmm?” Mu Si lifted his head while he looked at her, not knowing why she asked that.

“Everytime you keep quiet and daze out, you’re thinking of something. And it’s something that you don’t intend to say.” Sima You Yue continued, “Tell me, what are you thinking that you don’t want to talk about?”

“I…..” Mu Si looked at her and finally mustered his courage and said, “I want to stay with you here, can I?”

“Hmm? Why the sudden thought of staying in my courtyard? Did someone bully you?” Sima You Yue asked.

“No.” Mu Si shook his head, “I just wanted to stay here.”

“It’s not that you can’t, at least there must be a good reason to.” Sima You Yue pondered, “Let’s do it this way, do you want to be my a disciple?”

“Become your a disciple?” Mu Si widened his eyes and looked at her, he was shocked by it.

“Why are you surprised?” Sima You Yue continued. “I’m just saying, I’ll still teach you how to cultivate even if you’re unwilling to.”

“I….” Mu Si tightened his hands, “I, I’m willing to!”

If this was the only way that he could come in close contact with her openly, he would be willing to, even if that was the relationship.

Sima You Yue didn’t think much about it, the whole Valley were all Light Spirit Masters while she was the only Dark Spirit Master which was the most suitable to be his Master.

Also, she was the one that brought him out, his Father died because he tried to save her Father, she felt obligated to guide him.

“If that’s the case, I’ll send the commands and tell the Valley Masters, so they can start arranging.” Sima You Yue said.

“What’s there to arrange?”

“Arranging a disciple and master ceremony! They wouldn’t be particular about it if it was outside, but since it happened in the Valley, we’ll have to be particular about it.” Sima You Yue continued, “Afterall, my disciple’s status in the Valley isn’t low.”


Sima You Yue then sent the command and the disciples in the Valley became excited after they heard that she was taking in a disciple. All of them gathered around to watch.

Many people were already gathered when Sima You Yue brought Mu Si to the arena.

“Deputy Valley Master, all the preparations are done.”

Sima You Yue nodded to that person and sat on the chair in the middle.

Mu Si kneeled down in front of Sima You Yue, someone held the tea and walked over. He held the tea, handed it to Sima You Yue with both hands and said, “Master, please have some tea.”

Sima You Yue held the tea, pursed her lips lightly and said, “Mu Si, you’ll be my a disciple from today onwards, with that said, once a Master, forever a Master, I can’t replace your Father, but I’ll definitely guide you wholeheartedly and grow with you.”

As she spoke, she took out the Ten Thousand Years Black Sandalwood from Ghost City with some Dark attributed spirit stones and said, “This is a gift from Master.”

Ten Thousand Years Black Sandalwood was given to her by Wei Ming Die the other time, those spirit stones were found from the token of appreciation.

Previously, Wu Man, Meng Sha and the other four districts in-charge gave her a bunch of treasure as a token of appreciation. Those dark attributed things could only be used by Mu Si, but she didn’t plan to give him everything at once. It might not be a good thing if he got so many treasures at once.

“Thank you Master.” Mu Si said as he took over the gifts.

She held him up with both hands, “Get up.”

“I didn’t expect that I’d become Grandmaster.” Old Man Devil sighed at the side.

Thinking of the past, she was around that age when he just met Sima You Yue. In the blink of an eye, she became a Master and had her own disciple.

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