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Chapter 1413: Scamming Gifts

The onlookers revealed expressions of envy and glee at Mu Si.

Sima You Yue was the goddess in their hearts. They all wanted to have more contact with their goddess of their dreams. They didn’t expect her to suddenly accept him as a disciple.

If they were to follow previous rules, all newcomers would have to pay respect to them, but now he became the disciple of the goddess, what should they do?

Sigh, it was sad to think about it.

“Since you are You Yue’s apprentice, then I am your Grandmaster, this is your discipleship gift.” Old Man Devil took out a box and placed it in Mu Si’s arms.

“Thank you, Grandmaster.” Mu Si accepted the box and said respectively.

“I am your martial granduncle, this is my disciple gift.” Liang Wu Ming also took out a box.

Sima You Yue smiled at them. “Martial uncle, are these able to be used by dark attribute spirit master? You can’t give him something he can’t use.”

“Girl, now you have a disciple. You don’t want your masters.” Old Man Devil glared at her. “We are not novices, we understand.

“Then Master if you have more, you can give them all to my disciple. You can’t use them anyways.” Sima You Yue chuckled.

“Hmph, you think they are like cabbages! There are few things with dark attributes in our place.”

“Since it is the Deputy Valley Master’s disciple. We old fellows got to show some congratulations.” Xiao Jing Zhong said. “I happen to have something that dark spirit masters can use. I will give it to Mu Si.”

“I also have something….”

Other people who had items with dark attribute also expressed their intentions. A while later, Mu Si who have received their gifts felt his hand went soft.

Mu Si never seen so many things, and never been sincerely cared by so many people. He felt warm inside.

“Mu Si, let me tell you. Being a junior has benefits.” Sima You Yue said. “For example, I am the youngest here, so the elders will offer gifts which are great for us. In the future, you should use that to your advantage. Got it?”

“I got it.”



When people heard this, they were speechless. Her first lesson was not alchemy, cultivation but this!

That night, Mu Si moved to Sima You Yue’s courtyard. After entering, he realized besides Sima Liu Xuan, Wu Lingyu was also in her courtyard.

Wu Lingyu…..

That night, Sima You Yue entered the Spirit Pagoda to get books on dark spirit master cultivation and gave them to Mu Si for him to read by himself while waiting for her return.

Fortunately, there were many types of books in the Spirit Pagoda. Otherwise, it would be troublesome for her to teach bit by bit.

One day later, Sima You Yue left with others from Paramount Valley. Xiao Jing Zhong’s group headed to the den of Cloud Cave. Feng Zhi and Ying Bai Chuan lead people to the forces outside of Cloud Cave.

While she, Liang Wu Ming and Old Man Devil went to another city.

This was the place where the secret force was.

It was a remote town, not too far away from Cloud Cave, but it was rarely mentioned. Because it was a small place.

“If You Yue didn’t discover that they were here, I really can’t believe they would live in such a small place.” Old Man Devil commented.

“Right! But it is such a small city, and it already causes storms in inner regions.”

“There is going to be a tough battle tonight. Be careful, everyone.” Liang Wu Ming warned.

“Yes, Valley Master!”

“Let’s set an array to seal the space here. We can’t let them escape!”

“Marital Uncle, I will go with you.” Sima You Yue stood up.


The two flew into the air and observed the surroundings for a while. Then a group of array master settled in their designation position. At the same time, they place the stones in their hand on the ground.

The array activated. The space blocked around the small time expanded for hundreds of kilometers.

At this moment, in the city’s mansion, a group of people in back flew up quickly when they heard noise.

As soon as they came out, they saw people from Paramount Valley waiting outside.

Liang Wu Ming recognized the man in lead. He was the one who broke the array back then.


The enemy eyes were furious. They didn’t say anything but attacked.

Those people in black clashed with them. The two sides immediately fought fiercely.

This time, Liang Wu Ming’s group brought most of the people from Blood Fiend City. Their combat power was many times higher than that of the outer disciples of Divine Devil Valley. Even if the other party was a force of the inter regions, they would still be defeated.

The most important point was that these people didn’t play cards according to common sense. They used poison from time to time during the fight. The other party quickly was unable to withstand it.


Although reluctant, it was important to stay alive.

Those people in black tried to open a space tunnel to leave when they realized the space was sealed.

“They want to trap us!” The head of the black clothed men discovered the space was sealed off by an array. He was delighted as he took out an array breaking device. He injected spirit power into it and threw it midair, waiting to break the array and then rush out.

However, the array breaking device dazzled in the air for a long time before dropping down. The air was the same. No change.

“Hmph, do you think we will fall for the same trick?” Liang Wu Ming snorted at the surprise in their eyes.

“It’s obviously an array, how is it…” The man in black shouted.

“It’s for your death. Ask someone else when you go to hell!” Liang Wu Ming shouted and drew a fire dragon and attacked the man in black.

Sima You Yue’s strength was not as high as them. She did not rush into the middle of battle. Instead, her group of spirit beasts were ecstatic of being able to play, especially Little Seven and them who didn’t go to Snow Jade Mountain last time. She watched as they competed on who killed more.

However, this time it wasn’t a three person competition. All her spirit beasts participated. What Sima You Yue didn’t know was that her spirit beasts were not just as simple as doing a competition. They agreed that this competition would determine their ranking.

The boss was Crimson Flame. No one dared to refuse it. The first place was Old Second and the second was Old Third and so one.

That’s why they tried so hard to kill those people.

People in the small time felt they had reached the end of the world. Spirit skills of various colors flashed in the sky. If it were no for the protection of the array. The entire city would be destroyed.

The battle lasted for nearly a day. When the sun breaked out to the clouds on the second day, the day had finally passed.

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