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Chapter 1399: The Best Valley Under the Heavens (8)

Everyone in the arena quietened down after Liang Wu Ming came in.

Bi Sheng and Old Man Devil stood on the stage and waved to the people below it and the whole arena became silent.

“Thank you everyone for coming here from far to attend our ceremony of reorganising the clan.” Old Man Devil spoke first, “I’m very glad that everyone came to witness it today.”

“Earlier on, Divine Devil Valley was jointly attacked by Cloud Cave and a mysterious force and suffered heavy loss. Now, many of the forces from inner regions meddle into central regions, causing a rise in surge of terror. As we are facing an unstable situation, everyone hopes that they could gain more power. Same for Heartbreak Valley and Divine Devil Valley. From the discussion of both clans, we decided to reorganise into a new power, merging both Valley’s disciples into one.” Bi Sheng said.

“That’s right, as everyone knows, Heartbreak Valley’s Deputy Valley Master is also Divine Devil Valley’s Young Valley Master. With these ties, both Valley’s disciples wanted to deepen in their connection. From today onwards, there’s no Divine Devil Valley nor Heartbreak Valley, there’s only a newly organised force—— Paramount Valley!”

“Boom—— Boom——”

Eighty one firecracker was set off outside the arena, that deafening sound declared the birth of the new force.

After the firecracker had finished, Bi Sheng continued, “Paramount Valley has two Valley Master, Valley Master Liang Wu Ming and Valley Master Ximen Feng, everyone should know them. Four Deputy Valley Masters, thirty four Elders, Ten Subsidiary Hall Masters, each Subsidiary Hall…..”

Bi Sheng introduced everyone to Paramount Valley’s formation, as Sima You Yue listened to that long name list, it was the first time she felt that her force was huge!

But, it was so boring to be sitting here.

After which, Liang Wu Ming and Ximen Feng made a simple speech each along with some other stuff and followed by some gifts from other forces.


Sima You Yue yawned a few times in her seat, this whole process was so long!

It was tiring to sit here and watch all this happening.

After a long while, it finally ended as the day approached noon.

“Everyone, we prepared a light meal for everyone this noon, those who want to have lunch can follow the disciples from the Valley. Those who want to tour around Heartbreak Valley can get the disciples to guide you around. They have signage on them, please look for the disciples with signage to bring you around. At night, we will have a grand banquet. We welcome you to try a few.”

“Oh my god, it finally ended.” Sima You Yue got up from her seat, she felt that it was more tiring than cultivating to have to sit for half a day.

“You Yue, how about you guide us along?” Xia Chang Tian said.

“You Yue, you can see how busy I am, I’ll hand all the Presidents to you.” Liang Wu Ming said.

“Sure. Martial Uncle, leave it to me!” Sima You Yue responded.

Everyone knew that if it was other forces that invited them, Xia Chang Tian and the others wouldn’t attend themselves, they came over for the sake of Sima You Yue.”

Since that was the case, it would be the best that she took care of them.

Speaking of which, these people hadn’t really come to Heartbreak Valley before, they were also curious about this place.

So Sima You Yue brought them to wander around the Valley, but most of the place that she could go wasn’t allowed to be visited by other guests, so there wasn’t any disturbance.

“I really didn’t expect that the inside of Heartbreak Valley would be like this. The scenery is really not bad.” Cue Chang Lin sighed.

“The scenery is good here, but there are death traps hidden in these beautiful sceneries. Anyone who’s not careful might die.” Sima You Yue said.

“You Yue, aren’t you afraid that the others would study the antidote for Heartbreak Valley when you gave them the antidote like that?” Xia Chang Tian said worriedly.

“If that antidote pill was so easy to study, then I wouldn’t spend so much time and effort on it the last time.” Sima You Yue said.

“But now, those people have your pills, they might be able to make out the real antidote pill.”

“They can’t.” Sima You Yue said affirmedly, “The one time pill has nothing to do with the real antidote pill, even the medicinal ingredients used are different. Even if there are seven similar medicinal ingredients, they won’t be able to guess the rest of it. So even if they have the medicinal ingredients, they won’t be able to make out the actual antidote.”

“The antidote contains at least hundreds of medicinal ingredients and only seven of them are similar. The difference is so big!” Xia Chang Tian sighed.

“If not, how could one only be able to sustain for two days and the other one could sustain for five years.” Sima You Yue laughed, “What’s the use of this natural protection if we pass the lifeline of ours into other’s hands?”

“True. But this takes skills too.”

“I’ll take it as a compliment.” Sima You Yue continued, “Alliance Leader Xue, what did you find out about the mysterious force?”

“It’s hard to find anything for the past two years, it’s fine for these few years. We’ve successfully gotten the leads and eliminated a few of their bases and even found out some forces that are linked to them.” Xue Zhang Lin said.

“Oh? What are those forces?”

“The ones we found weren’t powerful, but they are rich forces.” Xue Zhang Lin said, “So I’m guessing those are the ones that support the forces financially. It’s either they attached themselves to them or that’s their own force. But we still haven’t come to a conclusion yet. We didn’t want to alert them as we’re tracking them by following the clues.”

“In the recent two years, more forces are being exterminated, battles are everywhere to be seen. The morals of the times are getting messy.” Fang Ming sighed.

“No matter what, since they targeted us, then they will have to prepare for our revenge.” Sima You Yue continued, “Once we are done with this, we’ll join in the investigation of the mysterious forces.”

She might not be that heroic if it was the past Heartbreak Valley, but with the merge of Paramount Valley, no one would look down on the power of inner regions.

“Sure! You guys track the mysterious force with your way, we’ll continue to check on this force. We’ll definitely find out something soon. We want to know what exactly these people want?!” He Cheng Dong raged as he remembered the day when it was his successor ceremony and those people came to cause a commotion.

“Oh right, You Yue, I heard you have connections with the Mythical Dragon Sect, is it true?”

“Mm. I used to teach their sect leader’s daughter, one of their divine envoys is my Senior Brother.” Sima You Yue nodded, she wondered why they mentioned the Mythical Dragon Sect out of a sudden and asked, “Did something happen to the Mythical Dragon Sect?”

“Mythical Dragon Sect was exterminated one year ago.” Xia Chang Tian said.

“What?!” Sima You Yue was shocked and suddenly thought of the Sky Splitter Devil Sword.

If Mythical Dragon Sect was exterminated, then where would the Sky Splitter Devil Sword be? How were Shi Qin Shuang, Shi Qian Zhi and Jiang Jun Xian?

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