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Chapter 1398: The Best Valley Under the Heavens(7)

“Everyone, this way please.” The steward repeated as he noticed that no one moved.

“This…. Steward Yuan, does this antidote really work?” Someone voiced out their doubt softly.

“That’s right, what if this antidote doesn’t work, won’t we all die when we go in?”

Everyone thought the same way after someone said it.

If Heartbreak Valley and Divine Devil Valley wanted to use this opportunity to kill them and gave them the wrong antidote, would they still be able to come out alive once they stepped in?

“Everyone, you have seen how Divine Devil Valley was, was Divine Devil Valley capable of doing such a thing?” Yuan Hai Bin said.

“Hahaha…. Old Yuan, don’t get angry.” Someone laughed and walked over.

“It’s Kong Valley members!”

“I didn’t think that Kong Valley members were invited.”

“I heard that Kong Valley and Heartbreak Valley have a good relationship, they will definitely come for this.”

“Valley Master Kong, we’re honored by your presence.” Yuan Hai Bin cupped his hands in greeting towards Kong Zheng Xin.

“Father, let’s go in quickly.” Kong Xiang Yi said as she wrapped her hands around Kong Zheng Xin’s arm.

“I know you’re eager to see that guy.” Kong Zheng Xin doted on her daughter and said, “Old Yuan, we’ll go in now, see you later!”

“Valley Master Kong, this way please.”

Everyone from Kong Valley took out the antidote and started eating it, they sat on the flying beast that was at the edge of the cliff and flew towards the Valley.

The guests on the edge of the cliff then believed that the antidote was real after they saw Kong Valley members were fine after they went into the poison barrier. They then ate the antidote and sat on the arranged flying beasts and entered the Valley.

The flying beasts took them directly to the assigned seats and went back to fetch the next batch of guests, and those who were at the Valley were welcomed by the disciples and were brought to the area of Heartbreak Valley.

“Paramount Valley!”

Someone noticed a stone plate near where they were seated, there were three words on it and they read it out.

“After Divine Devil Valley and Heartbreak Valley merged, they made a new force with the name, Paramount Valley. Everyone, please.” The disciples that welcomed them gave them a simple introduction and brought everyone to the huge open air arena.

They were really called Paramount Valley!

As Heartbreak Valley and Divine Devil Valley were the important forces in central regions and now that they merged, they overpowered the inter regions, it was no surprise that they dared to name themselves that!

“May I ask where we are supposed to go now? Can we tour around the Valley?” Someone asked curiously.

“We’ll go to the square now, we’ll invite everyone to witness the merging of the two forces, our Vice Valley Master, Valley Master, Elders and Hall Masters will come and meet everyone shortly.”

“So we can’t tour around anymore?”

“You can.” The leading disciple explained, “You’ll join the inauguration ceremony in the morning, there will be lunch in the noon, everyone can tour freely in the afternoon, then there will be a banquet at night.”

Everyone wasn’t rushing to tour around after knowing the arrangement, they followed the lead to the arena, while they were on the way, they got to witness many unique scenery in Heartbreak Valley.

Although everyone in the Valley was busy for the past few months, Sima You Yue were doing her own things carefreely, such as treating her Father, looking for a way to cure him and collecting information of what happened outside the Valley.

Those people who were busy were envious of her when they saw how carefree she was, they would have looked for a position that didn’t need to do anything if they knew earlier.

Eh, they couldn’t afford that kind of life if they didn’t have those skills! They could only work since they didn’t have that kind of power to rally supporters.

“Vice Valley Master, all of the Guide Union are here, Valley Master, please go over.”

Sima You Yue just finished giving acupuncture on Sima Liu Xuan when she was informed and replied, “I got it, I’ll go over soon.”

Then she turned to Sima Liu Xuan and said, “Father, don’t go there since you are not in a good condition.”

“Mm.” Sima Liu Xuan nodded.

Many forces from inter regions would be here today, a dispute would definitely surface if they knew that he came back. If this was in the past, he wouldn’t be afraid, but now that he had no power, it would only burden his family if anything happened. It would be better to avoid.

Now, he couldn’t even afford to be unbridled…..

Sima You Yue hugged his neck when she saw the disappointment in his eyes and comforted him, “Father, don’t worry, I’ll definitely find a way to cure you. We still have to look for Mother after you’re recovered! Also, Great Grandfather said that he would also think of a way to recover your power.”

“Mm, I believe in you. Alright, today is an important day, go and do what you need to do.” Sima Liu Xuan patted her hand.

“Alright. I have many books here, Father, if you’re bored, you can read some books. You can help me to look after Lingyu at the same time.”

Sima You Yue exhorted for a while and left her own courtyard.

When she came to the hall, Xia Chang Tian and the rest were already there.

“President, how did you guys come together?” She casually looked for a seat and sat down.

“Hmph, you didn’t even tell us when you came back. Luckily you told us about this, if not we’ll settle scores with you on this one!” Xia Chang Tian whined.

“President, I haven’t come back for a long time before this happened, I was too busy. Let me go on this one!” Sima You Yue said while laughing.

“But this happened too suddenly, why the sudden merge of forces?” Fang Ming asked.

“All because of those mysterious forces.” Sima You Yue told them everything that happened. At the same time, she voiced out her own thoughts, those mysterious people didn’t belong to a force, there must be people with different powers trying to interrupt inter regions’ matters.

“They aren’t from the same force. The base of the force that initially attacked us was pulled out by us recently. They shouldn’t have the energy to attack you.” Xiang Yang said, “Inter regions aren’t that peaceful recently!”

“Hmph, those old guys in the inner region are always unsettled, see if they can still be arrogant after we exterminate their old nest!”

“Presidents, let’s not talk about all this, the convention is about to begin, let me bring you guys to the arena.” Sima You Yue said.

“Sure, we’ll discuss this when you’re free.” Xia Chang Tian said.

This group of old guys indeed wouldn’t let her go now that she came back!

Sima You Yue brought them to the arena, when they were going down the mountain, they bumped into Qin Mo who were late so she brought the Qin clan along.

When they went there, the arena was already filled with people, all the seats were fully occupied while waiting for the ceremony to start.

Sima You Yue led them to their seats, before she went to her seat, she saw Ximen Feng, Liang Wu Ming, Elders and Hall Master walking in.

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