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Chapter 1387: Plan failed, situation has turned over

Divine Devil Valley members were curious when black robed man took out that thing, but some of them were worried as well.

“Array breaking weapon!”

All of Divine Devil Valley’s Hall Master and Elder’s face turned sour, they didn’t expect that the mysterious forces would have that kind of thing!

Array breaking weapon was a rare divine artifact, it could break any existing array except those arrays that were passed down from the ancient era.

“Everyone get out!”

Black robed man flew out first after seeing that the hole on top was almost opened up, everyone followed and flew out. Very quickly, everyone in the array flew out of the array.

“You guys surprised me because you guys prepared beforehand, but that doesn’t mean it will change anything.” Black robed man snorted.

“That’s right!” Ma Yuan Ming escaped by luck, he was raging deep down and looked at Liang Wu Ming viciously. “Go everyone, we must eliminate them today!”

“Then we shall see who will be eliminated then!”

“Valley disciples, it’s time to put our skills to use!”

“Go everyone!”

Both sides had officially crossed swords, the continuous stretch of miles outside Divine Devil Valley was their battleground. The mountain peaks nearby were almost completely destroyed, even the main Valley of Divine Devil Valley was partially damaged because the protective layer was destroyed.

As mysterious forces joined the fight, Divine Devil Valley was slowly becoming no match for them. Many of them started using Thunderbolt bullets.

Alright, with this thing, the whole mountain range was heavily damaged.

Moreover, people who came out from inner regions were much more powerful than Divine Devil Valley, even though they prepared beforehand, having Thunderbolt bullets and all kinds of spirit weapons wouldn’t be enough to win them.

“Valley Master, with our current power, we really can’t hold it anymore.”Xiao Jing Zong said as he caught his breath after killing one person and saw Wu Liang Ming taking a rest at the corner of his eyes.

“I didn’t think that they would have an array breaking weapon, it ruined our plan to a degree” Wu Liang Ming continued, “I’ve already sent her the news, she should be rushing over with people. Let’s hold on for a while more.”

“We can only hold on! Damn it, lucky for us we have a lot of pills, if not we wouldn’t have enough spiritual energy to use!” Xiao Jing Zong chided as he took a pill and continued attacking towards Cloud Cave members.

Cloud Cave members were initially afraid of Divine Devil Valley members, but they saw that they were retreating in defeat under attack of black robed man, one by one, their morale was boosted and it gave Divine Devil Valley members no choice but to retreat into their Valley.

But their protective array was destroyed by black robed man’s array breaking weapon when they were fighting, so it couldn’t protect their safety even if they retreated.

“They are retreating! Everyone give chase, we have to eradicate Divine Devil Valley completely today!” Ma Yuan Ming raised his hand and called out to Cloud Cave members and they fought as if they were extremely energetic.

Divine Devil Valley had been stepping on their head for so many years, they could finally eradicate them today and take revenge!

As one side lost morale from losing from the start and the other had high morale, the difference could be seen clearly.

Sima You Yue saw that Divine Devil Valley was in a mess when rushed over with Heartbreak Valley members.

“Damn, where is the mountain top?” Ni An Yi shouted.

“It must be flattened.” Sima You Yue felt something was wrong looking at the position.

Wu Liang Ming and her had discussed beforehand, if they could handle it, then they wouldn’t need to come, if they couldn’t handle it, she would then bring manpower over.

But she only received a short news from Wu Liang Ming as he broke the communication item, she received a response but didn’t know what happened in between.

So, she was stunned seeing this mess. Could it be that the opponent became so strong that all that thing was of no use?

“Let’s not care so much for now! Go and save them first!” Sima You Yue told everyone around her.

They did not have to search for Divine Devil Valley members because there were sounds of fights coming from everywhere.

“Oh my god, you guys wore black and white, are you guys going to heaven!” Ni An Yi called out exaggeratedly seeing Cloud Cave members and black robed men’s clothes. But they didn’t stop moving and managed to save the Divine Devil Valley members who were trapped.

Others were brimming with tears of excitement after seeing Heartbreak Valley members and cried out excitedly, “It’s Heartbreak Valley members!”

“Heartbreak Valley members have come to our rescue! Everyone must hold on!”

“Hahaha…. Cloud Cave members, be prepared to die!”

The scene changed again, both sides’ energy started to turn over again, the scene changed quickly as Sima You Yue brought quite a bit of manpower.

Sima You Yue joined the fight. After she saved a few of them, she turned around and saw Ma Yuan Ming fighting with Old Man Devil.

“Master!” She shouted in surprise.

But Old Man Devil didn’t respond at all, he put all his focus on the battle.

Sima You Yue came back to her senses. This was a battle, there must be no distraction at all. Also, she was transformed into another appearance, her voice also changed, it was normal that he didn’t respond.

Since Master had already come back, then they would have all the time to catch up later.

Thinking of it, she wanted to end the battle faster, so she became more energetic killing all these people.

Black robed man saw Heartbreak Valley members who joined in the fight and saw Cloud Cave members who were all almost eliminated, he gritted his teeth and said, “Retreat!”

The people around him immediately blew a whistle, when black robed man heard this sound, they said to the Cloud Cave members around them, “Withdraw!”

“Withdraw? How can we withdraw when we have already fought to this point?!”

But the black robed man didn’t care about what they thought, they turned around and left without any delay. This meant, if you guys want to stay then you guys can stay and we would leave.

Cloud Cave members had to leave when they saw black robed men withdraw from the fight even though they were unwilling to.

“Boss, should we stop them?” Feng Zhi asked.

Sima You Yue saw the heavy loss from Divine Devil Valley and asked Liang Wu Ming, “Valley Master, look at this, do you still want to give chase?”

“They have array breaking weapon, we can’t stop them. Let them go. We’ll definitely seek revenge for today after we fix everything!” Liang Wu Ming said.

Sima You Yue understood why Divine Devil Valley would lose once she heard about array breaking weapon and also understood why they couldn’t stop these guys now as they were unprepared.

“Tell everyone not to give chase.” She commanded.


Feng Zhi passed down the message, asking them not to give chase, but Heartbreak Valley members were still chasing and fighting with them for a short distance and stopped when they left by a spatial tunnel.

Sima You Yue saw that all the Cloud Cave members left, she called out happily when she saw Old Man Devil walking over, “Master.”

Old Man Devil glared at her and said, “Little guy, you can’t just call me Master as you like although you just saved me. You….”

Before he finished his sentence, he widened his eyes when he saw Thousand Resonance removed the fusion between him and Sima You Yue.

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