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Chapter 1386: Old Man Devil is back!

Divine Devil Valley was busy these few years as the scoundrels in Cloud Cave were restless and kept provoking them, trying to counter them in every way..

They had to handle the Valley and dealt with the scoundrels from Cloud Cave at the same time. What annoyed them the most was that the scoundrels would always be saved by other forces when they had already forced them into an impasse, it made them feel like their effort was wasted.

This truly angered them!

But recently, it was much smoother as they didn’t come at them with deep hatred, instead, they did their own thing.

Today, Cloud Cave and some members from mysterious forces went to Divine Devil Valley, the others also went to their other subsidiary halls in preparation to eliminate their subsidiary forces at the same time.


Divine Devil Valley trembled from the powerful attack, a group of people quickly flew out from the Valley.

Divine Valley Master Liang Wu Ming, all the Hall Masters and a group of Elder came out. Those who were attentive enough would notice that only the older generations were there, Ying Bai Chuan who was the Young Valley Master of Divine Devil Valley and all the other subsidiary hall’s Young Hall Leaders weren’t there.

What a pity, members of Cloud Cave didn’t notice that, or they noticed it but didn’t put it in mind as they thought they were protecting them by keeping them in the Valley.

Liang Wu Ming saw Cloud Cave’s Cave Master Ma Yuan Ming with the mess outside Divine Devil Valley and shouted, “How dare a dead horse like you bring people to Divine Devil Valley, are you asking for death?!”

“Hahaha…..” Ma Yuan Ming raised his head while laughing, “Liang Wu Ming, how can you even talk now! Today will be the day where your Divine Devil Valley gets exterminated!”

“By you?” Liang Wu Ming snorted, “Stay since you’re here.”

“Valley Master, why spout nonsense with them! Just kill them!” Xiao Jing Zong yelled.

“That’s right!” This time, Tang Yi had the same thought as Xiao Jing Zong, both of them didn’t fight this time and were unanimous.

“That’s right! Valley Master! Since they’d already make a mess at the entrance, it would make us seem like a failure if we don’t eliminate them!”

“Hahaha, Xiao Jing Zong, are you guys blind? With the adults here, you guys are going to die!”

“Enough with the nonsense, let’s do it!” Black robed man said. “Go!”

“Hahaha…. Are you sure your brain is working when you guys think you can touch Divine Devil Valley?” A laughing voice came from the sky which stopped the fight that was about to erupt anytime.

Did they have external help?

Everyone from Divine Devil Valley became excited upon hearing that voice, they shouted in excitement after they took a clearer look.

“It’s Second Valley Master! Second Valley Master is back!”

“You rascal, you finally came back after so many years! I thought you died outside!” Xiao Jing Zong shouted.

“Hehe, I, the Old Man Devil is back! Hahaha——”

The one who came out from the spatial tunnel was really the Old Man Devil who vanished for a very long time. Although he still looked the same, everyone could sense that his aura was different from the last time!

Old Man Devil took two steps towards Liang Wu Ming and said, “Senior Brother, I’m back.”

“Humph, you do remember how to come back! I thought that you’d died outside if it wasn’t for your life jade!” Liang Wu Ming glared at him.

This guy ran away for so long and made him handle everything in Divine Devil Valley alone, he was extremely angry seeing his familiar face!

“Of course I’ll come back! I rushed back after I came out of seclusion knowing something happened to Divine Devil Valley.”

“How did you know something happened here? Who told you?”

“Hehe, secret!” Old Man Devil said cheekily, he looked at Ma Yuan Ming with one of his hands on his waist and one finger pointing at him, “Dead horse, how are you still alive after so many years!”

“Humph, why would I die when you haven’t!” Ma Yuan Ming snorted.

“Hehe, you brought so many people here to exterminate my Divine Devil Valley! Luckily I came back just in time, if not I won’t be able to see how you die.”Old Man Devil sighed with sorrow.

“You’re speaking conceited nonsense! Do you think you can change the fate of Divine Devil Valley from being exterminated just because you came back?” Ma Yuan Ming sneered, “It’s good that you’re back, we can kill you together, it saves us time from looking for you.”

“Are you dumb? Or is it that you don’t understand human language?” Old Man Devil looked down at him, “I’m saying that I’ll watch you die, I didn’t say that I come back to change the fate of Divine Devil Valley. Because it doesn’t need to be changed, we already know the result.”

“Do it!” Black robed man wasn’t interested in their war of words, he waved and all the black robed men started attacking.

“Get in line!”

After Liang Wu Ming commanded, a group of disciples suddenly appeared outside of Divine Devil Valley.

And all these disciples looked like they were already there from the start, it was just that they used something to hide their aura so that they didn’t notice it!

How did these people keep watch here?

“You guys already knew that we were coming?” The head of black robed men said in a deep voice.

“It’s easier to welcome you guys when we know that you guys are coming! Do it!”

Just when Cloud Cave members thought they were going to attack, those people penetrated spiritual energy into the floor and a ray of array’s light lit up beneath their feets.


“That’s right! Do you really think we’ll fight recklessly with you guys? Are you guys dumb? Don’t you know what Divine Devil Valley does?” Xiao Jing Zong sneered.

What kind of place was Divine Devil Valley? It was a place for all specialists to gather! Although they weren’t strong, they were all specialists! Alchemists, Armament, Array, Beast tamer and others, they were all masters at it.

So they didn’t need to fight physically, it would be the best to use something like an array.

Ma Yuan Ming and black robed man knew about this, that was why they planned a surprise attack so that it would be easier to attack Divine Devil Valley when they weren’t prepared.

Afterall, they would need time to prepare no matter how powerful a specialist was!

“This array is not easy to break!” Cloud Cave’s Array Master knew at one look that the array they fixed up was powerful.

“Of course it’s not ordinary when it can trap so many of us in the array.” Ma Yuan Ming continued, “Since there are so many of us, we’ll just attack it, it will definitely break this array.”

“No!” Black robed man stopped him.


“They used poison in this array, once we used spiritual energy, it would speed up the time of us being poisoned.”

“What?! Then what should we do?!”

“What’s there to fuss over an array?!” Black robed man glared at Ma Yuan Ming and took out a silver spirit weapon and tossed it up high after inserting spiritual energy in it.

Once that weapon touched the outer region of the array, a ray of silver light shined, the lights of the array slowly disappeared wherever the silver light touched.

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