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Chapter 1353: Being Followed

Old Yan and the group understood from Si Kong why they brought Sima You Yue over. They did not try to underestimate her.

“Really? In this case, if little friend has any ideas, please let me know.” Old Yan said.

“Old Yan is too serious. If I can think of anything, I will tell you.” Sima You Yue said.

Regardless of whether he was sincere or pretending to be polite, it was already rare that he did not despise her anyway.

“Little Sister, let’s go see the situation.” Si Yue said.

She didn’t expect that a family mine would become like this. She was also worried. If she couldn’t fix it, wouldn’t the family be at their end?

Sima You Yue noticed her worry. She felt guilty when she thought how it was caused by her contact.

“I’ll take a look.” She flew to the top of the mine and around. She then descended down to the spirit barrier.

“Family head, can she do it?” Old Yan waited for Sima You Yue to leave before expressing his doubts.

Si Kong did not have confidence in her either. “We’ll try everything possible, maybe she can think of a solution!”

“The situation in the mine is chaotic. Even Old Yan can’t do anything about it. Can a little doll like her fix it?” The middle aged man behind Old Yan said.

“I really don’t have a plan. If someone can do, it would be better for the family.” Old Yan said.

“Old Yan is indeed farsighted.” The people behind him expressed their admiration.

Old Yan did not respond to their flattery. Instead he said with some worry and expectation. “I don’t know if she can think of a way? If she’s able to, that would be great. By the way, family head, did the other families encounter this matter? Did you get any news?”

“The same did happen to the other families, but they blocked the news from leaking. Their specific situation is unclear. I don’t know if it is the same as us. But according to the clues gathered, it should be similar.”

“Why did the mines suddenly become problematic? Did something happen?” Old Yan immediately grasped the root of the problem.

Si Kong glanced at Sima You Yue at a distance. “We could investigate the specific reason later. The most important thing is now to restore the mine.”

“Father, can little sister do it.” Si Yue was a little bit worried. Although she felt that Sima You Yue would be fine, many spirit seekers in their family were already helpless. She was not confident in her!

“She will probably be fine. She is his child after all.” Wu Man murmured.

Sima You Yue checked for two hours. She came back only after she understood the situation.

“How is it, little sister? Do you have a way?” Si Yue asked impatiently.

“I have a clear understanding of the situation. This is indeed more serious than I thought. But it’s not completely without a solution.” Sima You Yue replied.

“So you have a way?!”

“I am not very sure. But I have a friend. If he is here, it’ll be fine.” Sima You Yue said vaguely.

“Where is he? Quickly go invite him.” When everyone heard there was a way, everyone got a little excited.

“He came with me to the Ghost City. But because of special circumstances, I ask him to stay hidden.”

“Then we will send someone to find him immediately.

“The place where my friend is hiding is a secret. If I do not go, he won’t come out.” SIma You Yue said. “So please send me back.”

“Oh that’s it!”

Although Si Kong and them still have doubts, it was not time to be interrogative. Since she said so, they would follow suit.

“I’ll send you back.” Si Kong finished and opened a space tunnel taking her back.

After returning, Sima You Yue went off alone. She was going to find a secluded place with no one and take Third Mo from the Little Realm.

Si Kong originally wanted to send someone to go with her, but she declined. If people were to discover the existence of the Little Realm, she was afraid it would cause more trouble.

Si Kong understood it would be an inconvenience for her, and he abided.

But what he didn’t notice was after Sima You Yue left Si family home, two people quietly followed.

Sima You Yue walked to a remote place. The two people who secretly followed her were delighted. They were thinking how to lead her to a remote place. Unexpectedly they did not have to do anything, she went according to their wishes.

Sima You Yue discovered she was being followed shortly after leaving Si family home. There was only one possibility for those who wanted to follow her.

A faint smile appeared at the corner of her mouth. Since they wanted to play with her, she would play with them!

The two people followed Sima You Yue all the way to a remote place. They found the more remote the place was, the faster she walked. They were afraid that she discovered them. They did not chase too closely.

“What is this girl doing in such a remote place? Did she discover us?”

“We are both mid paragon rank. She is just a monarch lower rank. How could she discover us?”

“That makes sense.”

“No matter what she came here for, it is convenient for us to do our thing. We have to capture her without alerting Si family. I was worried that Si family Young Miss would be with her, but she came out by herself.”

“Eh, she’s gone.”

As they talked, they had chased Sima You Yue into an alley. After taking a few turns, they suddenly found she had disappeared.

“She must be near, let’s look around!”

They must seize such a rare opportunity and capture her back.

“Are you looking for me?” Sima You Yue’s voice transmitted from above them. The two looked up. Sima You Yue was perked on the high wall, looking down at them with a smile.

She was smiling. The two people felt cold all over.

She was so close to them. They didn’t even notice her aura. What did this mean?!

“You don’t need to look like you saw a ghost?” SIma You Yue rubbed her face. She was good looking!

“You, why are you here?”

“Of course, I am waiting for you here.” Sima You Yue replied. “The two of you followed me for so long. It would be a shame if I caused you to tire out. So I waited here to ask you what you want to do.”

The two’s expressions paled. She had discovered them long ago? When did she find out? With her strength, how could she find them?

But no matter how surprised they were, they had experienced storms before, so they quickly calmed down.

“Humph, since you already knew, there is no need for us to say anything. Are you going to obediently go with us, be beaten up and taken back?”

Sima You Yue chuckled. “You’re from the Zhang family right? I don’t plan to go with you. Since you’re here, how about you stay for a chat. Tell me, what does the Zhang family want?”

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