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Chapter 1352: See the Situation First

“Sima You Yue…. you’re that person’s daughter….” Si Kong glanced at Wu Man. His gaze was complex.

Wu Man blinked and put away all her emotions. “Let’s talk about the problem right now.”

“Right, let’s solve the immediate problem first and then talk about other things.” Si Kong agreed. “Little friend You Yue, can you let me see your contract beast?”

Sima You Yue agreed. With a thought, a small version of her appeared in front of everyone.

“Is this what she looked like?”

“No, she just looks like this for me.” Sima You Yue said.

“I believe she has no shape, right?” A clan elder said. “It originally was just a source of power, so it wouldn’t have a specific shape.”

“Yes.” Sima You Yue didn’t hide it. Both Si Yue and He Bo were there at the time. They would know this question.

“If the current situation is really caused by it, maybe it can also get better because of it.” Wu Man reasoned.

“It’s possible.” Si Yue looked at Mi Er. “How about you try?”

“That….” Sima You Yue saw their attention had shifted to Mi Er, completely ignoring her. “Actually, if this situation is a mess, it would be better to clear it from the beginning.”

“Yeah!” Si Yue patted her head, startling others.

“Yue’er, what’s wrong with you.”

“Little sister! Little sister!” SI Yue held Sima You Yue’s hand. “If Mi Er is useless, we can always have little sister try!”

Everyone was taken aback for a moment. They reacted and asked Sima You Yue. “Are you a spirit seeker?”

“Yes.” Sima You Yue admitted.

“Yeah, he is a spirit seeker. It’s not strange you are one too.” Wu Man mumbled.

“But this situation is chaotic, can you guide them?” Si Kong was aware of the situation in the mind and did not believe that Sima You Yue could do it.

After all, she was too young. Even if she attained her family’s inheritance, she would not have completely mastered it.

Was she evil as her father?

Her father….

When he thought of Sima Liu Xuan, he sighed, he had secretly schemed people!

“I can’t guarantee that it is possible or not. I have to check the situation first.” Sima You Yue said.

“Mm, let’s go take a look.” Si Kong said. “Our family’s spirit seeker has been there for three days and still has not found a solution. So you have to be mentally prepared.

“I understand.”

Si Kong admired Sima You Yue’s mentality. She didn’t directly say if she could or not. She was not boastful or self effacing.

Sima You Yue had a good impression of Si Kong. He didn’t disdain her of her young age, but told her the situation and ask her to be prepared.

“Father, I’ll go with you too.” Si Yue demanded. Seeing Si Kong’s frowne, she went up beside Sima You Yue. “Little sister can go, I can go too. I know how to make arrays. Perhaps I may be of help!”

Si Kong swallowed back his refusal. “You can’t run around, it is very dangerous. You have to stay beside clan elder.”

“Mm hmm, I will not run around.” Si Yue promised.

“Then let’s go over now.” Two clan elders stood up at the same time as if their souls were connected.

Si Kong and Wu Man also stood up. They opened a space channel and took Si Yue and Sima You Yuw with them.

When they exited the space channel, they were above a mountain.

This mountain range was different from the previous one. Every mountain top was chipped, either broken, had many holes on it or were a pile of rocks.

In those pile of rocks, there were still blood stains which hadn’t just dried up. It should be from those absentees.

Sima You Yue noticed that there was a spirit barrier on the outside of the mountain, which prevented it from crumbing.

Judging from the impact on the spirit barrier, the power inside the mountain was restless.

Seeing that Sima You Yue had found the spirit barrier, Si Kong explained, “This was arranged by the clan elder immediately after the incident.”

“The clan elders reacted very quickly.” Sima You Yue commented. “The power in the mountain hadn’t dissipated much and the impact on the entire mine is not that great. Mining can’t be continued in this case. After a long time, the entire mine will be destroyed.”

Every vein was accompanied by power potential which will form ores. The potential in each vein has its own trajectory. What a spirit seeker needs to do is to figure out the trajectory of the potential so that the absentees can avoid those places. This was commonly known as the opening potential.

If the opening potential wasn’t done well, then all of the potentials would be released, which would affect the stability of the mine. If it wrongly opened, it would destroy the inside of the mine. In addition, if it was mindlessly done, and the absentees didn’t avoid the places, the potential would be moved finally causing the absentees to die together.

So no matter for what reason, they are not what people want to do. Therefore, the opening potential was very important.

Generally speaking, the situation in the mine was relatively stable. If it weren’t for any major movement, it wouldn’t be messed up like this.

Si Kong watched her analysis of the current situation. He believed she had some understanding of spirit seeking.

Not far from they were, a group of people were analyzing the situation below. They hurried forward to salute when they saw them entered.

“Greetings to steward, family head, and clan elders.”

Si Kong waved his hand, letting them stand up. “How is the situation now?”

“Family head, the situation in the mine is still in an uncontrollable state. This subordinate is incompetent, not only did I not lead them back to their positions, they almost broke the spirit barrier.” One of the gray bearded old men said apologetically.

“Old Yan, don’t blame yourself. The incident was sudden. It was never encountered before. It is reasonable to fail. I just hope that you worked hard to resolve this as soon as possible. Or it will get more troublesome.” Si Kong said.

“I will try my best.” Old Yan replied.

“You Yue, this is my family’s spirit seekers.” Si Kong introduced. “If you have any suggestions or comments, you can tell them.”

Si Kong said very tactfully. Towards the elderly in the family, it was best to give them face. If Sima You Yue couldn’t think of anything, it wouldn’t be embarrassing for her.

“Sure.” Sima You Yue nodded.

“Family head, who is this?” Old Yan saw how polite Si Kong was to Sima You Yue. He was curious about her identity.

“You Yue is also a spirit seeker. She has a very powerful senior in your family, so I asked her to come along and see if she can help come up with a solution.” Si Kong explained.

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