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Chapter 1342: 1342
Chapter 1342: Eating As Family

The crowd didn’t expect Sima You Yue to actually make something to eat in the square . They started chattering in the background .

Curiosity, contemptuous, disgust, all kinds of comments were thrown against them in the square .

Though Mu Si was more mature than his peers . He was still only a fifteen year old child . He was nervous after being discussed by so many people .

“You… . Si Qin, so many people are watching . Is it okay? I’m not hungry now . ”

“Your stomach is growling, how are you not hungry?” Sima You Yue said . “Let them watch if they like to . Meat won’t decrease from being gawked . ”

“But… . ”

He wanted to say that You Yue would lose face, but was interrupted by her .

“Mu Si, sometimes you don’t need to care what others have to say about you and make yourself miserable . ” Sima You Yue said . “If you’re hungry, don’t bother with how people looked at you . The most important thing is to eat fully . Understand? You have to learn to ignore the eyes of the outside world, you can be your real self . ”

“My real self?”

“That’s right . You live only for yourself, the people you love, and the people you care about . As for the other people, you don’t have to care about them . ” Sima You Yue explained . “So the top priority right now is to fill your stomach, not to think about whether people are watching you . Understand?”

Mu Si looked at Sima You Yue, and whispered her words repeatedly to himself, seemingly to understand .

Sima You Yue didn’t say anything more . This child was naturally talented and didn’t care much about people usually . In fact, he never really did it .

When Si Yue saw Sima You Yue cooking, she didn’t care what she was making, instead exclaimed, “Wow, I can eat something delicious today!”

“You only know how to eat . Isn’t godfather still up to? So hurry up and get up there?” Sima You Yue rolled her eyes at her excitement .

“Father won’t mind . Next time, let them try your dish, they’ll love it!”

Seeing Si Yue loved to eat so much, the rest of Si family would also be so . Otherwise, how could they raise a foodie!

When she thought of this way, she forgot her brothers and grandpa weren’t foodies before . They were changed by her!

“Are Godfather and the rest going back? If they’re not, let them have a taste . ” Sima You Yue suggested .

“Sure, sure! But I think you don’t need to send it up to them . They will come down when they smell the fragrant . ” Si Yue knew her brothers well .

“Then I will make more . ” As soon as Sima You Yue said that, she took out more ingredients .

Soon, the scent of food wafted across the square .

Just as Si Yue said, before they could deliver the food, the Si family came down by themselves once they smelt the hot food .

“Little guy, did you make it? It’s so fragrant?” The Si family third brother was more proactive . Since SIma You Yue was their little sister now, he didn’t need to be courteous .

“It’s nothing . I just made a meal for Mu Si . If you don’t disdain it, let’s eat together!” Sima You Yue hadn’t finished cooking . She raised her head and smiled at them . “I still haven’t finished . You can eat first . It won’t taste good when it’s cold . ”

The Si family brothers were waiting for her call . As soon as she said so, they immediately sat down on the table and began to eat the barbecue meat .

“Third Brother, let me tell you, Little Sister’s barbecue is delicious . If it’s paired with fruit wine, it will be even more delicious . ” Si Yue ate as she remarked .

“Really?” Si family third brother’s eyes brightened when he heard the word ‘wine’ . “Little Sister, let us have a taste of your fruit wine!”

Sima You Yue saw his urgent look . She could tell he was a wine lover . She took out two jars of fruit wine and a jar of strong wine . She threw them over .

“The fruit wine is not potent . If you are not used to drinking it, you can try this spirit . The taste is very good . ”

“Fruit wine? It’s made with spirit fruit?” Si family’s third brother unwrapped the seal and took a whiff of the fruit wine .

“Yes . it is fermented with fruit, so the alcohol content is not high . The spirit is extracted . You can drink this if you like . ” Sima You Yue said .

“We’ll try them all . We haven’t drunk this fruit wine before! I never thought spirit fruit could be made into wine . ” Si family’s third brother grinned and poured a bowl for everyone . Even Mu Si was given a bowl in front of him .

If it were in the past, it would be impossible for them to sit down like an ordinary person . It would be beyond their identity, or to pour alcohol for others . But today, the meal was made for Mu Si . Since Sima You Yue was so caring for him, it was hard to ignore his existence .

“The fruit wine tastes really good . You can feel energy flowing after drinking it . Eh, can it be absorbed?” Si family’s third brother looked at the bowl of wine in surprise .

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“Yes, but the spirit power contained in the spirit fruit is not much . This spirit power is negligible . ” Sima You Yue replied .

These spirit wine were made by Little Spirit using dark attribute spirit fruits . It was made for Di Zhe . Later, she discovered there were still more dark attribute things in the Spirit Pagoda, so she made this .

The food she made for Mu Si were also of dark attributes .

“I really didn’t think spirit fruits could be made into this . This spirit wine has a heavier taste of spirit fruits . It’s a bit lacking in alcohol . ” Si family second brother took a sip .

“Then Second Brother, try the strong wine . ” Sima You Yue reminded from the side .

Si family second brother picked up a jar of the strong wine and poured a bowl . He smelled the strong aroma of wine . Before drinking it, he already thought the taste would be good .

He took a sip and was immediately attracted to the strong alcohol . SIma You Yue knew he would like it .

She stir fried the vegetables and brought them over . “I casually made these . Hopefully godfather and you all won’t dislike them . ”

“Hahaha, this is the first time I ate the food you cooked . You have to cook more often for us in the future!”


Sima You Yue cooked very fast, because she was making several dishes at the same time . It didn’t take too much time to cook many dishes .

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The onlookers did not leave . They never expected that Sima You Yue would actually have a table of dishes right in front of them . Moreover the Si family would go eat!

“This is the forbidden area of the Ghost City, how could you cook here?” Zhang Hao couldn’t stand it and questioned .

The four of them had been discussing countermeasures . Although they knew Sima You Yue was preparing food, they didn’t pay attention . They didn’t expect to eat them right there!

Sima You Yue raised her head and blinked . “If I don’t cook here, do you want me to go elsewhere?”

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