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Chapter 1333: Chapter 1333 - Pressing on step by step
Chapter 1333: Pressing on step by step

“Little Lady, you should walk ahead . ”

Wu Man and the others did not dare to draw close . They could only tell her from afar .

Sima You Yue nodded and hugged Blacky, walking towards the direction that they talked about .

For every step forward that she took, the black fog retreated by a step and the area it occupied reduced by that bit .

The initially chaotic city was quiet at this moment . The aura that made them terrified grew weaker . Could it be that the danger was settled?

They wanted to go to the forbidden area to watch, but after Zhang Hao discovered it, he sent his men to keep guard over the outside and forbid anyone else from getting close .

On top of Black Phoenix, Di Wu and Mu Si watched anxiously from the side .

“Young Miss, you better be safe! If anything happened to you, how could I ever give an account to Master!” Di Wu looked like he was going to cry .

“Nothing will happen, you will be fine . ” Mu Si said confidently, “She said that she would return to us . She will definitely return!”

Although he said it confidently, the hands that were tightly clenched together and trembling revealed how worried and anxious he was .

Even Si Yue was a little uncertain as she said, “We’ve only known each other for two days, so why am I so concerned about her? This is so different from before . ”

Ever He Bo felt like Sima You Yue was different . If Sima You Yue were a male, he would even be worried that his Young Miss had developed some feelings for her . However, she was a prim and proper lady . Unless she had undergone some changes?

“She looked very confident as she left . I think that she’ll be fine . ” He assured his young miss not to worry .

“He Bo, you tell me . You Yue said that she was familiar with reading forces . Does that make her a seeker spirit master?” Si Yue thought of how Sima You Yue was before she left and asked .

“That’s right . ”

“She’s even like me . An array master . Hehe, so many vocations!” Si Yue sighed, “For someone like her, she’s blessed by heaven . She won’t die so easily!’

She even used two situations to assure herself . This proved that she was not really that confident .

“It’s a pity we can’t get closer to watch . I wonder how Young Miss is right now . ” Di Wu worried .


Si Yue’s eyes shone, “There’s not much danger now . We should be able to get closer! It’s better than being worried from afar . Black Phoenix, head over . ”

Black Phoenix flapped its wings as it flew towards the forbidden area . As they got close, they were stopped by the guards .

“The forbidden area is up ahead . Nobody is to come close . ”

“My little sister is inside . I must go in and see!” Si Yue said without blushing at all .

“Your little sister?” The guard obviously didn’t believe her .

“That’s right! She just went in . ” Si Yue said, “She’s dressed in a long black skirt and she’s extremely beautiful . ”

“The one you’re talking about shouldn’t be the little lady holding the dog, right?” The guard said .

Little lady holding the dog?

Si Yue blinked in surprise . She could tell that the way he spoke about her was filled with respect . She didn’t care whether or not it really was Sima You Yue as she replied, “Isn’t that her? What’s wrong? Is she hurt? Aiya, you have to hurry and let me see my little sister . She’s the treasure of my clan . If anything were to happen, I will get Aunty Man to punish you!”

“But Leader said that nobody could get close!” The guards still persisted .

“Am I the same as the rest of them? My Little Sister is inside, are the little sisters of the others inside? Are they?” Si Yue raised her voice, acting very concerned and anxious .


“There’s no buts . Just let me go in, if anything happens to my younger sister, I will die along with her!” Si Yue burst into tears as she declared that and her tears flowed continuously .

“Don’t worry, your little sister is powerful! She’ll be fine . ”

“Do I even need to say how scary those things in the forbidden area are? My little sister is in there alone, so how could I not be worried?” Si Yue said and her tears flowed even more .

“But we can’t break the rule . ”

The guards looked at her and she looked at them . It was a very difficult situation .

If it were any average person, they could just directly turn her away . However, although they did not know Si Yue’s identity, they could tell at a glance that she was someone from a large clan . If she really made it a big deal, both sides would suffer .

It was a good thing that the comotion here attracted the attention of those at the forbidden area . Wu Man saw the person causing trouble and frowned, saying, “let them come over . ”

When the guards heard it, they immediately stepped to the side, saying, “Please . ”

Black Phoenix led them beside Wu Man and Si Yue cried out, “Aunty Man . ”

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“Little sister? Why did I not know when your father bore another daughter? Hmm?” Wu Man asked .

Si Yue flew beside Wu Man and grabbed onto her hand, saying, “Hehe, Aunty Man, you know it . ”

“Another one of your friends that you made outside?

Wu Man cast her gaze towards Sima You Yue and actually praised her, “You made a pretty decent friend this time . She’s different from your dog friends from the past . ”

Wu Man’s voice wasn’t loud, and she didn’t really think of questioning Si Yue . the situation now didn’t need her to say much either .

Si Yue also casually cast her gaze to Sima You Yue . when she saw Sima You Yue alone in the forbidden area, she immediately cried out .

“Aunty Man, why is she down there alone? It’s so dangerous!”

Sima You Yue heard her voice and turned around to look . She saw her worried on her behalf so she smiled at her then turned around to continue .

“Based on what I can see, she seems fine . ” Wu Man said, “The spirit beast she holds seems to be able to subdue that thing . Don’t you see that for every step she takes, the black fog retreats?

Si Yue and Mu Si, who was on the back on Black Phoenix, took a look . It was indeed so . Only then did their anxious hearts calm down .

“Who would have thought that the brat would be so powerful! She said that she had an idea, and she really did have one!” Si Yue said with a smile .

Di Wu watched this scene and wasn’t too surprised . He had heard much of Young Miss’s adventures . In his heart, there was nothing she couldn’t do .

However, believing or not, he still had to see it with his own eyes in order to relax .

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“You seem to be very familiar?” Meng Sha would occasionally look for Wu Man in the north and was also acquainted with this niece that she doted on .

He was rather curious towards Sima You Yue’s identity . If Si Yue knew her, he should be able to find out more about it .

“Not really, we’ve known each other for two days . ” Si Yue thought about how they met two days ago and a smile broke forth from her lips .

“She became your little sister after just two days?” Although Wu Man was rather appreciative of Sima You Yue, if she was trying to climb up the ranks by clinging onto her power, that good feeling diminished quite a bit .

“You’re mistaken, Aunty Man, it’s not that she wanted to be my little sister but I insisted on being her older sister . ” Si Yue explained, “This brat news that I was a young miss of the Si Clan and didn’t agree in the beginning . It was after I made threats and promises that she finally agreed . ”

Even as she mentioned this, she felt proud of herself .


Wu Man wanted to say that she was making trouble again, but she didn’t manage to finish her sentence when she was interrupted by a joyous cry .

“The thing has returned to the pond!”

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