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Chapter 1334: 1334

Everyone looked towards Sima You Yue and only saw that she had already reached that stretch . She came to the plaza .

However, when they were here, the black fog no longer tried to retreat and seemed to be making its last efforts to strike instead .

Sima You Yue had finally been able to see the pond, and all the black fog had retreated to that area . Thinking about it, all of this must have come from inside the pond .

“Little Lady, chase all of them into the pond . ” Zhang Hao ordered .

Sima You Yue pursed her lips . Was this person really doing nothing and giving her orders? That tone of voice really pissed her off .

Blacky seemed upset as well as he hopped out of Sima You Yue’s embrace . It sat where it was, unmoving .

When it sat down, everyone else was stunned by looking at it . It was already going to chase it back, so why was it not moving anymore?

“Little Lady? What’s going on?”

Sima You Yue lowered her head and looked at Blacky . She knew that this guy was upset .

“Blacky, what’s wrong? Let’s continue . ”

“Bark bark bark-”

Blacky barked at her and wagged its tail then it sat down and refused to move .

“Little Lady, it’s almost going to be completed . Don’t screw up at the crucial point!” Zhao Hao opened his mouth again .

Sima You Yue got even more upset . The more upset she became, the more upset Blacky was . It stood up and barked twice at Zhang Hao, then it even lay down .

“It – it lay down?”

“Is it throwing a tantrum?”

Everyone watched Blacky act this way . If it wasn’t because the time wasn’t right, they would definitely have laughed .

“Little Lady, time waits for no man . You should hurry…”

Even before Zhang Hao finished speaking, Blacky immediately rolled its eyes at him and lay down and slept .


Everyone was stunned . They could tell now that Blacky was upset with Zhang Hao!

Zhang Hao could tell as well and his expression turned incredibly dark . It was even comparable to the fur on Blacky’s body .

However, he couldn’t bicker about it like a barbarian . He could only stand by the side and ask Sima You Yue, “Little Lady, what is going on?”

“I don’t know either . ” Sima You Yue said, “Although it formed a contract with me, I can’t understand how it thinks . Maybe it got tired after chasing it all the way here . ”

After she said it like that, it was hard for Zhang Hao to push him . The group of them could do absolutely nothing to the thing while Blacky had chased it all the way back here .  Could it be that he was going to complain that Blacky was taking too long? And not even allow it to rest?

However, anyone could tell that Blacky was not tired .

“It merely cried out twice, how could it be tired? We let you solve this issue because we’re thinking highly of you, don’t take it for granted!” A male shouted out with dissatisfaction .

When Wu Man and Meng Sha heard this, they whispered a curse under their breath and only had the time to glare at that male . Before they could say anything, they saw Sima You Yue laugh coldly, saying, “Since that’s the case, you can cry out now . Who knows, maybe that thing will retreat into the pond after hearing your cry . ”

After speaking, she squatted down, hugged Blacky and walked back .

After she walked off, the barrier could not hold on anymore . The black fog started to come nearer, scaring all those who had come near such that they rushed back into the sky .

“Zhang Hu, nobody will take you for a mute if you don’t speak!” Meng Sha scolded him .

“I…” The one called Zhang Hu wanted to retort, but when he saw everyone glaring at him, he could only swallow his words .

“Little Lady, don’t be mad . Zhang Hu was just speaking casually . ” Zhang Hao said .

“Speaking casually? I don’t think so!” Sima You Yue watched Zhang Hao, “Although everyone is trapped here, I’m guessing that, even if I don’t do anything, I can wait till everyone in the city is dead before getting involved and still nothing would happen to me . So I can choose to help with this, or I can choose not to . I do not need any random person to come and chide and lecture me! This person also said earlier that it was just a matter of calling out twice . I’m guessing that he should be able to as well . You don’t need us here, we’ll take our leave!”

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After speaking, she hugged Blacky and wanted to go .

At this moment, everyone was getting displeased with the Zhang clansmen . Zhang Hao had obviously been the one to piss the lady off earlier, and now he had even spoken to her like that . If it were them, they would up and leave as well!

“Little Lady, don’t be angry . ” Meng Sha cupped his fists at Sima You Yue .

“I’m not angry . I’m just thinking that my Blacky’s strength is too meager and unable to be of help . ” Sima You Yue smiled icily .

Being able to appear in the forbidden area, apart from the usual guards, meant that they were all people who held prestigious positions . When did they ever endure this kind of attitude? However, with Sima You Yue acting this way, there was no way they could take a knife and point it at her either .

Not only could they not do so, they had to properly pacify her . Because their lives were currently in her hands!

“Isn’t that so? My little sister said that Blacky has no spirit energy, so it gets tired very easily . To push such a scary thing back so far must mean that Blacky is very tired . ” Si Yue spoke up, “Little Sister, aren’t you tired? Hurry, come back to Big Sis . ”

Those from North City did not recognise Si Yue, but they saw her addressing Sima You Yue as Little Sister . They were puzzled, when did the Si clan produce another daughter?

The Si clansmen had noticed Si Yue long ago, but with her standing by Wu Man’s side, nobody went to look for her . Hearing now that she called Sima You Yue her little sister, the Si Clansmen were somewhat unable to react .

“Father, when did Little Sister get another little sister? How come we didn’t know? You couldn’t have brought back one from the outside right? Does Mother know?” Si Yue’s third brother laughed as he asked .

Si Yue’s father, Si Kong, turned irritated as he glared at his son, saying, “Your younger sister is playing around and you’re doing so as well?!”

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“That little lady should be someone that LIttle Sister met while playing around outside . However, seeing it now, Little Sister is rather protective of her!” The eldest son of the Si Clan said .

“Why didn’t He Bo send any news back? Who is this?” Si Clan’s Second Son frowned . It had better not be a person borrowing her identity to climb up!

“He Bo didn’t send news back, meaning that Little Sister didn’t let him, or they haven’t met for long . ” Si Clan’s Eldest Son said, “No matter what, Little Sister treats her differently from the others . ”

Sima You Yue didn’t think that Si Yue would still protect her at a time like this . When she saw her helping her, she hurriedly nodded and hugged Blacky as she walked over .

“So it turns out that you are Young Miss Si . Young Miss Si, look, your father is here as well . If anything were to happen, he would be unable to escape . ” Meng Sha pointed towards the Si Clan’s direction as she spoke .

Sima You Yue looked over and actually saw quite a few people who looked similar to Si Yue .

“Oh, Father, when did you guys all get here? Little Sister, Father is here . Don’t worry, if you’re tired, we’ll just go home and rest . ” Si Yue acted as if she had found someone to rely on, but in actuality, she was telling the Si Clan not to blow their cover .

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