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Chapter 1320: Chapter 1320 - To succeed with luck

Chapter 1320: To succeed with luck

North City, central district, behind the courtyard of a sumptuous mansion, two people were talking secretly . After that, they left satisfyingly after one of them passed a bag of items to another .

North City’s replies came back to Zhang’s clan in less than half a day .

Zhang Qi sat on the chair looking at Zhang Peng who was on his knees .

“Have you found out anything?”

“Yes, Elder Zhang . ” Zhang Peng continued, “They have already replied, Si clan indeed has a Young Miss, she recently left North City and went to another district to tour around . ”

“Can you confirm that’s the one who was with Mu Si?” Zhang Qi asked .

“Should be . They said that she only brought a Ghost guard with her when she left . Si Yue only had a Ghost guard with her too . They also said that Young Miss coming out for a tour was a secret, not many in North City knew about it, nobody talked about it . If it’s not Si Yue, then she definitely won’t know about it . ”

“With that said, then it’s really Si clan’s Eldest Young Miss . ” Zhang Qi said .

“Seems about right . ” Zhang Peng said .

“Although that guy is close with Si clan, it will attract a lot of problems if we kill their Young Miss now . There’s no progress to Zhang Shuo’s matter and the Paragon ranker is nowhere to be seen, since Si clan and us don’t have any grudges, we’ll let him off temporarily . ”

“Yes, Elder Qi . ”

“The rest will continue to investigate, we must find the person who killed Zhang Shuo . If there’s not enough manpower, I’ll move another two hundred men for you . ”

“Yes . ”

At the same time, Sima You Yue, Mu Si and Di Wu were touring around in the city, they didn’t even know about this coincidence . If she knew about it, she would have to thank that low profile Young Miss, such a great person!

However, the ones she had encountered recently were the Young Misses from the Shi Clan, and it was only Xiao Hong who was a low profiled person . That was why she never thought that there would be such a low profiled Young Miss . What she expected less was that, that Young Miss came out to play at just the right time .

Everyone on the street looked like they saw an idiot when they saw Sima You Yue walking together with Mu Si .

How dared she came in contact with people like Mu Si, did they not want to live anymore?

“Who is that? She has some guts!”

“Right . Zhang Shuo went missing after chasing Mu Si, Zhang clan definitely went to look for him . Aren’t they asking for death being with him? They’ll be in trouble if they take them as accomplices . ”

“Would it? I thought the one who killed Zhang Shuo and Meng Tian Shan is the same person? Also, they must be killed when they’re together since Pang Qi from the Pang clan and Meng Tian Shan died at the same time . Pang Qi was halfway to Paragon ranking, the one who killed him must be very powerful . This lady looks so young, how can it be her?”

“You can put it that way, but the way Zhang clan handle matters, they rather kill the wrong one than make a mistake in releasing the right one . Mu Si won’t be able to escape even if he has nothing to do with Zhang Shuo’s death . This girl dares to be with him, you don’t even need to think to know what will happen . ”

“This girl is very pretty . Didn’t the Zhang clan have a few lecherous guys? If they find out, she won’t lose her life, but she might have it worse . ”

“Hahaha, you guys didn’t know about this?” Someone laughed loudly, “I’ve already seen it this morning . ”

“What did you see?”

“Zhang Peng brought some men to Mu Si’s house early this morning . I was far away at time, I didn’t hear much but I saw them running away after being lectured by this girl . This girl isn’t some ordinary person . ”


“Hur, of course it’s true!” That person continued, “If it isn’t that case, would Mu Si dare to come out on the street?”

“That’s true . With that said, this girl is someone with status?”

“Definitely . If not, how did she make Zhang Peng run away . ”

“What a pity, I was thinking that I can catch this pretty girl back to have some fun . ”

“Fatty, don’t even think about, you’ll be castrated if you try, you won’t even be a man next time! Hahaha——”


Even through Mu Si’s power wasn’t that strong, he could feel those wretched gaze from those people behind them, for some reason, he, who had seen many of these suddenly felt a fire raging in him this time .

Sima You Yue could feel that he didn’t feel right, she stopped and asked, “What happened?”

“Those people… . ” Mu Si clenched his fist and glared at those people .

She was the only one who treated him well in so many years, he didn’t want her to be tainted with those guy’s vulgar thoughts .

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Sima You Yue glared at those people and said, “What’s the use of you being angry when their eyes are grown on their body? You can’t possibly go up to them and kill all of them, right?”

“But… they’re irritating . ” Mu Si said .

“Wait till you get stronger, they will be filled with fear and won’t dare to do that to you anymore . ” Sima You Yue said .

“You can make them fear you . ” Mu Si said confidently .

He believed that if she was willing to, she could make these people shut their eyes forever .

“Sometimes, making someone fear of you doesn’t mean you have to go up to them and beat them up . ” Sima You Yue smiled evilly .

“Young Miss, what kind of bad idea do you have in mind now?” Di Wu gathered over curiously seeing Sima You Yue’s evil smile .

“Do I?”

“There is . ” Di Wu said assuredly, “I heard that you’ll smile like that everytime you want to do something bad . ”

Two black lines dropped down Sima You Yue’s face immediately, she squinted her eyes as she stared at him and asked faintly, “Who said that?”

“Di Liu and the others!” Di Wu saw something wasn’t right about Sima You Yue’s expression, he smiled cheekily and looked at both sides .

“Di Liu… . ”

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Di Wu’s heart thumped when he heard Sima You Yue saying Di Liu’s name, he felt like he sabotaged Old Liu .

Sima You Yue took a glance at those people and said, “We’ve already walked for the whole day, let’s go back . Mu Si must be hungry . ”

They headed forward after they had made the decision, Sima You Yue turned around and smiled at those people after walking a short distance, then she brought the two of them and left .

For dinner, Sima You Yue made a feast for Mu Si . Mu Si had never eaten such delicious food before and he was hungry, so he gorged himself . Di Wu too .

And she was in a good mood thinking of tonight, so she also ate quite a lot .

After eating, she kept everything and said, “There will be guests tonight, we must welcome them . ”

“Guests? Who?”

Sima You Yue smiled, “You’ll know when the time comes . ”

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