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Chapter 1321: Chapter 1321 - Late night visitors
Chapter 1321: Late night visitors

Sima You Yue fixed up a spirit barrier when it was time to rest, it was opposite from the one from the night before, this one allowed people to come in and not out . Mu Si was watching blankly when she set up another two arrays .

How many things did she know?!

In the late night, Sima You Yue woke up at a specific time . She put on her shoes after getting down from her bed, then waited for those few to come into the courtyard .

“Eh? Why are you here?”

“Fatty, didn’t you say you’re not coming?”

“You stinky old ghost, why can’t I when you come too!”

“The tramp came too!”

“Many people came tonight . What should we do? Should we see who’s the victor?”

“Are you guys dumb! We came here secretly, how can we let anyone know . We will be in trouble if we make too much noise!”

“True . But we have three people here, how do we divide this?”

“We’ll decide after we catch her, it’s not like we never shared a woman before . The very least we could do is do it together later . ”

“Hehe, I like that idea . ”

“Someone else is coming!”

Before the three of them went in, they saw another two shadows approaching .

“Sob, there’s really a lot of people tonight!”

“These two will definitely snatch her from us, go, let’s go in and catch her first!”

“Mm . ”

Before they could open the tottering gate, they jumped over the fence from the side .

The two guys ran and sped up in a rush and jumped in when they saw three guys already flying in .

But these two guys got blanked when they got in .

They saw Sima You Yue sitting in front of her room door with a smiling expression as Di Wu and Mu Si stood beside her .

“Welcome to Mu Si’s little house . ” Sima You Yue looked at the five people who were frozen .

“Array? You’re an Array Master?” Their facial expression turned ugly, if they knew she was an Array Master, they wouldn’t have the guts even if they had the lecherous thoughts!

“Look at the changes in your expressions . ” Sima You Yue continued, “Why, if I’m not an Array Master, do you guys intend to take action?”

“Hah! Even if you’re an Array Master, this array won’t trap us!”

“Then you guys can try . ” Sima You Yue continued, “If you guys can escape from my array, I’ll spare your life . And let you guys go . ”

“Hahaha, little kid with a wild mouth! Do you know who we are?” Stinky old ghost laughed .

“Who else? You guys are just a bunch of lechers . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Hah hah, you don’t know, but the little guy beside you definitely knows . Rascal, tell her, who are we?” Fatty said .

“Their nicknames are, Fatty, Old Stinky Ghost, a Tramp, three of them are *** musketeers . They tarnished countless women . ” Mu Si continued . “The other two’s reputation isn’t that sounding, but they’re also famous at **** women . ”

“See, I knew you guys are just lechers . ” Sima You Yue said .

“In the five of them, four of them are at the peak of Monarch rank, one of them is halfway to Paragon rank . ” Mu Si added .

“If they’re teamed up, they’ll be powerful . No wonder they did so many bad deeds . ” Sima You Yue continued, “But too bad, you won’t be able to get out of this array if you’re not Paragon rank . ”

“Hur! Young lady, just wait for us to come out and bring you out for some fun . ”

“I’ll wait and see then . ” Sima You Yue continued, “It’ll be a long night . Mu Si, are you hungry? Should we order some supper?”

“That sounds good!” The person who answered was Di Wu .

Mu Si didn’t answer if he wanted or not, but Sima You Yue knew he wanted .

“Barbecue meat would be suitable for a night like this, along with some wine . This is what I call, pleasure . ” Sima You Yue continued, “Wait a while, Little Mu Mu . ”

Mu Si didn’t respond to how she called him, he already tried to protest it earlier in the day but it was ineffective, so he let her be .

Sima You Yue took out the barbecue rack and the ingredients that she prepared and started to barbecue .

The ingredients were already prepared . Quickly, the smell of barbecue drifted out, attracting the gluttonous worm in Fatty’s stomach .

“This array is hard to handle, I can’t break it even using spiritual energy . ” He ruthlessly attacked the array, but the array was as good as new no matter how he tried .

Mu Si heard them and said, “Si Yue, would it attract others here if we let them attack like this?”

“Nope, I’ve already fixed up a spirit barrier, it can block out the sound of spiritual energy, no one will find out about this . ”

“Is the spirit barrier that powerful?”

“Of course!” Di Wu continued, “Little Mu Mu, you’re still young and don’t have much experience . When you grow up, you’ll learn more things . You’ll come to realise that there are many exciting things in the world . ”

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Mu Si was hooked . He started being curious to the world and not only staying here to just wait for his Father .

Sima You Yue quickly barbecued a few big plates of meat, she left the leftover ingredients there, she would barbecue again if there wasn’t enough .

Sima You Yue opened a jar of fruit wine for Mu Si, then opened a jar of liquor for Di Wu . Before they even started drinking, they heard the sound of breathing from the outside .

“Smells nice! The smell of barbecued meat and the fragrance of the wine!”

“Young Miss, slow down!”

“Creak—— Bang——”

Mu Si watched as his gate fell on the floor, a lady walked in with a servant .

“Eh?” The lady looked at the people who were trapped in the courtyard and said curiously, “They’re trapped in an array? What a weird courtyard . ”

“Young Miss, it’s dangerous . ” The old servant walked to her side and looked at the people in the yard with guards up .

“Hey! There’s really something nice to eat here!” The lady saw Sima You Yue and dawdled over and sat down with no trace of politeness .

“Hello, can I eat this?” The lady asked .

“Yes . ” Sima You Yue nodded .

She watched her ever since the lady came in . Although she was fast, she accurately avoided her array .

This person was an Array Master who was skillful in arrays!

“He Bo, this barbecue meat is so delicious!” That lady ate a few, ran over to the old servant and said, “Come, try it . ”

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“Young Miss… . ” He Bo was helpless, Young Miss was too open minded, how could she casually eat someone else’s food when she didn’t even know them! What if something was wrong?

“Eat it, it’s really delicious!” The lady pulled He Bo to sit beside her .

Sima You Yue watched her, she wondered which clan this Young Miss was from, she had unusual guts .

“Wow, the wine is so fragrant, it’s so delicious!” That lady drank as she hugged Mu Si’s wine jar . “Wow, barbecue accompanied by fragrant wine, it’s so fine!”

Sima You Yue looked at her and asked, “I wonder if Young Miss…”

“Don’t address me as Young Miss, addressing me as Si Yue will do . ”


Di Wu and Mu Si spat out the wine they just drank .

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