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Chapter 1270: Chapter 1270 - Cloud Spirit Didn’t Come

Chapter 1270: Cloud Spirit Didn’t Come

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Thunder attribute spirit masters were rarer compared to wind and ice attributes . Unexpectedly, they found so many in just ten days .

“You Yue, the array is ready . We’re just waiting for you . ” Xia Chang Tian announced .

Sima You Yue walked over . She secretly thought in her heart if only they would notify her earlier . These people looked at her begrudgingly .

Fang Ming had already set up the array . When he saw Sima You Yue, he told everyone, “Let’s go first, and you will follow afterwards . The array can be used six or seven times . ”

In short, he took the lead and went into the array . The other presidents, Tuoba Hong Ye, and the others also went up . Xia Chang Tian waved to Sima You Yue to let her pass .

Sima You Yue led her Broken Heart Valley people in . Although those people were dissatisfied and none of the presidents said anything, they naturally had no right to complain .

After they went in, the people on the side quickly activated the array, and they quickly disappeared from the array .

The organizers on the side waved towards the thunder attribute spirit master and another group of people were sent away .

A space channel opened outside of Fair Eastern City . Sima You Yue and the others exited .

Sima You Yue truly admired Fang Ming’s accomplishment in this array .

Group by group of people left the array . Within a while, more than a hundred people arrived .

“Now that everyone is here, let’s start . ”

Those thunder attribute spirit masters were told to fly into the air collectively, condensed their spirit power with both hands, and aimed their various spirit skills at the black fog .

At this moment, thunder was flying everyone . The scene was so magnificent that it led Sima You Yue to be amazed .

She scanned around and discovered a monarch rank expert . It seemed that the guild alliance used a lot of effort to find these people .

Unfortunately, though the scene was magnificent, its effect was not good . Those thunder attribute spirit skills were engulfed by the black fog let alone eliminating them .

The spirit masters attacked two more times but the effect was the same . It was like a stone being thrown into water . There was sound but their spirit skills did not produce the desired reaction .

The faces of these presidents sank . Although this was what they expected, they still held onto some hope . Now it completely negated their efforts .

“It seems that this method is useless . ” Although they were unwilling to admit, it turned out to be so .

The spirit masters flew down . Since their abilities were useless, then they were useless here .

The atmosphere suddenly became gloomy . Since thunder attributes were useless, they had to think of another way .

However, they really didn’t have much experience in dealing with the ghost clan . They had come up with a method that didn’t work . They were not sure when they could find another way .

In a pessimistic atmosphere, Sima You Yue started . Everyone instantly turned their attention to her .

“You Yue, do you have another way?” Xia Chang Tian knew Sima You Yue had plenty of ideas . Since she spoke, she must have a way .

Sima You Yue was taken back by their reaction . She subconsciously scratches her cheek . “I mean the black fog is too strong so it is not afraid of the thunder attribute spirit power . But what if it is stronger, will it work?”

“Stronger? You’re talking about thunder tribulation?” Xue Chang Lin said thoughtfully, “You are right, maybe it’s because everyone’s thunder attribute isn’t strong enough . If it is a thunder tribulation, it contains the rule of heaven . Maybe that would be enough . ”

President, why don’t you let me try it . ” The monarch rank expert said to Xiang Yang .

“Sure . ” Xiang Yang nodded . ”You can also unite heaven and earth, summon a thunderbolt and see if the heavenly thunderbolt is useful . Go try it . Other monarch rank spirit masters, please join us . ”

The several spirit masters nodded their heads . They flew into the air .

They condensed their spirit power . This time they did not use their spirit power the same way as last time . But they used the thunder attribute of it to sense heaven and earth .

Soon, the original clear sky was covered with dark clouds . Everyone moved away . Although it was not the most powerful, it won’t be nothing if they get it .

The dark clouds became thicker and thicker . Sima You Yue felt the presence of that real thunder tribulation .

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Thunder fell from the sky, directly onto the black fog .

Perhaps she had been zapped too many times before and now she had a dark attribute body, she trembled when she heard the thunder .

However, the power was sufficient but against the black fog, it seemed to have no effect . After the thunder entered the black fog, like the spirit skills before, it became silent again .

After a half an hour of thundering, everyone realized this method had also failed .

“This doesn’t work either . ” He Chen Dong said . “Why don’t you try the method You Yue said and invoke a thunder tribulation .

“But she said she can’t invoke a thunder tribulation at the moment . ” Fan Yuan Cheng said .

“I can’t but there are other ways to!” Sima You Yue exclaimed .

“That’s right, we old fellows can do it . Why must we put pressure on You Yue . ” Xia Chang Tian said .

“Old Fang, you can try first!” Xue Chang Lin said . “As far as I know, there are some arrays that can invoke a thunder tribulation . ”

“Mm, let me try . ” Fang Ming didn’t hesitate . He flew into the air and surveyed the surroundings . Then he took out the array stones and arranged them in the bushes .

Sima You Yue watched him set up the array without blinking an eye . His smooth movements perked her excitement .

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“So amazing!” She sighed sincerely .

“That’s true, else, how would he be the president of Array Masters Guild!” Feng Kai commented .

“When you reach his age, you will be better than him . ” Bi Sheng said confidently .

“Heh heh . ” Sima You Yue chuckled . She stopped talking and focused on Fang Ming’s array .

After more than an hour later, the array was finally set up . Fang Ming told everyone to retreat to a safe distance and then activated the array .

With the array shining in bright light, the sky was again covered by dark clouds . This time, the dark clouds were thicker than the ones drawn out by the spirit masters . Everyone could clearly feel the power contained in them .

“What kind of array is this? It can invoke a thunder tribulation?” Feng Kai and the others asked curiously .

This is called the heavenly tribulation array . ” Sima You Yue replied . But the heavenly tribulation by this is not the real heavenly tribulation . ”

“Because, the cloud spirit is not here . ” Sima You Yue said . “A thunder tribulation without a cloud spirit is not a heavenly tribulation . ”

“Cloud spirit?” Xia Chang Tian leaned over . “What is that?”

“The center of a heavenly tribulation is a cloud spirit which controls the thunder tribulation . Now that it is not here, it means that the array has not attracted over a real thunder tribulation, I think this will not be useful . ”

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