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Chapter 1260: 1260

Chapter 1260: Finish the kill!

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Her little beasties hated Nalan Lan to the core as well . Ever since the Dong Chen Kingdom, she had plotted against Sima You Yue many times, it was just that they had managed to escape .

It went without saying that Nalana Lan’s luck was always full to bursting and was always able to escape .

This time, she had come again and Sima You Yue had no plans to let her off . In order to stop her from escaping using some unknown method, she immediately opened her domain the moment she came . Unless she was able to break through her domain, she would never be able to escape .

However, even if she had a lot of ways to escape, she wouldn’t be able to break through the domain . This was why SIma You Yue relaxed and watched as her beasties would deal with her .

Her beasties were filled with rage towards Nalan Lan and they finally had the opportunity to get rid of her so they definitely had to take good care of her . As such, although this could have been ended in a single moment, the purposely dragged it out for half an hour .

However, Nalan Lan had many treasures on her . After beating her up for half an hour, although she had turned into half a cripple, she didn’t die . She merely lay on the ground unmoving .

“This lotus physique sure is handy . She isn’t dead after being beaten up for such a long time . ”

“Even the claws of me, this young Lord, is hurting! Her skin really is thick . ” Little Roar stretched his claws as if they really hurt .

“Mmhmm . We have been using a little bit of strength . Should we try harder?” Ya Guang said .

Although he had turned into the appearance of a male, his arm was encased in a layer of iron, and it was clear that he was powerful . Did he actually have the audacity to say those words?

The beasts stood beside Nalan Lan, expressions grave as they spoke nonsense . Sima You Yue’s smile was quickly turning stiff .

Nalan Lan was wrecked with pain and she was finally forced to release the Dao that she had comprehended . She immediately sent the unsuspecting spirit beasts flying .

“Ahhh ahhhh, the pressure of this golden word is huge!” Little Seven cried out exaggeratedly . She slapped her chest as if she was afraid .

Although everyone was given a scare, they weren’t actually that injured .

Nalan Lan crawled back up and saw the spirit beasts who appeared fearful . Three golden words flew in circles around her .

“If a tiger doesn’t fight back, you’ll take it for a sick cat . ” Her face was filled with malicious intent . These spirit beasts… . Once she killed Sima You Yue, she wouldn’t leave a single one alive!

“Golden words from the Dao . Hehe, they look so powerful . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Although your senior sister stole a word, I still have three of them . It’s more than enough to deal with you!” Nalan Lan spat hatefully . However, once she thought of killing Sima You Yue, they were still filled with unconcealable joy .

After that, the smile of her face hadn’t even had the time to grow larger when it froze . That was because she saw twenty golden words flying out from Sima You Yue .

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“Ceaseless time, Endless space, Immortality… how do you have Dao as well?!” She cried out in shock .

“That’s right, I comprehended my own Dao as well . ” Sima You Yue said with a smile, “It’s just that I’m a little embarrassed . I have three times more golden words than you do, so I can crush you with its sheer weight . ”

Nalan Lan was so frustrated that she spit out a mouthful of blood . She couldn’t stop crying out in her heart, why?! Why?!

Her contracted beasts lay on the ground . Three of them had expanded too much energy and took in too little . However, SImas You Yue’s spirit beasts no matter in power or in numbers, superseded her . Right now, she had pulled out her Dao with much difficulty, but it was much less than hers!

Sima You Yue controlled her golden words and used them to attack Nalan Lan .

The Dao that she had comprehended would be different according to strength . The closer it was to pure Heavenly Dao, the stronger it would be . It would even be able to suppress other Daos .

That was why, the golden words that had just come out so splendidly were subsequently suppressed by Sima You Yue’s golden words . They finally started to fade and eventually disappeared .

Sima You Yue gave a thought, and Nalan Lan felt as though her surroundings had frozen .

“What did you do to me!” Nalan Lan cried out .

Sima You Yue looked at Nalan Lan . The space pulled together according to her thoughts . She could watch as the space slowly changed her body .

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“Nalan Lan, although I’ve always hated you since we were young, I didn’t have much of a vendetta against you . If you did not try to harm me over and over again, trying to kill me, even if we weren’t friends, we wouldn’t have needed to become enemies like now . ” Sima You Yue said, “It’s a pity that life has no ‘if’s . That is why you must die today!”

“If you want to kill me then go ahead! Even if you kill me, my ghost will never let you off!” Nalan Lan spat hatefully .

“Your ghost?” Sima You Yue acted as if she had just realised something, she said, “You just reminded me . I will definitely let you turn into a ghost . ”

Following which, under Nalan Lan’s puzzled gaze, she took out the Hundred Ghost Fan . With a thought, a few souls came out from inside . They surrounded Nalan Lan before flying back .

“Did you see that? The Hundred Ghost Fan . I’ll definitely fulfill your wish of becoming a ghost!” Sima You Yue said .

“You . . !” Nalan Lan looked at Sima You Yue and was completely speechless by now . She felt like she couldn’t swallow her words, but she couldn’t speak up either .

“You can stop stuttering and muttering now . You’ve already escaped so many times just because you’ve been lucky . Do you really think that I can’t deal with you? You’re so arrogant, but everytime you got a little bit stronger, I harshly kicked you down . How is it, the taste of jealousy?” Sima You Yue said .

Nalan Lan cried out crazily . Why was it that she was so talented but Sima You Yue had to exist to suppress her? She was unresigned! Unresigned!

“So much rage . I wonder whether or not you’ll turn into a vengeful ghost after you die!” SIma You Yue muttered before glancing at her little contracted beasts, “Aren’t you going to move a bit farther away?”

When her beasts heard what she said, they immediately retreated and hurriedly left the area .

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“Although your soul will live on, you will lose all your memories . Even if I capture you, you won’t remember anything about us, so this is goodbye forever . ”

Sima You Yue saw the panic in her eyes and her mouth hooked into a charming smile . She lightly mouthed the word ‘explode!’, and Nalan Lan immediately exploded . Nalan Lan’s body turned into a bloody rain .

A transparent silhouette floated there and Sima You Yue kept it into her Hundred Ghost Fan .

“Since I said that I will give you an opportunity to turn into a ghost, I’ll give it to you . It’s just a pity that you can only be my slave forever . ” Sima You Yue kept the Hundred Ghost Fan away satisfactorily before withdrawing her domain .

“Yue Yue, you’re so gross . ” Little Seven looked distastefully at the blood pooling on the ground . It was a good thing that she was far away . Otherwise, it would have gotten on her .

“How am I gross? Didn’t I warn you guys to stay far away?” Sima You Yue rolled her eyes, “I learnt this move from Halcyon . If you want to complain about it being disgusting, then tell him . ”

She glanced at the blood on the ground . She had nursed the grudge for a few tens of years and finally got to settle it . In the future, there would never be a woman called Nalan Lan coming to harass her again .

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